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Korean Drama Recommendations for Those Feeling Down

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25 October 2023
Korean Drama Recommendations for Those Feeling Down

Are you currently feeling down? At times, this emotion can affect anyone. One of the common ways to cope with a low mood is by watching movies or television series.


A popular choice, especially among international viewers, is Korean dramas. Korean dramas are known not only for their deep storylines and strong characters but also for their ability to portray a wide range of emotions, including melancholy, very deeply. In this article, we will provide recommendations for Korean dramas that are suitable for those who are currently feeling down.



1. Korean Drama Recommendations for When You're Feeling Down

1.1 "Goblin: The Lonely and Great God" (도깨비)

"Goblin: The Lonely and Great God," known simply as "Goblin," is one of the most popular Korean dramas. This drama tells the story of Kim Shin, an immortal general who has lived for centuries as a goblin. He is lonely and leads an eternal life due to a curse. However, everything changes when he meets Ji Eun-tak, a girl with the ability to see ghosts and the Angel of Death. Together, they embark on an emotionally charged adventure and a heartwarming love story.


"Goblin" is the perfect drama if you're looking for a story of eternal love, friendship, and sacrifice. It also incorporates captivating supernatural elements that will keep you engrossed in the storyline. This drama will make you contemplate the meaning of life and love, and perhaps, it will help you feel better when you're feeling down.


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1.2 "It's Okay to Not Be Okay" (사이코지만 괜찮아)

When you're feeling down, this emotion is often accompanied by uncertainty and low self-esteem. "It's Okay to Not Be Okay" is a Korean drama that delves into the complexity of human emotions, including uncertainty, depression, and struggles with self-acceptance. The drama revolves around the love story between Moon Gang-tae, a social worker at a psychiatric hospital, and Ko Moon-young, a children's book author with antisocial personality disorder. Their relationship develops within the context of complex emotional and psychological challenges.


This drama teaches us the importance of self-acceptance, with all of our strengths and weaknesses. It's a story of healing and strong character growth that can provide you with support when you're feeling low. "It's Okay to Not Be Okay" is an excellent choice if you're seeking a drama filled with profound emotions.


1.3 "Reply 1988" (응답하라 1988)

When you're feeling down, you may find yourself reminiscing about beautiful memories from the past and old friends. "Reply 1988" is a Korean drama that takes you back to the year 1988 in the lovely neighborhood of Seoul. The drama tells the story of the friendship and daily lives of five families living in the same residential complex. It's a nostalgic tale of childhood and adolescence filled with laughter, love, and struggles.


In "Reply 1988," you'll feel like you're revisiting your own teenage years and recalling beautiful memories with friends. The drama features very strong characters and a story rich with both humor and emotions. It will help you feel more connected to the positive aspects of your life, even when you're feeling down.


1.4 "My Mister" (나의 아저씨)

"My Mister" is a Korean drama that stands out from most others. It's a story about everyday life and an unexpected encounter between Park Dong-hoon, a hardworking structural engineer, and Lee Ji-an, a young woman with a painful past. The drama explores themes of hardship, loneliness, and genuine friendship.


When you're feeling down, "My Mister" can provide you with profound insights into life's challenges. It's a drama filled with powerful emotions and complex characters. Through this story, you can learn that even in difficult circumstances, there is hope and goodness to be found.


1.5 "Just Between Lovers" (그냥 사랑하는 사이)

When you're feeling down, you might be looking for a story that helps you connect with the human experience. "Just Between Lovers" is a Korean drama that tells the tale of two people who survived a building collapse disaster. Kang Doo and Moon-soo, two survivors, experience deep trauma and reconnect as adults. The drama explores themes of healing, hope, and the growth of love amid suffering.


With strong characters and a deep storyline, "Just Between Lovers" is a great choice when you're seeking inspiration during difficult times. It's a story about the strength of the human spirit to endure and grow, even after experiencing significant challenges.


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1.6 "Kill Me, Heal Me" (킬미, 힐미)

In life, we often have dark and wounded sides that need to be faced. "Kill Me, Heal Me" is a Korean drama that tells the story of Cha Do-hyun, a conglomerate heir suffering from dissociative identity disorder. He has seven different personalities, each with a unique background and characteristics. When he meets a psychiatrist named Oh Ri-jin, the journey of healing and self-discovery begins.


This drama is a great choice if you're feeling down and want to explore complex aspects of yourself. It's a story of healing and self-growth that touches the heart. "Kill Me, Heal Me" is a reminder that we all have dark sides and wounds that can heal with the right support.


1.7 "Mystic Pop-Up Bar" (추자현만활판)

"Mystic Pop-Up Bar" is a Korean drama that blends comedy, mystery, and drama. The drama follows Weol Joo, a mysterious woman who manages a mystical bar at night. Along with Gwi, a ghost with a dark past, they help customers resolve problems and experience peace.


When you're feeling down, "Mystic Pop-Up Bar" is a light and entertaining choice that can help you momentarily forget your sadness. The drama also addresses themes of forgiveness, peace, and deep friendship. It's a story that teaches us that everyone has secrets and wounds, but we can all find ways to endure and experience happiness.


1.8 "Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo" (역도요정 김복주)

When you're feeling down, sometimes all you need is a light and uplifting story. "Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo" is a romantic comedy drama that portrays the life of Kim Bok-joo, a weightlifter, and Jae-yi, a diet and fitness expert. They face challenges in pursuing their dreams but also find love and support in each other.


In "Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo," you'll discover many funny and romantic moments. It's the perfect choice if you want to laugh and feel joyous. The drama also teaches us about determination, hard work, and self-love.


1.9 "When the Camellia Blooms" (동백꽃 필 무렵)

In life, we often face social pressures and the expectations of others. "When the Camellia Blooms" is a Korean drama that tells the story of Oh Dong-baek, a single mother who manages a small bar in a small town. She often faces condescending looks and prejudice but strives to live her life with resilience. This story focuses on Oh Dong-baek's struggles and the struggles of every individual in the face of societal norms.


In "When the Camellia Blooms," you'll find themes of courage, friendship, and true love. It's a motivating and inspiring drama when you're feeling down. You'll learn that you can overcome social pressures and be yourself.


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1.10 "Be Melodramatic" (멜로가 체질)

Lastly, "Be Melodramatic" is a Korean drama that presents a story about three women in their 30s seeking meaning in their lives. This drama combines comedy, drama, and profound life themes.


In "Be Melodramatic," you'll find complex characters and strong emotions. It's a great choice when you're feeling down and want to reflect on life's purpose and happiness. This drama will help you feel more connected to your feelings and inspire you to seek meaning in life.

In times of melancholy, watching Korean dramas can be a great way to feel better. The dramas recommended above have deep stories, strong characters, and positive messages. Whether you're looking for a touching love story, a tale of friendship, or a personal journey of struggle, there's a Korean drama for you. We hope this article helps you find a drama that resonates with your emotions and helps you feel better. Remember that feeling down is something normal, and with the support of Korean dramas, you can overcome it. Enjoy your viewing!


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