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Easy, Here's How to Take Care of Lost BPKB and Costs Required

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18 October 2022
Easy, Here's How to Take Care of Lost BPKB and Costs Required

BPKB is a mandatory document held by vehicle owners. If this document is lost, you must replace it with a new one.

In this article, the BFI Finance Team has managed to summarize a number of important pieces of information related to how to take care of a lost BPKB, complete with details of costs and document requirements that must be completed.

How to take care of lost BPKB? Check out more information here.


Documents Required To Manage Lost BPKB

BPKB is an important document that must be owned by motorized vehicle owners. BPKB is issued by the Traffic Unit (SATLANTAS) and serves as concrete evidence of vehicle ownership, and annual and five-year tax payments. As with its very crucial function, lost BPKB must be taken care of as soon as possible.

Before discussing what to do if a BPKB is lost, make sure you have prepared the following important documents as an initial step in how to take care of a lost BPKB.

1. Letter of loss of BPKB from the police

2. Lost BPKB statement accompanied by Rp 6,000 stamp duty

3. Statement letter of BPKB lost from the Bank accompanied by stamp duty as a form of a statement that BPKB is not being used as collateral or collateral

4. Copy of ID card or driving license

  • If you haven't changed your name, you can attach the original receipt of the vehicle purchase

  • Power of attorney and photocopy of ID card authorized if the document submission is made by a third party and sent directly to the first party

5. Copy of STNK

6. Copy of old BPKB or at least memorize the number

7. Application form

8. The results of the physical check of vehicles that have been legalized

9. Certificate from the Criminal Investigation Agency

10. Reports on BPKB are missing in newspapers or mass media

  • Newspapers or newspapers at least 2 times (must attach proof of receipt)

  • Radio at least 2 times (must attach proof of receipt)

Cost of Managing Lost BPKB

Of course, you must be wondering how much it costs to make a new BPKB. Based on Government Regulation No. 76 of 2020, the details of the fees that need to be paid for how to administer BPKB are lost as follows.

1. Lost BPKB for 2 and 3-wheeled vehicles is subject to a tariff of Rp.225,000

2. Lost BPKB for 4-wheeled vehicles or above is subject to a tariff of Rp.375,000

For additional information, the costs listed above are the same as the costs for making a new BPKB.

How to Take Care of Lost BPKB

Managing the missing BPKB is indeed quite complicated. Even so, you must continue to take the steps so you don't encounter difficulties in the future. What to do if BPKB is lost? Follow these steps.

Cara Mengurus BPKB Hilang

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1. Make a Loss Report at the Nearest Police Station

The first way to take care of lost BPKB is to make a loss report. You can directly visit the nearest police station and the officer will make you an Investigation Report (BAP) regarding the report on the loss of BPKB.

During the reporting process, you will be asked about the chronology of the disappearance of BPKB. Only then will you be asked to reread the written chronology and sign it.

After that, you also need to make a certificate of loss from the detective (Reskrim). The process is more or less the same as creating a loss report, you will be asked about the chronology.

2. Make a Lost BPKB Statement Completed with Stamp

After completing the report of loss from the police and the Criminal Investigation Department, then you need to make a personal statement regarding the loss of BPKB. This statement letter is made by signing the existing statement and not forgetting to affix Rp6,000 stamp duty.

3. Unsecured BPKB Statement Letter from the Bank

The statement letter that BPKB is not guaranteed as collateral from the Bank is one way to take care of a lost BPKB that you must prepare.

To obtain this letter, you can visit the Bank at your domicile. As with the lost BPKB statement made personally, the statement letter from the Bank must also be accompanied by stamp duty.

4. Broadcast News of Loss in the Mass Media or Newspapers

After you have done all the ways to take care of the lost BPKB above, then you need to advertise the news of the loss in the mass media or newspapers. You can choose the radio or newspaper.

After the news or broadcast is published, save the pieces and make 2 to 3 clippings along with the payment receipt as concrete evidence if you have spread the news of the loss.

5. Visit the nearest Samsat

Continue how to take care of the last missing BPKB, which is to go to the nearest Samsat office. Come to the same Samsat that is registered with your BPKB.

Also, bring all the required documents that you have prepared to make it easier for Samsat officers to process the creation of a new BPKB.

After that, you need to do a physical check of the vehicle. After that, you can go directly to the BPKB counter to fill out the application form along with attaching the requested documents.

The creation of a new BPKB or a duplicate of a lost BPKB takes approximately 1 month. Generally depends on the date informed by the officer.

Easy Ways to Check BPKB Online

Information related to BPKB can be easily checked online. How to check it is below.

DKI Jakarta

For those of you who live in Jakarta, now you can check BPKB online. How to check BPKB is as follows.

  • Open the website
  • Fill in all the required data to check BPKB. Among others, namely the Police Number (Nopol) and NIK
  • Recheck the data that has been entered
  • Click verify security box and select 'search'
  • On your screen, information about BPKB and other information will be displayed

Jawa Barat

If you live in West Java, you can take advantage of the services provided by the West Java Bapenda. Follow the following procedure.

  • Open the website
  • Complete the requested data such as your vehicle registration number, and the color of the motorized vehicle number (TNKB) sign.
  • Fill in the security code then click 'search'

Jawa Tengah

For those of you who live in Central Java, you can use an application called SAPKOLE. The procedure is as follows:

  • Download the SAPKOLE app on Google Playstore
  • Open the downloaded application
  • Select the information menu
  • Next, select the motorized vehicle menu
  • Enter your vehicle registration number
  • Next press process

Jawa Timur

For the people of East Java, you can check BPKB online in the following way.

  • Visit the website
  • Fill in the requested data such as the Samsat of origin of the vehicle and the police number
  • Re-check the data that has been filled in
  • Verify then click 'Check Vehicle Data'

Tips for Getting a BPKB Guaranteed Loan

BPKB is not only used as a requirement to pay taxes or show valid proof of ownership of a vehicle. However, BPKB can also be used as a source of funds to help your financial condition.

The trick is to guarantee your BPKB to a trusted financing company such as BFI Finance.

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Applying for a loan at BFI Finance is a safe, easy process, and has been verified by the OJK (Financial Services Authority). You can apply for a loan with a choice of collateral that can be tailored to your wishes and needs.

Sobat BFI, that's information about How to Manage BPKB. Hopefully, the information provided can make it easier for you to understand each procedure that needs to be done. See you again in the next article.

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