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Get to know Cyber Crime or Digital Crime and its Types

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10 June 2022
Get to know Cyber Crime or Digital Crime and its Types

Sobat BFI! Have you ever heard the term Cyber Crime? Cybercrime or a digital crime is all forms of crime that occur in cyberspace or occur digitally. Digital crimes are committed by involving computers, networks, or devices connected to a network. Digital crime is behavior that is against the law because it is detrimental to other parties.


Type of Cyber Crime

With the rapid development of technology today, digital crimes are also increasingly being carried out by irresponsible people. The following are some of the activities that constitute a digital crime act.


The first digital or cyber crime is phishing. Phishing is a crime committed online by stealing an identity. The data that is most often targeted is data on age, name, address, account, and passcode.

An example of a phishing case, for example, is a digital crime actor. He successfully disguises himself as an authorized party or official institution to deceive someone and get the victim's personal data. Usually, the perpetrator will trick the victim by sending a link or site that requires the victim to fill in their personal data.


The next digital crime is spoofing. In contrast to phishing, spoofing is a digital crime where in addition to the perpetrator trying to steal the victim's data, the perpetrator also sends malicious malware to the victim's device/site.


Cracking is an illegal activity and is included in digital crime. Cracking itself is an attempt to enter a computer system by force by hacking the security system of the victim's computer device for illegal purposes. To prevent this, you should avoid it by creating a security system with a unique code or using a VPN.

OTP Scam

This type of digital crime may be one that you hear often. Please note, that OTP is a temporary code that is used as a password to carry out the verification process in an application on a mobile device.

OTP scams are usually used for criminal acts such as taking funds in digital wallets, misuse of accounts, and so on. Therefore, make sure not to give the OTP code to anyone to keep your data safe.

Identity Forgery

The next digital crime is identity fraud. Identity forgery is usually carried out for criminal purposes. For example, in 2012, a fraud occurred where the perpetrator made an account creation service through the website After being investigated the police suspect a motive for crimes such as online fraud and money laundering.


Ransomware is a digital crime that aims to encrypt and lock the victim's files or data. To open it, the victim will be asked for a ransom so that the file can be opened again. This type of crime is targeted at technology users with low levels of technological knowledge.

Email & Website Hacking

Hacking sites and e-mails is also one of the digital crimes committed by perpetrators by hacking e-mails and sites. The terms used to describe this incident are website and email defacements. If you've ever seen a site that suddenly changed its typeface, a lot of obscure ads, and a display that didn't look like anything, even though the site wasn't under repair or updating.

SQL Injection

SQL injection is a code injection attack on a low-security application. This digital crime is the number one threat to web applications. This happens because the developer did not apply a filter on the metacharacters in the SQL syntax. As a result, perpetrators can add metacharacters to an instruction on the application to access the database.

In addition, it is necessary to have settings on WAF or IPS in the network architecture as well as by the backend team so that this injection attack does not occur.


As the name implies, carding is a digital crime intended to steal data or credit card information belonging to other people to make transactions or withdraw balances to card limits to digital criminals.

There are 2 categories of digital carding crimes, the first is card-present or the data theft process is carried out using an EDC machine which is usually found at the cashier. The second is card not present or data theft using internet access such as phishing.

Spreading Illegal Content

Spreading illegal content is also a digital crime that is often done by irresponsible people without realizing it. Examples of illegal content include buying and selling illegal goods, distributing pornographic videos, and making immoral videos.

Cyber Bullying

Who already knows if cyberbullying is a digital crime? Cyberbullying is bullying that is carried out in cyberspace or on social media in the form of ridicule, harassment, swearing, insults, or hate speech.

Social media is one of the media in which there is a lot of bullying, both consciously and unconsciously. The impact of cyberbullying behavior is a person's mental condition is bad, starting from depression, isolating oneself, and being angry.

Duplicate Other People's Sites

The behavior of duplicating other people's sites is also a form of digital crime. This violates a person's Intellectual Property Rights and is declared an illegal activity.

Kejahatan Skimming

Digital crime is a banking crime that aims to steal debit or credit card data to withdraw funds from an account. Ways to break into user information via ATM or EDC machines. perpetrators will duplicate the data contained in the magnetic tape of credit and debit cards. Skimming can happen when you make transactions online.

According to data from the number of public police reports on cybercrimes from September 2015 - to September 2020, the number of online fraud occupied the most cases, amounting to 7701 reports, followed by provocative content and pornography. Cybercrime or a digital crime is regulated in Law Number 11 of 2008 concerning Information and Electronic Transactions (UU ITE) as it has been changed to Law Number 19 of 2016. This is because cybercrime or digital crime has a negative impact and is detrimental.

Causes of Cyber Crime Can Be Done

Although there are various types of cybercrime and their respective causes, there are several main things that make digital crime easy to commit and often occur below.

System Vulnerabilities

The first cause is the vulnerability or weakness of the system that is owned and used. The weaker the security system, the more opportunities for digital criminals to hack.

Human Error

Next is the fault of the user himself. As the main controller of the devices and systems used, it would be nice to take some precautions such as creating a password with a strong status, not opening untrusted sites or links, and installing security on the sites or applications created.

Weak Cyber Security

As explained above, malware infection in the form of ransomware can occur when the cyber security or digital security used is weak. Make sure to regularly update software with additional anti-virus or anti-malware to avoid the risk of hacking.

That is information about what digital crime or cybercrime is along with the types and causes of digital crimes that are easily carried out by irresponsible actors or persons. In addition to not giving OTP or passwords to other people, you also need to pay attention to the update period of the software or application you are using to avoid hacking.

When playing and surfing on social media, you also need to be careful in doing activities. Make sure to act wisely and not to engage in any illegal activities or activities that violate the law. Hopefully, this article is useful for Sobat BFI!

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