BFI Finance Syariah: A Trusted Sharia Financing Solution for Used Cars and Multi-Purpose Needs

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26 September 2023
BFI Finance Syariah: A Trusted Sharia Financing Solution for Used Cars and Multi-Purpose Needs

In the course of life, you often need access to additional funds for various purposes, whether it's to acquire the desired used car, multi-purpose financing, or other needs. BFI Finance Syariah is here as a reliable sharia financing solution committed to providing the best service to the community. In this article, we will delve deeper into BFI Finance Syariah, the financing products they offer, and the easy and penalty-free application process.


BFI Finance Syariah is a subsidiary of BFI Finance that focuses on sharia-based financing. They offer various financing products, including used car financing, multi-purpose financing, and multi-service financing. One of BFI Finance Syariah's standout features is its commitment to adhering to sharia principles in all aspects of its operations.


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1. Advantages of BFI Finance Syariah

1.1 Penalty-Free

One of the distinguishing features of BFI Finance Syariah is its no-penalty policy applied to all of its financing products. This means that if you encounter difficulties in repaying installments, you will not incur additional penalties. This is a positive step that demonstrates BFI Finance Syariah's concern for its customers and its aim to provide a fair financing experience.


1.2 Transparency

BFI Finance Syariah places a high value on transparency in all aspects of its business. They are committed to providing clear and detailed information to their customers, enabling them to make informed financial decisions. Transparency is a core value in sharia financing, and BFI Finance Syariah executes it well.


2. BFI Finance Syariah Financing Products

BFI Finance Syariah offers a range of financing products designed to meet various financial needs. Some of the financing products offered by BFI Finance Syariah include:


2.1 My Faedah

This product is a suitable financing solution for various needs, from education to business capital and other urgent requirements. You can access funds easily and quickly through this product.


2.2 My Ta'lim

This product is specifically designed to finance your education or that of your family members. With competitive financing, you can pursue education more effectively.


2.3 My Hajat

This product provides access to cash to fulfill various consumptive or investment needs you desire. The flexibility of this product makes it highly useful in various situations.


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3. Easy and Fast Application Process

Applying for financing with BFI Finance Syariah is straightforward and quick. Here are the steps in the application process:


3.1 Online Form

Fill out the online form with your personal information to initiate the financing application process.


3.2 Confirmation

After completing all the necessary information, you will be contacted by BFI Finance Syariah's Call Center for data verification and the next steps.


3.3 Survey

The BFI Finance Syariah team will conduct surveys related to the financing, such as visiting the collateral location or verifying the provided information.


3.4 Agreement

Once all requirements are met, the loan funds will be disbursed to the supplier of goods or services specified in the financing agreement. This process ensures that the funds are used for the agreed-upon purpose.


4. Requirements for Financing Application

To ensure a smooth financing application process, there are several requirements you need to meet:


4.1 Personal Profile

a. Indonesian citizen (WNI).

b. Aged 21 to 65 years. For individuals under 21 years old, applications can be made if they are married and have an income.

c.  All professions are accepted, except for the military, online motorcycle taxi (ojol/ojek pangkalan), and professions that violate the law.


4.2 Documentary Requirements

a. Consumer and spouse's (if married) ID cards (KTP)

b. Family card (Kartu Keluarga).

c. Proof of ownership of a house or shop.

d. Proof of personal and spousal income.

e. Taxpayer Identification Number (NPWP).

f. For the My Faedah, My Ta'lim, and My Hajat products, you also need to attach additional documents such as the original vehicle registration certificate (BPKB), original invoice, photocopy of ID card (FC KTP), and a blank receipt in the name of the BPKB.


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For products like My Faedah, My Ta'lim, and My Hajat, you will also need to provide additional documents such as the original motor vehicle registration certificate (BPKB), original invoice, photocopy of ID card (FC KTP), and a blank receipt in the name of the BPKB.


BFI Finance Syariah is an excellent choice for those seeking transparent, penalty-free, and easily accessible sharia financing. With a range of financing products, you can meet various financial needs without worrying about additional penalty fees. With a swift application process, BFI Finance Syariah is ready to assist you in realizing your financial dreams and needs. Don't let financial constraints hinder your path to success; find the solution at BFI Finance Syariah.


BFI Finance is a company that provides multi-purpose loans with guarantees for motorbike bpkbcar bpkb, and house or shophouse certificates

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