How to Simple Coffee Shop Business: Less Capital, Maximum Profit!

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15 February 2023
How to Simple Coffee Shop Business: Less Capital, Maximum Profit!

A simple coffee shop is one type of business that still exists even in the midst of the onslaught of modern coffee shops that are popping up everywhere.

There are so many reasons why this one business is still in great demand by the public. First, of course, because of the cheap price. Second, coffee shops are perfect for being a place to stop over, solace for tiredness, and a place to chat or share stories.

When viewed from a business perspective, a coffee shop business can be said to be a type of business with good prospects. This is because the ease of finding coffee shops in various places is a sign that this business has a high enough demand.

The good news is that this business can be started with relatively affordable capital, which is between Rp. 5 - Rp. 10 million. Pretty cheap, huh?

So, for those of you who are interested in opening a simple coffee shop, on this occasion the BFI Finance Team will discuss it thoroughly. Starting from choosing a concept, and calculating estimated capital, to tips on how to successfully run a business so that your coffee shop can survive for a long time.


1. Simple Coffee Shop Concept

The shop concept is the first step you need to take before opening a simple coffee shop. The existence of a stall concept is very useful for determining market segmentation or target consumers that you want to reach.

Apart from that, having a concept will help you to create a unique selling point that competitors don't have, make it easier for you to decorate a coffee shop, and choose products that suit your target consumers and the chosen concept.

Reporting from various sources, there are at least 3 coffee shop concepts that you can choose from when you plan to start a simple coffee business. Among others, the following.

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Image Source: Freepik/Odua

1.1. Sachet Coffee Shop

The first coffee shop concept is the sachet coffee shop. This one shop generally offers a variety of coffee sachets that are much sought after by a wide audience. Not surprisingly, the price tag for one cup tends to be cheaper than brewed coffee. In addition, this concept allows you to reduce the budget or capital that needs to be spent.

1.2. Lesehan Concept Home Coffee Shop

The second coffee shop concept is the lesehan coffee shop. With this type of coffee shop, you can offer various types of coffee, from sachet coffee to blended coffee.

What makes this coffee shop different from the others is the atmosphere it offers. If coffee shops are usually equipped with benches and tables, this one coffee shop generally only provides tables and mats as the base.

Even though it seems simple, coffee shops with this concept are in great demand by the public because they offer more sacred moments of togetherness.

1.3. Home Coffee Shop in Garage

If coffee shops are usually located in front of the house, such as a courtyard or terrace, this third concept is slightly different. A home coffee shop in a garage is one of the anti-mainstream coffee shop concepts that you can try, especially if the garage you have is quite spacious and spacious.

2. Advantages of a Simple Coffee Shop Business

A simple coffee shop business offers a series of advantages for Sobat BFI who want to pursue it. What are the advantages there? This is the advantage.

2.1. Business Capital That Is Not Too Large

The amount of capital needed to open a simple coffee shop is relatively affordable. It ranges from Rp. 5 million - Rp. 10 million excluding the cost of renting a place and employee salaries.

2.2. Does Not Require A Lot of Equipment and Supplies

If the simple coffee shop concept that you choose is sachet coffee, then the tools and equipment needed will not be much. All you need is a thermos and a pot to boil the water and put the hot water supply in.

2.3. Does Not Require A Lot of Human Resources

You can run a simple coffee shop alone or with your closest relatives. You don't need to bother looking for people to help you in running this business.

That way, the existing capital can be pressed more and used for other things that are more profitable.

2.4. Varied Sales Menu Options

Apart from selling coffee as the main menu, you can also sell other menus that are in great demand by people. For example fried foods, instant noodles, various snacks, tea, warm ginger, sachet drinks, and so on.

2.5. Closer to Consumers

Coffee shops are often used as gathering places or stopovers. Usually, people go there during their free time or after work.

The frequent frequency makes the closeness between stall owners and customers tend to be quite close. The owner of a simple coffee shop is also often known to be friendly and kind.

3. Simple Coffee Shop Capital Calculation

Quoting from, the capital needed to open a coffee shop depends on the concept you choose. For example, if you choose a simple coffee shop to build in your house, the capital calculation is as follows.

Capital Estimation of a Simple Coffee Shop
Tools and Equipment
No. Item Quantity Price Per Quantity Total
1. Gas Stove and Cylinder 1 Rp 2.500.000 Rp 2.500.000
2. Pots and Pans 1 Rp 300.000 Rp 300.000
3. Elpiji Gas Cylinder 1 Rp 152.000 Rp 152.000
4. Thermos 2 Rp 152.000 Rp 152.000
5. Plate, Spoon, and Fork 20 Rp 500.000 Rp 500.000
6. Tarpaulin 1 Rp 750.000 Rp 750.000
7. Table and Chairs 1 Rp 1.500.000 Rp 1.500.000
Operating Costs
1. Coffee Sachets Plenty Rp 300.000 Rp 300.000
2. Instant Noodles Plenty Rp 100.000 Rp 100.000
3. Sachet Drink Plenty Rp 50.000 Rp 50.000
4. Snack Plenty Rp 100.000 Rp 100.000
5. Ingredients for Fried Food Plenty Rp 100.000 Rp 100.000
6. Oil Plenty Rp 100.000 Rp 100.000
7. Milk Plenty Rp 100.000 Rp 100.000
8. Bread Plenty Rp 100.000 Rp 100.000
Other Costs
1. Retribution and Security Fees 1 Rp 100.000 Rp 100.000
2. Emergency Fund 1 Rp 500.000 Rp 500.000
Total Initial Capital Rp 5.252.000

The calculation above is an estimate or estimate of the initial capital that you will spend to open a simple coffee shop business. The estimated number is not absolute or certain, the price stated may vary according to the current price.

3. Simple Coffee Shop Business Success Tips

A simple coffee shop business can be started from anywhere. Starting from your own house, selling on the side of the road using a tarpaulin, to renting a kiosk in a certain location. So, in order for this business to last a long time, you have to pay attention to various important aspects, one of which is by following the success tips below.

warung kopi sederhana

Image Source: Freepik/Odua

3.1. Define Target Consumers Correctly

Coffee shops generally can reach various levels of society. However, it's a good idea to determine your target consumers correctly, so that the potential for getting repeat customers will be greater.

3.2. Choose a Strategic Location

A coffee shop business can be started anywhere, be it in your own home or elsewhere. If you plan to open it outside of your home, make sure you choose a strategic location. This is very important because the right location can bring in more customers for the continuation of your business.

Tips for Choosing a Coffee Shop Location Based on the Target Market

  • General Public: Markets, Terminals, Stations
  • Neighborhood: Residents Around the House, Neighbors, residents of the next complex
  • Young people or students: Close to campus/school, boarding house area
  • Workers: Office Areas, Factories, Agencies or Institutions, and the Like

3.3. Provide Other Cheap Menus Besides Coffee

Want to get additional benefits without the need to open a business elsewhere? Consider selling other cheap menus besides coffee! By implementing this strategy, you can also attract more customers to come and linger at your coffee shop.

You should also consider innovating in creating menu variants that are unique and able to attract many people to try them.

However, you also need to reconsider what menu will be offered. Do not let you offer a menu that is not necessarily in demand by many people. If you want to sell food, choose foods that can last for a certain period of time, such as instant noodles and dry snacks.

3.4. Keep Clean

Cleanliness is one of the important points that must be maintained so that buyers feel comfortable in your coffee shop. Make sure there are no flies flying around, cigarette butts everywhere, thick dust sticking to the table, and so on.

Also, pay attention to the tidiness of the table and the layout of the goods in your shop. Don't let it be scattered and scattered everywhere, making it difficult for you to find items and making customers uncomfortable.

BFI friends, that's all about a simple coffee shop. We hope that the information we provide can be an inspiration to you, especially if you are planning to open this business. Remember that any effort will go well and bear sweet fruit as long as you carry it out diligently, patiently, and tenaciously.

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