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These Are the Details of the Motorbike Service Fees You Should Know

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14 September 2022
These Are the Details of the Motorbike Service Fees You Should Know

Owning a personal vehicle, especially a motorbike, is a dream for many people. When we have it, of course, we want the vehicle to be durable and in use for a long time and its performance remains good. Therefore, it is important to check regularly, namely by servicing the motor.

The cost of servicing the motorbike itself varies depending on the needs and requests. So that you don't feel confused, here is information about the cost of servicing a motorbike that you need to know, complete with other important information. Listen carefully, yes!


1. Types of Motorbike Service

Motorcycle services are divided into two types, namely light motorcycle services and large motorcycle services. Light motorbike service can also be said as routine motorbike service because the work is only done on certain parts of the motorbike. You can read more about the types of services below.

1.1. Light Service

As the name implies, light servicing only covers certain parts and does not have to be done simultaneously. You can do service for certain parts that really need to be repaired immediately.

Light services generally include changing engine oil, brake linings, idling, motor spark plugs, suspension, lights, air filters, batteries, and up to tire pressure.

Since light service does not include checking the engine area directly, the cost of servicing the motorbike that you need to prepare for light service is relatively cheap. This of course makes sense considering the existing services can be done according to your request or needs.

Even so, so that you don't have to go back and forth to the service center or queue up again if there is damage or spare parts that must be replaced, you should prepare some more funds just in case.

1.2. Great Service

If the light service does not include checking the engine area, then the big service is the other way around. Major services include checking the internal engine and the components in it. For example, replacing valve seals, cleaning carbon crust, valve skirts, and others.

Because the workmanship is quite detailed and requires special tools, the cost of servicing a motorbike for large services is relatively expensive. However, this service does not have to be done routinely. Generally, major services are only intended for motorbikes with a service life of more than 3 years.

2. Routine Motorcycle Service Fee

After you know the types of motorcycle service, then let's discuss the cost of routine motorcycle service. Routine motorcycle service is the same as light service because it only repairs or replaces certain parts of your motorcycle.

What is included in the routine motorcycle service? Here are the various types of routine motorcycle services and the range of costs that you must prepare.

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2.1. Tune Up Motor

Routine checks or more familiarly called Motor Service are routine motor checks which are generally carried out every 1 to 2 months or when the motor mileage has reached 2,000 KM. The purpose of this motorbike service or tune-up is so that you can ensure that the motorbike is always in top condition.

The cost itself is quite affordable, around Rp. 75 thousand and includes checking the motor parts below:

  • Chain tension condition
  • Tire pressure
  • Condition of motorcycle lights (highlights, front, and rear)
  • Check flasher penny/central lamp
  • Horn function check
  • Condition of ECU and CVT area
  • The condition of the air filter (usually also cleaned)
  • In addition to the seven points above, usually, the mechanic will also tell you if there are certain parts of the motor that need to be replaced or repaired. So, later you can consider whether or not to replace it now and it can be adjusted to your budget.

2.2. Change Engine Oil

Engine oil is an important fluid for motors. Engine oil has a function as a lubricant, protector, as well as a motor coolant. Well, because of this very vital function, you have to pay close attention to it.

For the engine oil change schedule, ideally, it is done every 2 or 3 months. Can also be done in conjunction with Routine Service or Tune Up Motor.

The selection of engine oil cannot be done arbitrarily and therefore you are advised to consult first before deciding to change to the new engine oil and it is highly recommended not to change oil brands.

Why should you not change brands? Because every brand of oil that exists has its own content, if you often change different brands then there is a possibility that your motorcycle engine is at risk of damage.

A good type of oil is usually mineral based, a mixture of mineral and synthetic, or fully synthetic.

The price of engine oil is very varied, generally starting from Rp. 50 thousand to Rp. 150 thousand per liter. Depends on the brand and type of your motorcycle.

2.3. Change Axle Oil

For those of you who use automatic motorcycles, changing the axle oil is one of the crucial things that should not be missed!

Axle oil has a function as a lubricant for the gears contained in the CVT. Axle oil is actually quite durable when compared to engine oil. Some sources suggest changing the axle oil every time the motorcycle has reached 8,000 KM.

However, if your motorbike is often asked to jam, it is advisable to immediately check and change the axle oil faster. Besides being durable, the price of axle oil is also cheaper than engine oil, which is around Rp. 20 thousand.

2.4. Replace Brake Pads

Do you feel that the brakes are not good enough? This is the right time to replace the brake pads!

Brake pads are one of the important things in driving safety apart from a properly functioning motorcycle engine and the use of protective equipment such as helmets.

Brake pads are recommended to be replaced with new ones normally once a month or according to the intensity of use. Brake pads must be replaced if they are thin and begin to rub against the disc or drum. You can easily feel this when you pull the brakes when you are driving.

Prices for brake pads are quite affordable, the following is an estimate of each price for motorcycle brake pads:

1. Front Disc Brake Pads IDR 45 thousand (estimated)

2. Rear drum brakes Rp. 35 thousand (estimated)

In addition to the brake lining, you should also pay attention to the brake fluid contained in the hydraulic system. Make sure it's in good condition with a safe volume. Whether it's brake pads or brake fluid, you can ask the mechanic directly for their condition when doing Routine Service or Tune Up Motor.

2.5. Battery Care

Every routine service, checking the battery is one thing that should not be missed. The battery has an important function, namely as a store of electrical power to power the starter, fuel pump, and supply current to the dashboard.

A normal battery has a voltage between 12.3 - 12.6 V when the engine is off. Meanwhile, when the condition is on, the motor battery generally has a voltage of 13.7 - 14.2 V.

In addition to voltage, you also need to make sure the physical condition of the battery is still decent and free from rust. Because the presence of rust can be very fatal and cause a leak in your motorcycle battery.

2.6. Change Air Filter

The condition of the motor air filter needs to be considered carefully. Because the air filter has a function as a filter for the air that enters the combustion and prevents dirt from outside that can damage the engine.

Air filters have 2 types. The first and the most widely used type of new motor output is the wet air filter. Second, the foam and stainless steel model filters are usually found in older or older motorcycles.

The cost of replacing the air filter can vary from place to place. Generally, motor air filters are around Rp. 50 thousand.

3. Why Motorcycle Service Is Important

Motor service must be carried out regularly and should not be delayed in order to keep the engine in prime condition. Other important reasons why motorcycle servicing should be done regularly are as follows.

3.1. Keeping the Machine Condition Durable

Prevention is better than cure, presumably, the saying is equally meaningful in maintaining our private vehicles. Therefore, a motor that is not properly cared for is prone to various problems and damage.

Of course, we don't want our favorite vehicle that has been painstakingly purchased to only be used for one or two years. Therefore, make sure to routinely service the motorbike, yes!

3.2. Driving is Safer and Comfortable

By servicing your motorbike regularly, you will not be worried while driving. Because all the functions that exist on your motorbike are in prime condition.

3.3. Save Expenses

Did you know that regular motorcycle servicing can save you money? This is because routine service prevents major damage that may occur due to not being diligent in maintaining the machine. So, it's better to have regular service instead of having to bear big costs all at once, right?

Sobat BFI, this is information regarding motorbike service fees and other things that need attention. Hopefully, this information can make it easier for you to better understand what you should pay attention to when you want to service your motorbike. If you experience confusion when servicing your motorbike, don't hesitate to ask a mechanic at the nearest repair shop or dealer.

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