Easy Loans, You Can Apply From Home

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20 August 2022
Easy Loans, You Can Apply From Home

With the increasing needs of life and the desires of most people, now lending/financing services or institutions are also increasingly being spread. The existence of a loan institution is certainly very easy for some people. Loan/financing institutions can make plans/give you loans for various purposes, ranging from home renovations, vacations, education costs, hospital costs, emergency funds, and business capital needs. On the other hand, the emergence of a loan institution can become a double-edged sword if it is not used properly because it can disrupt financial flows and financial goals that have been planned from the start.

There is nothing wrong with applying for a loan at a loan institution, as long as you apply for it at a trusted and safe lending institution. Currently, you can check the security of loan institutions through the official OJK website or the OJK official WhatsApp at 081-157-157-157. To find out the security, you can type the name of the loan/financing institution that you want to check for permission from the OJK.

If you need easy and fast loan funds, you can apply for a loan to a secure financing/loan institution and make sure you have followed the following steps.


5 Things to Pay Attention to for Applying for Easy Liquid Loans

1. Applying for a Loan Online

For easy loans, you can apply for a loan online. This has several benefits ranging from being cost-effective, more time efficient, and can be done from home. As the name implies, by applying for a loan online, you will be asked for your personal data online for loan purposes. Therefore, it is important to know the security and legality of the loan/financing institution so that your personal data is not spread and misused by irresponsible people.

2. Have a Good Loan Score

In order for the disbursement process to be faster, you must also have a good credit score. The credit score will determine whether the disbursement will be approved or not. The credit score itself is influenced by the timing of previous or current credit or loan payments. If you have experienced cases of arrears, minimum payments, and defaults, then your credit score can be said to be from poor to bad. So, make sure to always pay your bills on time to avoid a bad credit score.

3. Have Cost Transparency

One of the things that makes a loan more difficult is your hesitation in applying for a loan because there is no picture of the loan amount, interest rate, and maximum loan. This lack of transparency usually makes the borrowing time longer and makes the disbursement process take longer. To find out these estimates, there are several loan/financing institutions that provide simulations in the form of a loan calculator so that you have an idea of ​​what the maximum loan amount is and the number of installments that must be paid. These figures are estimates, the loan amount and the installment amount will be clearly notified after you are contacted by the relevant team or after a follow-up survey is carried out (for financing loans). Proof of borrowing will be sent in the form of online documents or documents directly to your address.

4. Read Loan Terms

Next is to read every loan terms that apply at the cash loan provider institution. Easy loans usually have more complicated terms than usual. For example, if you want to apply for a cash loan at a financing institution with a motorcycle BPKB guarantee/collateral, then the conditions are the completeness of the vehicle certificate and vehicle tax that is still active and the vehicle BPKB in your own name. However, each financial institution has its own provisions. At BFI Finance itself, you can apply for an easy loan with a vehicle BPKB guarantee with the tax condition being dead and the BPKB still in someone else's name.

5. Prepare Collateral

The last is to prepare collateral. Applications with collateral or collateral will be easier to accept because the collateralized assets can be used as collateral if at any time you experience a default. At BFI itself, there are 3 products that you can choose from, starting from the BPKB Guarantee Loan for motorbikes, cars, and also house certificates. All applications can be made from home by applying for a loan at the following link. Next, you can choose a product that suits your needs. For loans with large amounts, you can apply for a car BPKB guarantee loan or a house certificate. Meanwhile, for applying for a loan that is not too large, you can apply for a motorcycle BPKB guarantee loan.


BPKB Motor Guarantee Loan

By applying for a loan with a motorcycle BPKB guarantee at BFI Finance, you can get a loan of at least 1 million with a flat interest rate of 2.25% and a tenor of up to 18 months. The process is also easy and fast, you know. If you fill out the form completely and until it is complete, you have the opportunity to get a loan within 10 minutes of being approved and without a survey. For other terms and conditions, please see the BFI Finance website.

Car BPKB Guarantee Loan

For loans with car BPKB guarantees at BFI Finance, you can guarantee a vehicle for a minimum of 2006 (for passenger cars) and 2011 (for trucks and pickups). For dead taxes, you can be helped for a maximum of 2 years. You can apply for a loan with a minimum tenor of 12 months and a minimum disbursement of 10 million. If you have complete vehicle registration documents, BPKB in the name of yourself or your partner, STNK in your own name, and active taxes, and fill out the form completely and correctly, you have the opportunity to get a faster disbursement process with a maximum disbursement of IDR 150 million (Express Package). For other terms and conditions, please see the BFI Finance website.

Home Certificate Guarantee Loan

As for the home certificate guarantee loan, you can choose 2 packages provided as follows:

  • Productive Packages: Special for Entrepreneurs/Business Capital with a minimum disbursement of 1 billion
  • Employee Package: Special for Employees with a minimum disbursement of IDR 70 million and a maximum of 3 billion with a tenor of 7 years. For other terms and conditions, please see the BFI Finance website.

Those are tips for getting an easy loan in the style of BFI Finance that you can do to make the disbursement of funds faster! Hopefully useful and happy weekend!

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