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White Number Plates: Regulations, Cost, and How to Get Them

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20 January 2023
White Number Plates: Regulations, Cost, and How to Get Them

The policy of using white license plates with black writing has been in effect since mid-2022. As stated in Police Regulation No. 7 of 2021 concerning Registration and Identification of Motor Vehicles article 45.

The article explains that the TNKB for individual motorized vehicles, legal entities, representatives of foreign countries, and international agencies use white plates with black writing.

The change in the number plate is certainly something new for the people of Indonesia. Therefore, we should get to know more about this new policy. To make it easier for you to understand, let's consider the following explanation.


1. Overview of Vehicle Number Plates

Motor Vehicle Numbers (TNKB) or better known as number plates are the identities of motorized vehicles in Indonesia.

This plate is composed of a unique combination of letters and numbers that has been adapted to the local area plate code. The existence of this plate serves as a differentiator between one vehicle and another.

In addition, license plates also play an important role in managing traffic flow to make it tidier and more orderly. Number plates have a variety of colors, ranging from white, red, yellow, and others.

2. Meaning of Number Plate Colors in Indonesia

Indonesia has various colors of license plates or TNKB (Motor Vehicle Numbers). The following describes each color.

2.1. White

White number plates are intended for vehicles belonging to individuals, legal entities, representatives of foreign countries (PNA) or embassies, and international agencies.

2.2. Yellow

Number plates in yellow are intended for transportation or public vehicles.

2.3. Red

Number plates with this color are quite distinctive and easy to recognize. Red plates are intended for motorized vehicles belonging to government agencies (government agencies).

2.4. Green

The last one is the green number plate. Plates with this color are intended for vehicles that fall into the restricted area category. Like a free trade area where the area imposes import duties in accordance with applicable laws.

3. Why is the Substitution of White Number Plates Enacted?

There is a change in the color of the license plate number of motor vehicles has its own purpose. Among other things, namely facilitating the implementation of Electronic Traffic Law Enforcement (ETLE) or Electronic Tickets. It is considered that white license plate colors are easier to recognize by CCTV cameras than black license plates.

In addition, later this number plate will be fitted with a chip that contains the vehicle owner's personal data, so that when a traffic violation occurs, it will be easier for the authorities to identify who owns it.

The chip was initiated with a technology called RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) which makes it possible to identify objects through emission of radio frequency waves. In addition to facilitating the identification process, the chip is also predicted to be integrated with other systems such as toll payments.

4. Since When Was the Change of White Number Plates Enforced?

The policy to replace white number plates has been in effect since 2022, in June to be precise. In the same year, the head of the STNK sub-directorate at the Directorate of Registration and Identification (Ditregident) of Korlantas Polri Kombes Pol M Taslim Chairuddin said that the white license plate material had been distributed to the Polda.

The replacement of black license plates to white plates will be carried out in stages and is planned to be completed in 2027.


Source: Aset Digital BFI Finance

5. Who is Eligible to Use White Number Plates?

White number plates are intended for individual motorized vehicles, Foreign Country Representatives (PNA), Legal Entities, and International Agencies. For more details, see the description below.

5.1. Vehicles whose license plate validity period has expired

Number plates or TNKB have a validity period of up to 5 years. If in mid-2022 your license plate expires, the old plate will be replaced with a white license plate. You can see the validity period of the number plate through the STNK or the small numbers below the number plate.

5.2. New Vehicles

Any new vehicles purchased after June 2022 will carry white license plates. So, if you buy a new vehicle and get this plate, you don't need to doubt its authenticity, because this plate has not been used en masse. Likewise with motorized vehicles that you encounter on the streets.

5.3. Perpanjangan STNK 5 tahun

When renewing your 5-year STNK, the old motorbike license plate will be automatically replaced with a new one. At this turn, you will get a white license plate. So, don't be surprised if the color of your license plate is quite different from other motorized vehicles!

5.4. Changes in Vehicle Ownership

When buying a used vehicle, the owner of the new vehicle is required to reverse the name of the vehicle. This aims to simplify administrative processes and other needs. Well, when this happens, the old number plate will be replaced with a new one and you will get a white number plate.

For those of you who still use black plates, you don't need to worry or panic. You can still use it until the expiration date.

6. White Number Plate Fee

Reporting to the official Korlantas Polri website, the cost of changing from a black license plate to a white license plate does not change costs or incur additional fees. In short, the cost you need to pay to change the color of this plate is the same as the color of the previous plate.

  • IDR 60,000 for 2 or 3-wheeled motorized vehicles.

  • IDR 100,000 for vehicles with 4 wheels or more.

The prices above are in accordance with Government Regulation Number 76 of 2022 concerning Types and Tariffs for Types of Non-Tax State Revenue (PNBP).

7. The Easy Way to Extend a 5-Year SIM

One of the ways to get a white number plate is to do a 5-year SIM extension. Here are the steps:

1. Visit the Samsat outlet according to the domicile of the vehicle, and make sure you have prepared the documents required for an extension

2. Do a physical check of the vehicle

3. Legalize the results of the physical check, legalization is carried out by Samsat officers

4. Visit the STNK renewal counter (progressive counter) and fill out the form provided

5. Make sure you fill in all the requested data without missing any

6. Submit the registration form together with the STNK renewal requirements that you have prepared. So that they don't get scattered, you can put them together in the folder

7. Wait a moment until your name is called according to the existing queue

8. Furthermore, when called you will be asked to pay taxes according to the nominal stated on the paper provided by the officer

9. Make payment at the counter that has been determined

10. The latest STNK and license plate number will be issued through the TNKB (Motor Vehicle Number) counter.

11. The new STNK and license plate are ready to be collected

If you plan to do an extension at the Samsat outlet, make sure you come according to operating hours, namely 08.00-14.00 WIB.

Meanwhile, the Mobile Samsat operates from 08.00-12.00 WIB. Regarding the schedule and location of the Mobile Samsat, you can check through the official social media of the Samsat and Bapenda in your domicile.

BFI friends, that's the information regarding the white license plate. Hopefully, this information can give you a fairly clear picture of the regulations for changing license plates. Basically, there is not much difference between black number plates and white number plates. Make sure to always follow the rules that apply!

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