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Get to Know the 5 Types of Love Language and How to Know It

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14 February 2023
Get to Know the 5 Types of Love Language and How to Know It

Everyone has their own way of showing the type of love language they have. Love language basically is the language of love in the form of actions, behaviors, and attitudes that make a person feel valued and loved.

The presence of a love language is considered very crucial because it can make you and your loved ones understand each other in-depth and better.

Then, what types of love languages are there and what is the right way to find out the type of love language someone has? Come on, see more in the following article.


1. What Is Love Language?

Love language or the language of love the different ways in which a person expresses and receives love in a relationship, be it a friendship, family or romantic relationship.

This type of love language was first coined by Gary Chapman in his book entitled "The Five Love Languages: The Secret to Love that Lasts". The five languages of love that He mentioned consist of words of affirmation, quality time, receiving gifts, acts of service, and physical touch.

Everyone may have different preferences when it comes to the love languages they use and accepts. Understanding the love language of our partners or those we care about can help strengthen relationships and understand each other's desires.

2. 5 Types of Love Language

There are 5 types of love language or the language of love that is owned by every human being. Here are five types of love languages you may have.

2.1. Act of service

Acts of Service are a type of love language in which a person feels loved through the actions, help, and support of loved ones.

For example, accepting assistance or initiatives to help with household chores, taking care of children, providing assistance at work, or offering assistance before being asked.

Example of Love Language Act of Service:

  • Take the initiative to help with homework
  • Provide assistance at work
  • Drive home
  • Provide unsolicited assistance
  • Caring for a sick partner
  • Playing your partner's favorite song while traveling in the car
  • Cooking your partner's or loved one's favorite food
  • Remind your partner of something he almost forgot

2.2. Physical Touch

Physical Touch or physical touch is a type of love language that is felt by someone through physical contact. The affection that appears here is not something negative, but rather a manifestation of affection and sincerity given by someone.

Example of Love Language Physical Touch:

  • hug
  • Grip
  • Clap
  • Head rub
  • Be close to loved ones

2.3. Words of Affirmation

Love receiving compliments and other positive words? It could be that your type of love language is words of affirmation! People whose love language is Words of Affirmation may feel very appreciated and loved when someone gives positive words such as support, motivation, and praise.

Example of Love Language Words of Affirmation:

  • Thank-you note
  • Words of motivation
  • Compliments or sweet words

2.4. Quality Time

Quality time is the last type of love language. Someone with this love language feels loved when attention is given in the form of togetherness, such as doing activities together or just sitting side by side.

Example of Love Language Quality Time:

  • Don't play with gadgets when you're together
  • Vacation together
  • Deep talks
  • Watch a movie together

2.5. Receiving Gifts

Receiving Gifts is a type of love language in which a person feels loved by giving gifts. This gift doesn't have to be expensive, but it can be something with a special meaning or a pleasant surprise.

Example of Love Language Receiving Gifts:

  • Deliver unexpected surprises

  • Buy gifts that are quite personal. For example, these gifts remind loved ones of what they like or moments of togetherness.

  • Give greeting cards

3. How to find out your partner's love language

Knowing the type of love language that the person you care about is important to know so that you can express sincere feelings of affection and love for that person more easily.

There are several ways you can find out someone's love language. Reporting from various existing sources, here are ways you can apply to find out the type of someone's love language.

Jenis Love Language

Image Source: Pexels/Zero Pamungkas

3.1. Watch how those you care about express their affection

The first way to know someone's love language is to pay attention to how they show concern for you.

You can easily see this through the actions or words they give to express their affection for you. For example, do they often give gifts, compliment you, or enjoy spending time alone with you.

3.2. Listen to the language your partner speaks

Couples may express their love language indirectly through the language they use. If they often say "I miss you" or "I like being with you," that could be a clue about their love language.

3.3. Observe how your partner responds

Everyone has a different style of expressing love, and the way your partner responds to your actions can also be a clue about their love language. For example, if your partner is very happy when you give them a gift, that could be a clue that their love language is gift acceptance.

3.4. Ask directly

The easiest way to find out someone's love language is to ask them directly. Ask him what would make him happy, feel loved, and feel happy if someone did that. Ask how He wants to be treated.

With open and honest communication, the existing relationship will run well and be healthy.

4. Test your and your partner's love language

Apart from finding out about your partner's love language through the four ways above, you can also find out by inviting your loved one to do a series of tests in the following links.

1. Test Love Language Indonesian:

2. Test Love Language English:

BFI friends, those are the 5 types of love languages that exist. Which are the love language of you and your loved ones?

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