Promising Opportunity for Livestock Business, Maximum Profit!

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31 October 2022
Promising Opportunity for Livestock Business, Maximum Profit!

There are many business opportunities that you can try to increase your income or become your main livelihood.

Of the many existing business ideas, livestock business is one type of business with large profits and market share.

The reason is, the consumption of eggs, meat, and milk is part of human daily needs. Especially in meeting the need for nutrients, vitamins, and others.

How? Are you interested in knowing more about the livestock business? Let's peel one by one regarding this one business idea!


Definition of Livestock Business

The livestock business is one type of business that is widely occupied in Indonesia. This is also in line with the business rules contained in Law no. 6th 1967.

Terms in Livestock Business

The regulation also explains some important terms in the livestock business that you should know. Among them are as follows.

1. Livestock

Livestock is animals and everything is regulated by humans. Starting from a place to live, and breed, to the benefits. Livestock is deliberately kept or cultivated for the sake of human survival.

2. Breeders

Farmers are people, groups, or institutions that have the responsibility of taking care of livestock. In addition, breeders are also defined as people who derive their livelihood partially or wholly from livestock activities.

3. Livestock or Livestock Business

A livestock business is a business or cultivation of livestock that is equipped with facilities and care for every livestock that is in it.

4. Farm Company

A livestock company is a business carried out in a place or location with the intent and purpose of caring for and cultivating animals that will later be taken advantage of. The company is regulated and supervised by farmers and has official permission from the authorities.

5. Pure Farm

Pure husbandry is a method used by breeders to breed their livestock by marrying one animal to another in the same type or family.

6. Livestock Class

The cattle class is a group of livestock breeds that are bred from a certain area. For example, one type of cow originates from an area in East Java.

7. Nation Livestock

Cattle breeds are livestock groups that have similarities in terms of morphology, anatomical shape, and physiological properties, and these existing similarities can be passed down to the next generation.

Benefits of Livestock

The existence of livestock brings many benefits, especially for breeders who deliberately care for and cultivate them. Because, when the livestock is sold, it will bring in quite a large profit.

Other benefits of livestock are:

1. Source of Nutritional Fulfillment

Farm animals are very helpful for humans in meeting their daily nutritional needs. For example eggs, meat, and milk. The three types of livestock products are rich in vitamins and proteins needed by humans.

2. Can be Used As A Source of Energy

Long before technology provided a myriad of benefits, livestock had long helped human activities, especially in agriculture and transportation.

Farm animals are often used as a means of plowing fields or transporting crops. This practice is also still ongoing today in certain areas that still cultivate crops in the traditional way.

3. Can be Used As Fertilizer

Livestock is not only used as a staple for human survival. However, animal dung also brings good benefits to many vegetation because the substances contained in it can be used as organic fertilizers that fertilize plants.

4. One Source of Income

As previously explained, farm animals have many benefits for human life. Well, from this explanation, it is clear that the livestock business can be used as a source of income with promising prospects.

Types of Livestock Business

The livestock business is divided into several types. There are at least 3 types of livestock businesses in Indonesia. What are the three types of business?

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1. Poultry Farm

The first type of livestock business is poultry. This business focuses on caring for and maintaining compatriots, birds, or those with wings.

Aiming to meet the daily needs of humans, this type of farm is usually large-scale with the same amount of profit.

The types of poultry that are generally farmed are chickens, ducks, quails, geese, squid, and ducks.

2. Small Farm

A small livestock business is a type of business that cares for and maintains small to medium-sized livestock. For example rabbits, sheep, pigs, and so on.

These animals are deliberately kept for meat, milk, and other parts, as well as livestock on large farms.

3. Big Farm

The last livestock business is large livestock. This type of farm takes care of and raises large animals such as cows, goats, buffalo, and horses.

Apart from milk, meat, and skin, the manure from this large livestock can also be used as organic fertilizer.

Livestock Business Opportunities

For those of you who are interested in starting a livestock business, the following is a list of livestock that are most widely occupied, especially by the people of Indonesia.

1. Sliced Chicken and Layer Chicken

Eggs and chicken meat are the two most consumed commodities every day. In line with this fact, laying hens and chicken farms can be a very promising business prospect.

Before jumping into this business, make sure you choose a trusted distributor and equip yourself with qualified knowledge so that the results you get can be maximized.

In addition, also pay attention to the amount of capital that you will use. Because both types of businesses are included in the category of businesses that require a lot of capital.

2. Catfish

Livestock or catfish farming is one of the most sought-after businesses. Because this one business is able to generate a lot of profit with minimal capital.

Catfish are also widely used as processed foods that are delicious and rich in nutrients. As reported by the FDA America (Food and Drug Administration), for every 100 grams of catfish contains at least 105 calories, 2.9 grams of fat, 18 grams of protein, vitamin B12, potassium, and other nutritional content.

3. Tilapia

The consumption of fish needs in Indonesia is quite a lot. Another type of fish that has many connoisseurs besides catfish is tilapia.

This type of fish is able to breed in any medium and is harvested in a fairly short time. The capital required for tilapia cultivation is also minimal and the maintenance is not complicated.

4. Goat

As with chicken meat, the demand for goat meat is the same, especially on big days such as Eid al-Adha or sacrificial events.

Not only that, but goat meat is also widely used as a mainstay dish, ranging from satay, curry, and so on.

To start this business you can start with small capital, depending on the business model you choose. Goat care is also fairly easy.

5. Cow

Cattle farming is one of the most promising businesses. The reason is, cows are livestock that can be taken a lot of benefits. Starting from meat, milk, bones, to cowhide which can be used for processed foods and crafts.

Demand for cows also tends to increase many times over during major celebrations such as the holy month of Ramadan, Eid al-Fitr, and Eid al-Adha.

Although the profit of this business is quite large, in practice this business requires a large amount of capital. The capital needed will later be allocated to buy cows and take care of them until they are old enough to be sold.

6. Duck

In addition to laying hens and broilers, duck farming is also loved by many entrepreneurs.

This is in accordance with the public's interest in the consumption of duck meat and eggs which is stable from time to time.

In addition, duck care is also not difficult as long as you are patient and provide intensive care so that when the harvest arrives, the results obtained will be maximized and the ducks are of super quality.

In addition to some of the livestock business opportunities above, you can also try other businesses related to cultivation such as betta fish cultivation and ornamental fish business. Both have good prospects from year to year.

Livestock Business Success Tips

To make it easier for you to run your business, the following useful tips can be used as a reference for starting a successful livestock business.

1. Perform Market Analysis

Perform market analysis related to livestock products that are currently selling best or have a stable market share from time to time.

Through this market analysis, you can also find out how the competition is between businesses, and livestock partners, to set marketing strategies.

2. Determine the Type of Livestock

After you have conducted a market analysis for your livestock business, the next step is to determine what type of livestock you will choose.

Determining the type of livestock will have an impact on the amount of capital you need as well as the selection of the appropriate location and care.

If possible, choose livestock that has a sale price that is not too high with stable market demand. For example broiler or beef.

3. Choose an Appropriate Farm Location

The location of the farm must be adapted to the livestock you choose. The reason is, not all livestock can be treated equally.

Certain types of animals cannot be placed near residents' housing. For example, laying hens. In addition to the smell of their feces which is quite pungent to the sense of smell, this one farm animal will easily get stressed and lead to crop failure when placed in a fairly noisy place.

4. Use Quality Feed

In the livestock business, quality livestock is obtained from adequate feed and care. The selection of this feed will greatly affect the quality of the harvest you will get.

5. Maximizing Promotions Offline and Online

Selling your livestock products can be done offline or conventionally and also online.

If done conventionally, you can sell it at animal markets, traditional markets, or partner with big shops, restaurants, animal skin craftsmen, and so on.

While online promotion can be done by offering it on social media or communities, both those who are domiciled in your area or outside the city.

You can also sell livestock products such as eggs or meat in e-commerce or marketplaces, this will help your business grow faster and reach more customers.

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Sobat BFI, that's a glimpse of information related to the livestock business that you can make as your main livelihood or additional income. Hopefully, this article is useful and can inspire you. 

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