Services That Provide Fast Funds and Tips for Approving Loans

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14 April 2022
Services That Provide Fast Funds and Tips for Approving Loans

Everyone has their own needs and requirements. In order to get it, they try to work and build a business. However, what if there are problems or shortcomings during the fundraising process? There are various ways to get fast funds as below.


1. Fast Funding Place

1.1 Borrowing in Cooperative

If you need fast funds, borrowing from a cooperative can be the solution. A Cooperative itself is a business entity with activities in the form of savings and loans that are specifically for members or prospective members of cooperatives. Cooperatives themselves are safe and have been regulated in Law No. 25 of 1992 concerning Cooperatives. Make sure you choose a cooperative that is licensed and trusted.

The advantages of cooperatives are providing loans without collateral, providing fairly low-interest rates, and instilling cooperation by helping members improve their business.

1.2. Borrowing at a Pawnshop

Next is the pawnshop. If you need quick funds, mortgaging a valuable asset can be the solution. The pawnshop itself is divided into two, namely the pawnshop owned by the Ministry of State-Owned Enterprises, namely the Pawnshop and the private pawnshop. You can guarantee assets in the form of electronic goods, gold, vehicles, or property ownership certificate documents (can be land certificates, houses, shop houses, and so on).

The rapid disbursement of funds required from pawning goods at the pawnshop is usually adjusted to the market price and also the decrease in the value of the asset.

1.3. Applying for a Loan Online

In addition to pawn shops and cooperatives, you can apply for a loan to an online loan. The online loan application process is also quite easy and fast. As the name implies, the application process is carried out online, such as uploading personal data for loan purposes, choosing a tenor and loan amount, to signing a loan agreement contract.

Behind the convenience offered, you still have to be careful of illegal online loan institutions that can harm you. To be more vigilant, pay attention to the characteristics of illegal online loans at the following link.

1.4. Apply for KTA

Next is to apply for KTA or Unsecured Credit. KTA is usually provided by a bank whose disbursement is based on your credit history and income. To apply, there are some financial institutions that require you to have a credit card. Disbursement of KTA is usually in the range of 3-7 working days.

1.5. Home Loans

Butuh Dana Cepat

The solution if you need fast funds is at-home financing. One of the home financing needs that you can try is BFI Finance. BFI Finance itself is a multipurpose company that provides fast loan services with collateral. The types of guarantees that can be guaranteed include car BPKB, motorcycle BPKB, and house certificates.

Although it is spread across almost the entire archipelago with 217 branch offices and 57 outlets, you can apply for a loan at BFI Finance only from home. All you have to do is visit the following link and select the product according to your needs. You can also see the estimated installment amount, tenor, and maximum disbursement with the available calculator feature.

This April special, you have the opportunity to get cashback in the form of the cash up to millions of rupiah for every loan application guaranteed by a vehicle BPKB or house certificate.

2. Application Method Approved

Those are some solutions that you can choose if you need fast funds. Apart from the fast service, there are several factors that your loan can be approved and disbursed below.

2.1. Good Credit Score

Butuh Dana Cepat - Perbaiki Kredit Skor

In order for a loan to be approved, make sure your credit score is good enough. A credit score is a person's credit rating as an indicator to determine the ability and eligibility of a borrower. The better the credit score, the greater the chance of the debtor getting a loan, and vice versa.

As for ways to increase credit scores, such as paying credit bills on time, avoiding using different addresses, and closing credit cards when paid off to avoid debt records.

2.2. In accordance with the Terms and Conditions

The loan application will be approved and disbursed if you meet the requirements. The requirements that must be met usually include a personal profile, a profile of loan items that are guaranteed (if a loan is guaranteed), and supporting documents such as KTP, KK, NPWP, bank statements for the last 3 months, proof of income, and so on.

2.3Loans According to the Amount Offered

You can also get a loan if you apply for a loan according to the maximum disbursement. You cannot be forced to increase the loan amount that exceeds the provisions unless you are a loyal customer who gets these benefits. To find out the maximum loan amount, the creditor or borrower usually notifies in the form of a loan estimation calculator or does a follow-up back to the consumer.

That's information about fast funding solutions for those of you who are in need of additional funds and tips for getting a loan approved. Hope this article was useful!

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