5 Ways to Educate Children in Islam, Prospective Parents Must Know!

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23 May 2023
5 Ways to Educate Children in Islam, Prospective Parents Must Know!

The presence of the baby in the family is a gift from Allah SWT. Children are entrusted that must be looked after as best as possible, without exception being properly educated so that one day they can become useful children and be able to practice religious teachings.

In this article, the BFI Finance Team will discuss how to educate children in Islam, which can be an example for parents and prospective parents. Let's see more here.


1. The Importance of Educating Children in Islam

The figure of parents both father and mother both have an important role in the growth and development of children. Parenting that starts early can form good morals in children.

In Islam, good morals are one of the most important goals in educating children. This is why Islam emphasizes parents be able to teach moral and ethical values as early as possible.

In addition, parenting that is carried out from an early age can foster awareness of religion by teaching a basic understanding of Islam and its practices.

In Islam, educating children from an early age is a good investment for the child's future. Through appropriate learning and parenting, it is hoped that in the future the child can grow into a pious person, has good morals, and is able to make a good contribution to the surrounding environment and all mankind.

2. 5 Ways to Educate Children in Islam that Prospective Parents Need to Pay Attention to

Children's behavior is formed due to various factors, one of which is internal factors originating from the family. To become a quality individuals and able to overcome various challenges as adults, parenting is needed in such a way as to allow children to grow and develop into good individuals.

The following is a way of educating children in Islam and parents should understand this.

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2.1. Giving a Good Name

A name is an identity attached to a person. Islam teaches us to give good names to children because names are basically the embodiment of prayers that parents say.

Names that have a positive and good meaning are expected to bring blessings and kindness to the children in the future. Not only considered as a prayer, but the name given to a child can also have an influence in shaping a child's identity. Therefore, giving a name to a child should not be arbitrary.

Choose a name that not only has a good meaning but also has a positive impression to make them a pious and noble person.

2.2. Listening to the Chanting of Holy Scriptures

Getting children used to listening to the chanting of holy verses from an early age or even while still in the womb is one of the recommended activities.

Listening to the recitation of the holy verses of the Qur'an can increase love for the Qur'an and help children to understand that we are holy and are a guide for their lives. Another advantage of listening to the chanting of holy verses is that it can calm the heart and mind.

2.3. Teaches Worship

One of the ways to educate children in the next Islam is to teach them how to worship in accordance with Islamic recommendations. This is considered very important because it has a positive impact on shaping the faith (belief) and character of a child.

Teaching worship from an early age can be done in various ways. Among them is by teaching children simple ways such as praying before doing something, inviting them to the mosque, introducing the holy Qur'an, giving alms, and sharing with others and other living things.

Teaching worship from an early age can help children develop their spiritual awareness and increase their sensitivity to religious values. This of course can be a solid foundation for the child's adulthood in the future.

2.4. Setting a Good Example for Children

Children are the best imitators and they can easily imitate what the people around them do, including their parents. The Prophet taught his people to always set a good example so that children could emulate it.

Children who are raised with parents who often set good and positive examples will help the child's growth and development to become a positive and responsible individuals.

There are several ways you can do to be a good role model for children. Among other things, namely getting used to always being simple and humble, consistent in words and deeds, honest, polite, and responsible.

2.5. Teaching Children To Be Responsible

The last way to educate children in Islam is to teach them how to be responsible for every action and speech of the child. Strive to set limits on children and provide appropriate consequences to instill discipline in them.

Here are some ways you can teach children how to be responsible:

1. Give Their Age-Appropriate Tasks and Responsibilities

Training children to be responsible can start from childhood. One of them is to accustom children to clean up their toys, make beds, and throw garbage in its place.

2. Be a Good Example For Your Children

Children will imitate what their parents do. If you want a child to be a responsible person, then be a person who can be an example for your children.

3. Give Compliments, Recognition, or Even Rewards

As a form of positive appreciation and support, you can give praise or recognition to children so that they are always responsible for everything.

4. Provide Appropriate Consequences

Teach children about the consequences of their irresponsible behavior. Explain to them if something that is not done seriously can cause problems for yourself and others.

5. Communication and Discussion

Communicate with your children the importance of responsibility and discuss with them the meaning of responsibility in various ways, such as at home, at school, in friendships, and so on.

Sobat BFI, that's a discussion about how to educate children in Islam. The hope is that this article can help you in educating your children properly according to the teachings of Islam.

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