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Causes and How to Manage Stress in the Work Environment

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6 June 2022
Causes and How to Manage Stress in the Work Environment

Stress is a source of the disease that is often faced and experienced by almost everyone. Starting from fighting with friends or relatives, bills to pay, urgent costs, daily necessities, love problems, to problems at work.

Stress at work is something that most people often feel because they spend a lot of time at work. Therefore, it is very important to maintain mental health so as not to stress at work. This article will take a closer look at stress at work and how to manage stress at work.


Work-Related Stress

According to the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia, work-related stress is a reaction pattern that occurs when workers are faced with job demands that are not in accordance with their knowledge, skills, and work abilities which makes workers require higher adaptation and harder effort to complete a job.

Stress in the workplace can affect a person's physical health and can reduce the work productivity of workers.

Causes of Work Stress at Work

There are several things that can trigger stress in the workplace, here are the causes of stress.

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1. Work Hours

In accordance with Law No. 1 of 1951, workers may not work more than seven hours a day or cannot exceed 40 hours a week. If the worker works 5 days a week, the worker is required to work 8 hours per day. As for the scheme of workers who work 6 days a week, they are required to work 7 hours a day.

If in doing work, workers are required to work overtime, then the worker must agree to it and a maximum of four hours of overtime in a day (Regulated in Law Number 13 Year 2003 article 78). If workers do work outside of working hours, the company is obliged to provide food or drinks to workers at least 1,400 kcal. However, some companies have not yet implemented this principle, which causes workers who do work outside of working hours not to receive any compensation. This is one of the factors that can trigger stress in the office or workplace.

2. Insufficient Work Equipment

The thing that can trigger further stress is inadequate work equipment. Besides being able to reduce worker productivity, inadequate equipment can endanger the health and safety of workers. For example, workers who work in factories and are tasked with operating machines must pay attention to their work equipment and tools. Employees must obtain complete personal protective equipment and also ensure that the machine is in good condition so as not to cause harm.

Another example is an employee in a private company also has the right to get adequate work equipment to support his work, such as computer equipment with a system that still works well. Computer equipment that has been damaged or is frequently interrupted will make workers unproductive and the work they do can be in vain if the device suddenly experiences interference.

3. Insufficient Knowledge and Skills

If an employee or worker does not work according to their abilities and skills, it will not only result in low performance but can make the worker stressed.

4. Improper Application of Regulations

The next cause of stress in the workplace is the application of regulations that are not in accordance with government regulations and are contrary to the proper work culture. This of course will make workers feel uncomfortable to trigger stress.

5. Lack of Support from Colleagues or Leaders

If at work individuals lack encouragement and motivation, both from colleagues and superiors. So most likely the worker will experience a sense of depression that triggers the emergence of stress.

6. Pressure from superiors

The cause of the emergence of stress in the office is pressure from superiors. The pressures that are most often experienced are pressures on targets and work performance.

7. Conflict Between Coworkers

Not only work activities, social relations between co-workers are also very influential for the mental health of workers. The conflict between co-workers can trigger stress caused by discomfort at work.
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8. Inappropriate Rewards

The last cause of stress at work is inappropriate rewards. Inappropriate remuneration usually includes salaries that are not in accordance with the regulations, not according to the agreement, or remuneration that is not in accordance with the work provided.

Cara Mengelola Stres 

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Because mental health problems can have a negative impact on a person's physical health, it is highly recommended that every worker be able to cope with stress for the sake of mental and physical health. As for how to manage stress as follows.

Having Pets at Home

If you are tired and stressed from work, after returning home you can pet, touch, or hug and give your pet affection. This can increase serotonin and dopamine levels which are hormones that can calm the mind.

Pets can also be used as friends to confide in to express their hearts. Dogs are known as animals that can understand many words from humans. In addition, dogs can also eliminate the feeling of loneliness that is felt.

Hot Shower

The next way to manage stress is to take a bath or warm bath. A warm bath can relax the body and suppress stress hormones. You can add aromatherapy and also listen to music while bathing to reduce stress levels.

Consumption of Favorite Foods and Drinks

Not only as a daily intake, consuming favorite foods and drinks are also a way to manage the stress that you can do. When you eat your favorite foods and drinks, the body's happy hormones can increase and suppress stress-causing hormones.


As is known, exercise can help release endorphins that can improve mood and refresh the body. Not only makes the body fit, but endorphins can also suppress stress hormones in the body. There are many types of exercise that you can do after work such as jogging, running, the gym leisurely walks, or gymnastics. In addition to exercising, you can also replace it by doing a dance.

Doing a Hobby After Work

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It is undeniable that gardening has become a hobby that has been widely practiced since the pandemic. This one hobby turns out to be a powerful way to manage stress after work. Apart from relieving stress, gardening can also fill your spare time. Not only gardening, but you can also do other hobbies such as tidying the house, cycling, playing chess, and so on. Doing a hobby requires concentration that can take your mind off the stress at hand.

Chewing Gum

This one method may sound trivial. But the reason is, that chewing gum can suppress anxiety and depression, improve concentration, increase the ability to do several jobs simultaneously (multi-tasking), and reduce stress.


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Also make sure to take time to relax your mind. You can do meditation or yoga for 10-15 minutes 3-4 times a week. Meditation can reduce levels of the hormone cortisol, which can trigger stress.


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Do you know? Stress causes some muscles and joints in the body to become sore and achy. To relieve it, you can do a massage to soothe the muscles. Massage using oils or fragrances is highly recommended to relieve fatigue and change the mood to calm. Although there has been no in-depth research, some people who do massage feel the stress in them gradually disappear.


As God's creatures, it would be nice to always worship as a form of gratitude for the blessings given. According to a book called The SuperStress Solution, people who use religion or spirituality are better able to cope with stress.

Always think positive

The last way to manage stress is to always think positively. Stress can be avoided by positive thinking. The energy generated from positive thoughts will make the things that the body does as well.

Thus information about stress at work and how to manage that stress. Hopefully the above information can be useful for those of you who are experiencing stress due to piling work and others. If you need the help of a psychologist, it never hurts to consult in order to get further care and treatment.

If you feel that you are less productive at work, you can do several things, such as improving your skills and abilities through courses or webinars, deepening your work assignments, avoiding the distraction of using your cell phone while working, and looking for a side job to fill your spare time.

There are many opportunities that you can try starting from becoming a tutor, opening a business, to becoming a re-seller or drop shipper. If you need business capital, as someone who works as an employee, you have many advantages if you apply for a loan with a vehicle BPKB guarantee or a house certificate at BFI Finance. For product information and submissions, click the following link.

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