Angkringan Business Capital and 8 Tips to Start Your Business!

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17 February 2022
Angkringan Business Capital and 8 Tips to Start Your Business!

If you want to start a culinary business with inherent Indonesian characteristics, then the Angkringan business might be the right choice! Yep, starting an angkringan business can be an alternative to a culinary business besides opening a chicken geprek business, soto, chicken satay, or an indomie stall. The hallmark of this angkringan business is its operational opening hours which serve visitors from sunset to midnight. Angkringan can be a place to chat for a while with colleagues or study friends after a tiring day of activities. Or being a place to do college assignments for students, of course, there is nothing wrong.

So, how much is this angkringan business capital, and what are the right tips to get started? This time, the BFI Finance team will present it especially to you! Listen!

Tips for Starting an Angkringan Business

1. Determine the Right and Strategic Location

Determining the strategic location of the angkringan business determines how many people will visit. A typical angkringan business location is on the side of the road with traffic on the highway. Coupled with the characteristics of the selling cart and the lesehan seat. If you are targeting student customers, then choose a location close to campus. If you are targeting a more general customer, you can choose a place that is close to a market, shop complex, sports center, or square. However, make sure you get permission to run an angkringan business from the landowner!

In addition, you must determine the maximum capacity of the angkringan business. You have to pay attention to the area of ​​business land occupied compared to the maximum capacity of visitors. Do not let visitors jostle while enjoying a meal or waiting for the dish to come. Because it definitely makes visitors uncomfortable!

Choosing a location close to competitors also doesn't hurt to try. If you have ever visited the tourist area of ​​Malioboro, you will easily find angkringan lined the road. If in an area where you have a Region with a similar concept, you can try it. Visitors must also be able to freely choose the desired angkringan.

2. Provide a Comfortable Place

In addition to the location that is considered in opening an angkringan business, create a comfortable atmosphere for a stopover. For example, choose a fairly large and open business area with an ideal parking space. Make sure that your angkringan business offers enough parking for several vehicles. And try not to interfere with pedestrian activity or vehicular traffic on the highway.

The thing that is no less important is always prioritize cleanliness. Of course, visitors are not comfortable eating food and talking in untidy and clean conditions. By offering cleanliness and tidiness, visitors will also consider the menu and the place served will feel more hygienic.

3. Pay Attention to the facilities at the Angkringan

Angkingan is usually a place to gather to just talk for a long time or a little. To pamper the visitors, you can consider several supporting facilities, such as TV or Wi-Fi. Especially Wi-Fi, it will be very useful for student visitors to complete their assignments while chatting with their friends.

Angkringan also generally offers a wider lesehan seat compared to the chairs provided. Therefore, make sure you have enough comfortable mats to use. Don't forget the table, you also need to add a simple table as a place to eat and put visitors' items.

No less important, you can also provide a handwashing place or a sink in the angkringan area. Coupled with the current pandemic conditions, adding handwashing facilities is the right thing.

Regarding the use of lights, you can use white or yellow light bulbs with sufficient wattage. You can also add filament lamps to make the atmosphere even more beautiful.

4. Pay Attention to the quality of the Angkringan Menu

Here comes the most favorite part, the food! Angkringan business players have now started a lot. Again and again, the main thing that can distinguish you from competitors is the taste and special menu that you have. Use the concept of trial and error to determine the taste that fits and can be accepted by many people. Of course, you can offer it to your closest friends first before your angkringan menu is widely sold to the public. If you don't feel confident about the results of your own cooking, you can choose to take the angkringan menu options ready to sell from a second party. However, if you choose this method, it will generally cost more than making your own food creations. Because there is usually a service fee and delivery.

In addition to paying attention to the taste, you can also create special menus that can be unique and easy to remember by many visitors. Such as basil chicken grilled rice, jinggo rice, gandul rice, and others. Of course, the menu must be adjusted to the tastes of the target customer, yes!

Here are selected menu ideas that you can sell at Angkringan:

  • Nasi Kuning
  • Nasi Jinggo
  • Nasi Kuning
  • Various fried foods (Tempe mendoan, bakwan, stuffed tofu, fried banana, tofu aci, fried sweet potato, combro)
  • Assorted Baceman (Chicken Bacem, Tofu Bacem, Tempe Bacem)
  • Quail Egg Satay
  • Chicken Intestines Satay
  • Scallop Satay
  • Offal Satay
  • Sate Kikil
  • Chicken Head Satay
  • Grilled Meatball Satay
  • Sate Ceker
  • Grilled/fried sausage
  • Crispy Chicken

Angkringan Drink Menu Options that you can sell:

  • Spiced Ginger Honey Egg Milk (STMJ)
  • A hot ginger drink
  • Hot/cold tea
  • Warm/cold oranges
  • Warm/cold whole milk
  • Black coffee/milk
  • Teh Tarik

5. Compete on Price

Besides being pampered by delicious cuisine, you also have to be able to compete with prices! Yep, it does take extra effort to determine the right selling price for each type of cuisine. Price is one of the important factors in competing between angkringan businessmen. Angkringan with low prices and delicious taste is sure to be a winner!

You can do research first with competitors before deciding on a selling price. Rice menus such as cat rice, jinggo rice, yellow rice are generally sold at a price of IDR 5,000 to IDR 10,000 per item. Various fried foods are sold at prices ranging from Rp. 1,000 to Rp. 3,000 per item. Sate-satean can be sold at prices ranging from IDR 3,000 to IDR 10,000. Meanwhile, drink menus such as Wedang Ginger and STMJ can be set at prices ranging from Rp. 5,000 to Rp. 10,000. You can charge hot tea or oranges and hot coffee with selling prices starting from Rp. 4,000.

6. Keep Clean Always

Although angkringan business places are generally close to the highway and of course in an open area, don't let the cleanliness aspect not become a top priority! Visitors will certainly visit longer if they feel comfortable because of the cleanliness of the angkringan that is maintained. The effect of maintained cleanliness will also result in a good perception of hygiene as well.

From the customer side, customers can immediately tidy up their own food table after they finish eating food. This of course can help ease the work of angkringan employees.

As the owner of the angkringan, you must also be able to quickly and swiftly clean the visitor's table, so that it can be used by the next visitor and does not cause long lines.

7. Provide the Best Service

In addition to providing the best food and drinks, the best service to consumers should also not be abandoned. Give a friendly attitude to consumers even though the condition of the angkringan is busy. You can consider hiring 1 employee who is in charge of assisting the operations of your angkringan business.

As a seller, you are also required to be nimble in receiving orders or requests from consumers. Consumers will definitely be happy if they can be served quickly and accurately. Not to forget, to always be open in receiving constructive input from consumers and other parties. This is certainly useful for the positive development of your angkringan business.

8. Considering Opening a Branch

You can practice this last tip if the angkringan business in one place has been successful. If you feel the need to expand your consumer reach, you should consider opening a new angkringan branch elsewhere. By opening a new branch, it can open up opportunities to get more profits and be known by more people.


Ideal Angkringan Business Capital

Angkringan business capital can not be separated from the components of cooking utensils, meals, monthly operating costs, and carts. Through the calculations below, you can use it as a reference for starting an angkringan business.

  • Initial capital
No. Needs Quantity Price per Quantity Total Cost
1. Cart 1 Rp 3.500.000 Rp 3.500.00
2. Tableware (Spoon, Glass, Teapot, etc.) 1 Rp 1.500.000 Rp 1.500.000
3. Tables 6 Rp 150.000 Rp 900.000
4. Mat 3 Rp 70.000 Rp 210.000
5. Stove 1 Rp 250.000 Rp 250.000
6. LPG 3 kg Rp 21.000 Rp 63.000
7. Other expenses - Rp 200.000 Rp 200.000
  Total     Rp6.623.000 


  • Monthly Operating Cost
No. Needs Quantity Price per Quantity Total Cost
1. Grocery Shopping Cost 1 time Rp 6.000.000 Rp 6.000.000
2. Employee 1 Rp 1.500.000 Rp 1.500.000
3. Electricity 1 month Rp 150.000 Rp 150.000
4. PDAM water 1 month Rp 200.000 Rp 200.000
5. Place Rental Fee 1 month Rp 400.000 Rp 400.000
6. Miscellaneous costs - Rp 200.000 Rp 200.000
  Total     Rp 8.450.000
  • Estimated Income and Profit

If for a day there are 40 visitors who buy food and drinks at a price of Rp. 10,000 once, then in a month you can get a gross income of 12,000,000 (40 x Rp. 10,000 x 30 days).

  • Estimasi Pendapatan Bersih per bulan:

Gross income per month  Rp 12.000.000
Monthly Operational Cost Rp 8.450.000
Total (Gross income per month - Monthly Operational Cost) Rp 3.550.000
  • Break-Even Point (BEP)

Initial capital Rp 6.623.000
Net profit per month Rp 3.550.000
BEP (initial capital/net profit per month) +/- 2 months

So, for your initial capital to return, you need approximately 2 months.


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