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Getting to Know Kaizen, Japanese Philosophy That Impacts Continuous Change

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26 April 2022
Getting to Know Kaizen, Japanese Philosophy That Impacts Continuous Change

Everyone who goes through life certainly wants something better in his life, both in terms of finances, health, thoughts, attitudes, and behavior. If you want a better life, let's look at the following reviews about Kaizen.


Understanding Kaizen 

Maybe this term sounds foreign to some people. So, what exactly is Kaizen? Kaizen itself is a Japanese philosophy that was developed in 1950. Kaizen comes from the words Kai and Zen, each of which means improvement and good. The term kaizen is defined as continuous improvement.

This philosophy then becomes a strategy to make a change in the work environment in order to improve the progress and development of the company. If implemented in a work culture, this philosophy can have the following impacts:

  • Communication that is unidirectional and in line with the goals of an organization
  • Can be a medium for critical, innovative, and creative thinking, as well as practical to solve a problem
  • Increase awareness and awareness throughout the process

How to Apply Kaizen 

Kaizen adalah

With good benefits for self-development, here's how to apply kaizen according to Lucidchart.

Analyzing Current Performance

To create continuous improvement. You must analyze the current performance of yourself or your team. With the performance analysis, you can determine the strategy that needs to be improved. To analyze performance in a company, you can use performance appraisal when analyzing.

Think Little Things

Next is to think about the basics or the smallest things. Even small ideas can sometimes have a big impact in the long term. From thinking about these small things, you will be encouraged to think about the goals, risks, and ways to find solutions to these problems. When you are curious to solve a problem, you will try your best to find the answer that indirectly makes you more productive.

Create a Supportive Environment

A mutually supportive environment is also needed to implement the kaizen philosophy. The existence of support from the environment or organization will certainly create improvements and better conditions. You can exchange opinions regarding the goals you want to achieve.

No Need to Stick to Perfection

Furthermore, there is no need to be fixated on perfection because basically kaizen is applied to improve something so that it can run according to its purpose and effect, not perfecting a system. Everything will be more perfect when continuous improvement is made.

Receive Success 

To increase enthusiasm for improvement, you can celebrate success no matter how small the effort. By doing this, you can be motivated to improve your experience, business, and other achievements.

Use Another Method

In addition to using the kaizen philosophy, you can find ways with other methods to make improvements. There are various other types of project management methods that can be used, one of which is SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Timely).

Can This Philosophy Be Applied in Companies? 

Kaizen adalah

This philosophy is certainly very possible to be applied in a company. This kaizen philosophy also has several benefits for companies as below.

Avoid Waste 

If a company experiences continuous improvement, it can be said that the business that is run is also getting better and more effective. Companies can make budget efficient and also better performance so as to avoid waste.

Able to Adapt Quickly

The next benefit of implementing kaizen is being able to adapt quickly. For example, start-ups or startups can usually quickly change their business model to keep up with developments and maintain their existence. When making changes quickly, employees are also required to adapt quickly to new methods. This is what can increase the ability to adapt quickly.

Can Improve Product Quality

It is inevitable that continuous improvement can improve the quality of something, for example, the quality of products, resources, processes, and so on. The application of kaizen is used as a reference to make processes and elements within the company better.

Helping with Unpreparedness

The repair can be said to be a challenging thing. In the process, you may be faced with the uncertainty that lies before your eyes. So, if you are used to making repairs, then you will also be able to deal with uncertainty.

Can Know Potential Employees

The last is to know potential employees. When making improvements, employees will be required to think and adapt faster so that the company can see employees who are able to adapt, think and respond quickly to events. That way, employees like this can be developed to improve resources in the future.


This is information about kaizen from BFI Finance. In addition to having a good impact on the company, the application of kaizen is also very possible to be applied in everyday life to improve the performance of your work or daily activities.

Hopefully, this article is useful, for those of you who want to see information about finance, lifestyle, loans, to business inspiration, you can visit the following site.

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