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11 Most Common Causes of a Sudden Motor Stop and How to Overcome Them

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15 March 2023
11 Most Common Causes of a Sudden Motor Stop and How to Overcome Them

The motor turns off suddenly or more commonly known as a motor breaking down, of course, it's not a pleasant experience. There are many things that can cause a motor to die suddenly. Starting from running out of fuel, and overheating, to not doing routine service.

To minimize this happening to your motorbike and how to deal with it if at any time this happens to you or someone closest to you, let's look at the description below.


1. 10 Causes of a Sudden Motor Stop and Easy Ways to Overcome Them

The cause of sudden death of the motor can occur due to various factors. When this happens, most of us will be overcome with anxiety, confusion, or even panic. Therefore, it is very important to recognize the various causes of a sudden dead motor for you to know as a preventive measure.

1.1. Out of Fuel

The first and most frequently experienced cause of a motorcycle suddenly dying is running out of fuel. As we know, fuel is an important component of a motorbike. Without sufficient fuel, of course, the existing engine will not run as it should.

The solution, you need to find the nearest gas station to refuel according to a safe tank level. Make sure not to let this happen again in order to maintain good engine performance.

1.2. Overheat

The second cause of the sudden death of the motor is that the engine is too hot or overheats. This can happen when the cooling fan turns off, the oil in the engine leaks or is clogged, and the engine is used for too long. As a result, the machine cannot work as usual.

To solve this problem, you can rest your motorbike for a while and do regular maintenance on the cooling system, and keep the engine temperature stable. Also, make sure to routinely service the motor regularly to avoid leaks in the radiator.

1.3. Use of Fuel That is Not in Accordance with the Recommendations

Each type of vehicle has specific specifications intended to keep the vehicle in prime condition, including refueling regulations.

Improper refueling with too low an octane can result in blockage of the valve which results in engine damage and causes the motor to suddenly die.

1.4. Dirty Air Filter

The air filter must be cleaned regularly to avoid clogging the engine. This is because the air filter has a fairly crucial function, namely as a filter for dust and dirt so that it does not mix with the fuel.

When there is too much dust attached to the air filter and accumulates, the gas pull will feel heavier and has the potential to cause the engine to suddenly die.

1.5. Inappropriate Valve Installation

In addition to suitability in selecting fuel, you also need to be vigilant regarding improper valve installation. For example, the existing valve is installed too tightly and there is no gap at all.

This will instantly make the engine heat up quickly and eventually die suddenly. Therefore, you must understand the clearance required for the valve installation so that the motorcycle engine can work properly.

1.6. Dirty Spark Plug

Dirty motor spark plugs can be the cause of the sudden death of the motor which is marked by a sound on the motor that sounds like a 'crawl' then soon the motor will die suddenly. Another sign of a dirty spark plug is the appearance of a red spark. If you have this, you should immediately replace it with a new spark plug.

1.7. Problematic Spark Plug Wires

In addition to dirty spark plugs, problematic spark plug wires are also the cause of the next sudden death of the motor. This is because the problematic cable will emit an electric spark which makes the electric current in the motor disappear so that the spark plug does not want to ignite and the combustion will stop. If you have this, your motorbike must be serviced immediately so that it can return to normal function.

1.8. Main Jet Clogged

The main jet is a small component on the motor that functions as a fuel outlet from the carburetor bowl or the gasoline reservoir. When the main jet is clogged, automatically the existing gasoline cannot be channeled properly and causes your motorbike to suddenly die.

1.9. Engine Oil Runs Out

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Image Source: Freepik/Odua

Never take it for granted how important it is to change the engine oil regularly. Oil functions as an engine lubricant from friction between motor components and makes the engine work as it should.

Running out of oil can make the friction between the engines bigger, so your motorbike engine works harder and heats up easily. An engine that is too hot can cause the motor to die suddenly.

If this happens to you because you forgot to change the oil or the engine oil is dry, immediately take your motorbike to the nearest repair shop for an oil change and other engine checks.

1.10. Not Performing Routine Service

BFI friends, routine service is one of the obligations that you must do to keep your motorbike's performance functioning properly and maintained.

Routine service should be done every two months. By doing regular service, your motorbike engine will be well controlled. Your motorbike components will be cleaned starting from air vents, spark plugs, main jets, and so on.

That's information about the 11 most common causes of a sudden motor shutdown and how to deal with them. We hope this information can help you understand why your motor suddenly stops and how to fix it.

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