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The Konmari Method: The Art of Cleaning Up Good for Mental Health

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15 July 2022
The Konmari Method: The Art of Cleaning Up Good for Mental Health

A clean and tidy house is everyone's dream. One method of cleaning that is increasingly popular is the Konmari method. This method carries a simple lifestyle and maximizes the things around us. So that in the future we can focus more on what should be prioritized and be able to maintain mental health.

Although fairly easy, not everyone knows the right way to clean the house. Often times we make the same mistakes, making cleaning activities endless. If so, what is the proper solution that can be done?

Let's look at the following description of the Konmari method.


What is Konmari Method?

The konmari method is the art of cleaning or tidying the house that originates in Japan. This method was first discovered by Marie Kondo, a cleaning consultant who is famous for her revolutionary ideas and as the author of books.

His book on the konmari method entitled The Life-Changing of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing has been translated into various languages and adapted by Netflix under the title Tidying Up with Marie Kondo.

The word 'konmari' is a combination of Marie Kondo's first and last names. This method is considered capable of bringing changes in life, especially in neatness and order, has a positive effect, and leads us to a simple lifestyle (minimalism).

Unlike other methods which tend to direct us to throw away what we don't need, in this method we are actually advised to donate these items.

Benefits of the Konmari Method

The Konmari method has several very good benefits for our lives.

1. Improve Focus

Disorganization or the placement of items that are not appropriate (messy) tends to affect stress and anxiety hormones so it is difficult for us to focus on what needs to be prioritized. By applying the Konmari method, a clean and tidy room will make us more focused.

2. Improve Sleep Quality

Items that are not organized and messy can affect the quality of our sleep, sleep becomes restless due to an unpleasant atmosphere. Through the Konmari method, you will be more relaxed and sleep more soundly.

3. Reduce Stress

Cleaning the house has been proven to have a positive effect. This is because the messy items have been successfully tidied up, causing a feeling of pleasure when they see them.

4. Increase Productivity

As previously mentioned, the Konmari method can increase one's focus. This focus will help us to increase productivity and quality of life.

5. Increase Sense of Security

Disorganization has a negative impact on our sense of security. We will feel anxious at any time and can be crushed or slipped because of objects that are scattered or not arranged in such a way.

6. Economical

Focusing on the function of objects, this method prevents us from being consumptive in buying things that are not needed. Of course, this is very good to train us to think many times before deciding to buy something just because of a momentary feeling of pleasure (hungry eyes).

How to Apply the Konmari Method

There are several ways or basic rules that you can do so that the Konmari method can work well. Among them are as follows.

Metode Konmari

Image Source: Pexels

1. Determine the Life Goals to be Achieved

Determine what you want to achieve and commit yourself to tidying up the house. Through this motivation, we will find it easier and more enthusiastic to tidy up every existing room.

2. Imagine the Expected Ideal Life

Not only do you determine your motivation or goals, but you also need to imagine what your ideal life would be like, and what kind of pleasant feeling you will get after successfully doing it.

3. Tidy Up Your House By Item Category

Tidying the house is not just a neat origin. You need to tidy it up by item category and not by location or room. There are at least 5 categories of items that you can tidy up:

  • Clothes

  • Book

  • Document

  • Komono or other items (e.g. cosmetics or medicine)

  • And sentimental stuff

If you're having trouble tidying it up, you can also divide it into subcategories.

Why do we need to tidy up the house according to categories? Marie Kondo thinks that this can make the cleaning process easier because we will focus on items that still have a function. It's different with tidying things up according to the room, this will only prolong and complicate the cleaning activities that you do.

In addition to tidying up by category, other tips are:

  1. Tidy Up Vertically

Placing items vertically is proven to save space and make it easier to find. You can use boxes or drawer dividers to make sure everything has a place.

  1. Doing Your Own Decluttering

Avoid feelings of guilt by sorting out items that are no longer used alone. That way you don't have to spend too long pondering which items to get rid of or feel guilty about. 

4. Focus On The Items You Want To Save

It means keeping things that can trigger happiness, that's what Marie Kondo said about Spark Joy.

"Keep the things that have a heart with us, and get rid of the rest to start a new life."

To determine which item triggers happiness, you can touch the item, feel it, and ask yourself does it cause happiness?

5. Let Go of the Things You Want To Get Rid Of

After tidying or sorting things out, the next step you can take is to get rid of unused items. Don't forget when you take it off you can thank the item.

Instead of throwing them away, you can donate items that are no longer used to anyone in need. By donating, we also do good because we help others through sharing.

What's the Next Step?

Once you have only what you need, it's time to take the final step, which is ikki, a Japanese term that means 'one way' or putting all your sorted items on the spot. Marie Kondo believes that the essence of tidying up is to tidy everything up at once, on the spot. And because of that, we will be spared far from the thought of procrastinating a job.

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