NIB Is: Definition, Benefits, Terms and How to Make It

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17 January 2023
NIB Is: Definition, Benefits, Terms and How to Make It

NIB is an identity that must be owned by business actors. The existence of a NIB allows business licensing to be easier and safer.

Then, what is the actual NIB, its benefits, and how do you make it? Let's peel one by one regarding NIB in the following description!


1. What are NIBs?

A business Identification Number or NIB is a business actor's identity issued by the government through the OSS (Online Single Submission) agency. NIB is distinguished according to the output of the product or service produced. NIB consists of 13-digit random numbers that are equipped with security and electronic signatures.

Apart from being used as an identity, NIB has other functions such as Company Registration Certificate (TDP), Import Identification Number (API), and Customs Access, and is often used as a condition for obtaining SIUP (Trade Business License) and Halal Certificate.

The following is the form of a NIB in the form of a document

NIB Adalah

Example of NIB's Document. Image Source: Scribd/Eka Poetra

2. NIB Legal Basis

The government issued a policy related to NIB which was contained in RI Presidential Regulation No. 91 of 2017 concerning the Acceleration of Business Implementation.

With these regulations in place, it will be easier for business actors to obtain permits and not need to bother dealing with various business documents because NIB is a number that is integrated with various systems.

So, you don't need to bother with documents such as TDP (Company Registration Certificate), or API (Importer Identification Number), for importer and exporter customs access rights.

NIB must be owned by business actors. This refers to Government Regulation No. 24 of 2018 concerning Electronically Integrated Business Licensing Services. The regulation explains that every business actor, whether individual or non-individual, is required to register a NIB with the OSS institution electronically. The following is a list of business actors who are required to have it:

1. Business actors in the form of individuals, for example, online shops

2. Limited Liability Company

3. Cooperatives

4. Public Company

5. Regional Public Company

6. Public Service Agency

7. Broadcasting Institutions

8. Civil Partnership

9. Firm Fellowship

10. Business Entities Established by Foundations

11. Limited Partnership

12. Other Legal Entities Owned by the State

In addition to the two rules above, the government also emphasizes the obligation to have a NIB for SIUP or commercial licensing in Government Regulation No. 24 of 2018 Article 5 Paragraph (1).

3. Functions and Benefits of NIB

Apart from being used as a business identity, ownership of a NIB is something that brings benefits to business owners. The following is a series of functions and benefits.

3.1. As a Legality Document

With a NIB, it will be easier for you to get other business legal documents. Includes the following important documents:

  • NPWP of Individuals and Business Entities
  • RPTKA (Letter of Authorization for the Plan to Use Foreign Workers)
  • Automatically registered as a BPJS member
  • Get a business license. One of them is a Business License in the trade sector (BPJS Employment and BPJS Health)
  • Receive eligibility notifications related to fiscal facilities

So, you don't need to bother taking care of the important documents above. Just by having a NIB, you can store various legal documents on one identity.

3.2. Easier and Faster Business Licensing Process

NIB is a business identity that makes it easier for you to process business permits. By having this document, everything can be processed quickly and easily, even in just a matter of minutes.

This can happen because NIB is integrated with other licensing agencies. So, when you need commercial licenses, operational permits, NPWP, and other permits it won't take long.

3.3. Get Protection and Assurance

The business that you run gets legal protection and guarantees of certainty. So, you don't need to worry about things that will burden you in the future.

3.4. Facilitate Investment Acquisition and Loan Submissions

In addition to making it easier for you to obtain business legal documents, having a NIB makes it easier for you to find investors and apply for loans to finance companies. The partnership opportunities are much greater if you have a NIB.

This is because ownership of a NIB is one of the characteristics of your legal or legal company or business. Without a NIB, investors and other financial institutions will not immediately provide assistance.

3.5. Business Looks More Credible

NIB is a legal document that is legally recognized. With a NIB, your business is considered to have better credibility compared to those without it. As a result, your business is more likely to get financial assistance from investors and non-bank and bank financial institutions, customers will have more trust and freedom to use your goods or services.

6. Get Business Assistance

For those of you who have a micro business, having a NIB can help you get business assistance or training through programs provided by the government.

4. Requirements for Making NIB

To get a NIB you are required to register with the OSS (Online Single Submission) Institute. Before registering, make sure you meet the following document requirements.

4.1. NIK

NIK is used to create a user ID NIB. If the registered business is a business entity, the use of the KTP NIK is required to use the NIK of the leader or person in charge of the business entity.

4.2. TIN of Entity or Individual

Apart from the NIK, you are also asked to attach an NPWP (Taxpayer Identification Number). The NPWP attached is the NPWP of the business owner or person in charge.

4.3. Deed of Establishment

So that filling in the OSS can run smoothly, make sure you fill out the deed of establishment in accordance with the 2020 KBLI (Indonesian Field Business Standard Qualification).

4.4. Tax Report

Make sure all your tax reports are neatly arranged. Starting from the Annual SPT and Income Tax for the last 2 tax years.

4.5. Location permit, IMB, and Amdal

In addition to the four previous requirements, make sure you also attach a business location permit, IMB (Building Permit), and environmental permits in the form of an AMDAL or UKL-UPL.

4.6. Other Supporting Documents

The final documents that you need to attach consist of:

  • BPJS Employment and Health Number
  • Notification of Eligibility to Get Fiscal Facility
  • RPTKA Approval Letter (Plan for Using Foreign Workers) – Optional/If Available

5. How to Make NIBs

Making a NIB is quite easy as long as you have fulfilled the required documents properly. How to create a NIB is as follows.

nib adalah

Image Source:

1. Visit the OSS (Online Single Submission) website at the following link.

2. Click 'Register' to create a new account.

3. Fill in all the requested data.

4. Activate the account via the email you registered. Activation is done by clicking the 'Activate' button on the email sent.

5. log in to the OSS Site using your email and password.

6. On the dashboard menu select 'Micro Licensing' then click 'New Submission'.

7. Complete the requested data starting from Business Name, Business Sector, Business Field/Activity, Business Address, Facilities and Infrastructure, Status of Business Place, Number of Employees, and Estimated Sales Results in One Year.

8. Make sure the data you fill in is correct and in accordance with system requests if you have clicked 'Save Data'.

9. Download the finished NIB by clicking 'Save and Continue'.

10. Next select 'Business Data' and click 'Process NIB'.

11. Follow the next steps until the NIB issuance process is complete.

6. Important Things to Look For When Registering for a NIB

OSS is integrated with several other ministry systems, such as KWSP (Directorate General of Taxes), and Kemenkumham (Directorate General of AHU). Therefore, make sure you pay attention to the following so that the existing process can run smoothly.

  • Fill in the intent and purpose section of the articles of association in accordance with the 2020 KBLI (2020 Business Field Standard Classification).
  • Already have Location Permit, Water Location Permit, Environmental Permit, and IMB
  • Tax reports are neat.
  • Existing business activities do not have an impact on the environment (environmental licensing in the form of an AMDAL).

BFI friends, that was the discussion about NIB. From the description above, it can be concluded that NIB ownership is one of the obligations and provides many benefits to business owners. Especially if you want to get financing from investors or finance companies.

Having a NIB also allows you to get business partners who support business continuity.

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