Getting to Know Sociopreneurs, Businesses That Have An Impacts

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26 September 2022
Getting to Know Sociopreneurs, Businesses That Have An Impacts

Maybe some of the BFI friends who are involved and interested in the business world have often heard the word "sociopreneur".

In accordance with the origin of the word, sociopreneur comes from the word social which means social, and entrepreneur which means businessman. So, sociopreneur itself can be interpreted as a businessman who runs his business but with the aim of making a positive impact on society.

In other words, sociopreneurs should not be concerned with profit or business profits, but must provide some social change or positive impact on people's social life. In order to know more about the characteristics of sociopreneurs, see the following information.


Characteristics of Sociopreneur

The following are some of the characteristics of a sociopreneur that you must know.

1. Stay Focused On Social Mission

The main characteristic that must be possessed by sociopreneurship is to focus on a social mission and provide a large impact on a certain scale.

For example, you might want to help victims of a natural disaster by making an online donation through an app or by building a foundation. Make sure the profits are focused on helping victims in the area and its surroundings.

2. Innovative

Being a sociopreneur also needs to have innovation or bright ideas to create a business with a big social impact.

Usually, sociopreneurs start their business by finding out the most common problems in social life and providing solutions and positive impacts through their business.

3. Open With Feedback

The next characteristic is that it is open to all inputs. The inputs received are usually in the form of the effects of the business being run and the benefits felt by many people.

If you feel that the benefits provided are lacking or do not cover a broad target, you can continue to adapt and find a way out so that the business you run runs smoothly and has an impact on many people.

Sociopreneurship Business Example

Is this business profitable and has a positive impact on the environment? The answer is yes. Here are some examples of sociopreneurship businesses that are widely known to the public.


Image Source: Pexels/Ronae

1. Waste4Change

This business is well known in Indonesia because one of its goals is to focus on waste management to reduce the amount of waste that ends up in the landfill.

Waste4change was founded by Mohamad Bijaksana Junerosano under the name PT Wasteforchange Alam Indonesia. Waste4change also carries out safe and responsible waste and waste management. What this business owner does is included in the sociopreneur.

2. Du’anyam 

The next Sociopreneur is Du'anyam. Du'anyam is a business that sells handicraft products made from palm leaves. These handicraft products are in the form of shoes, bags, and also souvenirs made directly by women craftsmen in Flores village.

The sales proceeds from this business were founded by several young people who are trying to improve the quality of life of the community and improve the problem of malnutrition in Flores village, NTT.

3. Jelantah4Change Community

Then there is the Jelantah4Change community for the next sociopreneur. This business focuses on using used cooking oil to reduce water pollution, protect water supplies, protect other organisms, and create products based on used cooking oil.

Examples of such products are soap and candles. To see more clearly about this business, you can watch the following program about the negative impact on the environment if it is not managed properly.

4. Mendekor 

This business, which was built in 2016, focuses on advancing the creative industry in Indonesia by selling several interior product manufactures, decoration services, and crafts made by local craftsmen. Not only that, decorating also provides interior design services to construction services.


The last one regarding the example of a sociopreneur business is which aims to raise funds for health assistance for those who are financially incapable and difficult to get access to health.

On the official website, donors can find several patients or people who need donations. This is made in such a way as to maintain transparency in fundraising.

Those are the characteristics and some examples of businesses that put forward a positive impact on people's social life. To become a sociopreneur, you need to understand the issues that will be raised so that in the process, the business that is run has a good impact on the community and does not cause adverse effects in other aspects.

Be diligent to do research and collaborate with several other businesses or organizations so that the business can grow and have a wider positive impact.

One of the challenges of this business is the issue of cost transparency. Make a report every month transparently to avoid a crisis of trust from business partners, donors, and other parties.

In addition, as a businessman who has a focus on the positive impact of social life or sociopreneur, you must balance profit and impact. Profit can be used to develop a business, but focusing too much on profit can eliminate the essence of having an impact on the surrounding environment.

The last thing is to try to use various online media to market your business, target donors, and build brand awareness to be better known by many people so that it will have an impact on brand awareness that affects product sales and donor trust.

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