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Virtual Account Number: Definition, How it Works, and Benefits

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2 February 2023
Virtual Account Number: Definition, How it Works, and Benefits

Virtual accounts are today's breakthroughs to make financial transactions easier and more efficient. With a virtual account, you don't have to bother entering your account number and a series of other information when you want to make a payment.

This payment method is widely used in various online buying and selling platforms such as e-commerce. Even though a virtual account (VA) at first glance looks like a bank transfer, in fact, the two payment methods are quite different.

What are the differences between the two and other interesting things you need to know about virtual accounts? Let's discuss one by one in the following article.


1. Definition of Virtual Accounts

A virtual account is a fintech (financial technology) product that allows users to make payments quickly and efficiently. Functioning as an electronic payment instrument, VA consists of a series of unique codes in the form of numbers specially created by financial or banking institutions.

So far, almost all banks in Indonesia have a virtual account feature. In this way, you can easily make purchases without the need to change bank accounts.

In short, a virtual account is a virtual bank account number provided by the seller as the number for the purpose of the payment transaction.

2. Types of Virtual Accounts

Virtual accounts offer a series of conveniences for both parties, both the sender and recipient of funds. The types of virtual accounts currently in use include:

2.1. Fixed Virtual Accounts

The first type is a fixed virtual account. This one type allows the customer to define his own virtual code. That way, VA users don't need to generate a new code every time they make a payment. For example, when you want to top-up your e-wallet balance. You can use the same virtual code without needing to use the new code.

2.2. Non-fixed Virtual Accounts

Unlike the type of fixed virtual account, the non-fixed virtual account cannot be determined by yourself. The virtual account number that appears in this type is randomly generated by the system and can only be used once. You can generally find this type when you want to make a payment transaction in e-commerce.

3. How Virtual Accounts Work

The way virtual account numbers work may be relatively different for each bank. However, virtual accounts generally work in the following way:

1. The seller will provide a special virtual account number for the buyer

2. The buyer will copy the payment code or VA code that you get from the purchase application

2. Open the m-banking application then select the 'Virtual Account' payment method

3. Enter the VA code that you got earlier

4. The payment amount will be displayed on your screen automatically

4. If you feel it is correct, enter your m-banking pin to complete the transaction

5. Payment will be confirmed in a few minutes

4. 6 Benefits of Virtual Accounts for Business

Virtual accounts have a number of benefits that their users can enjoy. Are as follows.

4.1. Detect Payments Automatically

Every incoming transaction will be detected automatically without the need to check them one by one or record it manually. Both the seller and the buyer will benefit from this technological breakthrough. No need to bother taking photos of proof of payment or doing the manual recording.

4.2 Easy and Safe

Without the need to bother recording account numbers, bank codes, or other information, you can make payments directly by copying the virtual code that you get. Existing transactions will be automatically recorded in your name with a predetermined nominal.

4.3. Transactions Anytime and Anywhere

Enough with a stable internet connection, all transactions can be easily done anywhere and anytime. Very flexible right?

4.4. One Account for All Types of Transactions

With just one account, all existing transactions can be processed immediately. This of course can save the time and energy that you have. You don't have to bother changing m-banking or borrowing the accounts of your friends and acquaintances. So, differences in bank accounts are no longer a problem.

4.5. Allows For Financial Reconciliation

Every transaction that occurs will be recorded automatically by the system and you can see it in the account mutation section. With this convenience, the data matching process will be easier to do.

4.6. Almost No Additional Cost

Transfers via virtual accounts can be said to be cheaper or even not charged at all. For example, when you make transactions in the form of payments in e-commerce, generally you will not be charged an additional fee. As for payments to e-wallets, an admin fee of IDR 1,000 is usually deducted.

5. The Difference Between A Virtual Account and an Ordinary Transfer

Launching from, the most obvious difference between a virtual account and an ordinary transfer lies in how it works.

Virtual accounts allow you to make transactions without the need to enter account numbers, beneficiary names, or transfer amounts. You simply copy the existing code and confirm payment.

In addition, the existence of a virtual account makes it easier for recipients to identify incoming fund senders. This can happen because virtual accounts are able to record incoming transactions automatically. As a result, neither the buyer nor the seller will bother with proof of payment or bookkeeping.

The security offered by virtual accounts is also appreciated. This is because the virtual account number that appears is temporary (not permanent) and personal (specifically made for one user), so that existing transactions can run safely and efficiently.

Unlike the account number which is permanent and will continue to be the same as long as the account used is active.

6. Payment Method Using a Virtual Account

How, so far you are quite sure about the convenience and security offered by a virtual account?

Launching from various existing sources, here's how to pay using a virtual account for certain types of banks.

virtual account

Image Source: Pexels/Zen Chung

6.1. How to Use a Virtual Account at Bank BCA

1. Through BCA ATMs

  • Enter your BCA ATM card and PIN
  • Select 'Other Transactions'
  • Select 'Transfers'
  • Select 'BCA Virtual Account'
  • Enter your destination virtual number
  • Type in the amount you want to pay (if the existing payment amount is not entered automatically)
  • Perform payment validation
  • Payment complete

2. Via m-BCA

  • Open the BCA Mobile application
  • Log in with your username and password
  • Click 'm-Transfer'
  • Select 'BCA Virtual Account'
  • Confirm payment by entering your BCA pin
  • Payment complete

3. Via KlikBCA Individual

  • Open the KlikBCA Individual application
  • Enter your user ID and pin
  • Click 'Transfer Funds'
  • Select 'Transfer To BCA Virtual Account'
  • Fill in the nominal to be paid (if the existing payment amount is not entered automatically)
  • Perform payment validation
  • Payment complete

4. Through KlikBCA Bisnis

  • Open the KlikBCA Bisnis application
  • Click 'Transfer Funds'
  • Select 'Transfer List' then click 'Add'
  • Enter the virtual account number then save
  • Select the 'Fund Transfer to Virtual Account' menu
  • Next, select the source of funds account and virtual account account
  • Fill in the nominal to be paid
  • Perform payment validation
  • Select 'Fund Transfer' then click 'Authorize Transaction'
  • Proceed by selecting the transactions to authorize
  • Payment complete

5. Via M-BCA (Sim Card Menu)

  • Click m-Banking
  • Choose m-BCA
  • Then click m-Payment and select 'Others'
  • Type TVA
  • Enter your BCA Virtual Account number and pin
  • Enter the nominal to be transferred then validate
  • Payment complete

6.2. How to Use a Virtual Account at Bank BNI

1. Through Bank BNI ATMs

  • Visit the nearest BNI ATM
  • Enter your card and pin
  • Select the 'Other' menu
  • Select 'transfer' and the type of account to use
  • Select 'Virtual Account Billing' then confirm the transfer amount to be sent
  • Payment complete. Don't forget to save proof of existing transactions

2. Through BNI Mobile Banking

  • Open the BNI Mobile Banking application
  • Log in with your user ID and password
  • Select the 'Transfer' menu then click 'Virtual Account Billing'
  • Select an account and enter the virtual account code that you got
  • Confirm payment with your pin
  • Payment complete

3. Through iBank Personal

  • Visit BNI's official website at
  • Log in with your user ID and password
  • Select the 'Transfer' menu then select 'Virtual Account Billing'
  • Enter the virtual code you got
  • Make sure the nominal on the screen matches the amount you have to pay
  • Confirm payment by entering your pin
  • Enter the authentication token code
  • If the payment is successful you will get a notification

6.3. How to Use a Virtual Account at BRI

1. Through BRI Bank ATMs

  • Visit the nearest Bank Mandiri ATM
  • Enter your card and pin
  • Select the 'Other Transactions' menu
  • Then click 'Payment'
  • Select 'BRIVA'
  • Enter the virtual account code that you got
  • Proceed with the payment process
  • Enter your pin to confirm the existing payment
  • Payment successfully made

2. Through Mobile Banking

  • Open the BRI mobile banking application
  • Select the 'Payment' menu
  • Then select 'BRIVA'
  • Enter the existing virtual account number
  • Make sure the existing nominal is appropriate
  • Confirm by entering your pin
  • The transaction was successful

3. Through Internet Banking

  • Visit Bank BRI's internet banking site
  • Log in using your user ID and password
  • Select the 'Payment' menu
  • Then select 'BRIVA'
  • Enter the virtual account number that you got
  • Enter the password and m-token
  • Payment successful

6.4. How To Use A Virtual Account at Mandiri

Through Mandiri ATMs

  • Select the 'Pay/Buy' menu
  • Then press 'More'
  • Select 'Multi Payment'
  • Enter the payment/agency code number (70002)
  • Enter merchant code (264)
  • Then enter the payment code
  • Double-check if the existing transactions are correct
  • Confirm payment by entering your pin

Through e-Banking

  • Select the 'Pay' menu then click 'Multipayment'
  • Enter the 'Service Provider' menu then select Doku
  • Enter merchant code (264)
  • Enter the payment ID code or Pay Code
  • Confirm payment by entering your pin
  • Transaction completed

6.5. How to Use a Virtual Account at CIMB

Through CIMB Bank ATMs

  • Visit the nearest CIMB Bank ATM
  • Enter your card and pin
  • Select the 'Payment' menu
  • Click 'Virtual Accounts'
  • Enter the virtual number and payment code
  • Click 'OK' to continue the payment
  • Confirm payment by entering your pin
  • Transaction completed

Via Octo Click

  • Open the Octo Click application
  • Select the 'Pay Bill' or 'Pay Bill' menu
  • Select the source account and payment type
  • Then click 'Virtual Accounts'
  • Enter the existing virtual account number
  • Confirm payment if deemed correct
  • Transaction completed

Sobat BFI, that was the discussion regarding Virtual Account Numbers: Definition, How it Works, and Benefits. The presence of a virtual account (VA) as one of the technological innovations makes it easy for people to make financial transactions safely and easily.

You can make the best use of this payment method as an alternative to existing payment methods. Even so, keep checking the nominal that appears on your screen before making a payment, and always be aware of the fraud that can occur at any time.

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