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Information about the Priority Scale of Needs in Life

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6 May 2022
Information about the Priority Scale of Needs in Life

To live with sufficient and stable finances, just living frugally is not enough, you need to have the ability to manage finances so that the financial cycle runs smoothly and financial goals can be achieved. In managing good finances, you need a priority scale of needs. The priority scale of needs can help you prioritize what needs to be done and avoid the risk of failure. Then, what is the priority scale of needs? For more detailed information, see the article below.


Understanding the Priority Scale of Needs

pengertian skala prioritas kebutuhan

Skala Prioritas Kebutuhan adalah daftar kebutuhan seseorang mulai dari yang terpenting hingga yang dapat ditunda dalam pemenuhannya. Skala prioritas kebutuhan dapat diterapkan untuk mengelola keuangan dan juga hal penting lainnya. Berikut adalah contoh penerapan skala prioritas kebutuhan dari sisi finansial. Anda sedang jalan-jalan ke mall bersama keluarga dengan tujuan utama membeli keperluan sehari-hari. Namun, saat sedang berbelanja, Anda melihat potongan harga baju branded di mall tersebut. Jika tidak mengindahkan prioritas, maka bisa saja Anda membeli baju tersebut yang nantinya akan membuat rencana keuangan yang ditetapkan di awal menjadi berubah. 

Contoh lainnya adalah Anda ingin pergi ke acara yang dirayakan di kediaman rekan Anda, namun saat perjalanan, ban kendaraan Anda sobek sehingga membutuhkan waktu dan juga dana lebih untuk memperbaikinya. Jika Anda mengindahkan prioritas, kemungkinan Anda akan memperbaiki kendaraan Anda terlebih dahulu untuk menghindari kejadian yang tidak diinginkan dan melanjutkan perjalanan ke acara rekan Anda (jika acara masih berlangsung). Jika acara sudah selesai, Anda dapat pulang ke rumah dan akan menghemat bensin Anda dan dapat menggunakan dana tersebut untuk kebutuhan lainnya. 


Benefits of Need Priority Scale

Speaking of priorities, here are the benefits of the priority scale of needs that you can get.

Main Needs Fulfilled

The main benefit of applying the priority scale of needs is the fulfillment of the main needs. This happens because you realize and understand the main needs that must take precedence over buying things that are not a priority. Even though you have a fairly large income, if you do not have priority needs, then the income you have will feel less.

More Controlled Finance

By buying needs based on priorities, your finances can also be more in control. You can live more frugally and be able to set aside the remaining money for an emergency fund or other productive activities.

Financial Planning Is Going Well

In addition to meeting the main needs and living more efficiently, the next benefit that can be obtained is that the financial plan will work as it should according to the amount that has been slotted in advance. If you apply a priority scale of needs, you will be wiser in using money according to the priorities set.

Help Measuring Progress in Achieving Goals

The last benefit is that you can find out what things or needs have not been met and monitor the progress of the planned financial goals.


How to Set Priority Scale

skala prioritas kebutuhan

Here are some steps to develop a priority scale that BFI friends can do.

Arrange by Level of Urgency

Urgency itself is something that is very important and must be resolved as soon as possible. Therefore, to develop a priority scale, be sure to list the needs according to their level of importance. Once arranged, do it starting from the most urgent or important.

Arrange it According to the Opportunity

The next step is to arrange the needs according to the opportunities that exist. For example, you are faced with a situation where opportunities are rare or you find it difficult to come back, so it is possible that you can prioritize this first, provided that the majority of other important needs have been met.

Developing Needs That Match Ability

Next is to arrange needs according to self-ability. This must be adjusted to income, business, expertise and other abilities. For example, if you have a low income, then to meet your existing needs, you can look for ways to save money and also buy necessities according to your income. Buying goods or necessities with a nominal that does not match your abilities will make the financial cycle messy.

Think All Considerations

In compiling needs, you must also pay attention and consider things related to the plan. By considering many things, then you can avoid impulsive actions that can damage the financial cycle. There are several things that can be considered, such as the number of needs, quality of needs, price, place, time, and the feasibility of these needs.

Arrange Needs for the Future

Setting needs also applies not only for now but in the future. You can make a priority scale that has an impact on your future life.


Priority Scale Example

The following is an example of a priority scale quoted from the book Journey to Reach Dreams for a Meaningful Life by Anatoli Karvof and the book Sharing: Self Improvement with The KOPI VIP Community by Yunita (in Kumparan).

Priority Scale (at work)

  • Complete routine work

  • Completing special jobs

  • Collaborate with other divisions

  • Create a job resume

  • Eat and rest

Priority Scale (during college)

  • Rent Cost

  • Meal cost

  • Book costs and college supplies

  • Other needs

Priority Scale (in the household)

  • Buying staple food

  • Paying bills

  • Accommodation fee

  • Savings

  • Entertainment expenses and unexpected necessities

Priority Scale (Important and Critical)

  • Food

  • Cost of education

  • Clothes

  • The cost of replacing a broken stove (the main tool to meet the main needs)

Priority Scale (Important But Not Critical)

  • Recreation

  • Hajj Fee

Priority Scale (Not Important and Not Important)

  • Change new car

  • Replace the latest HP

  • Out of town vacation

Keep in mind, that the priority scale of needs above is just an example given that everyone's priority needs are different. The priority scale of needs itself is also influenced by income factors, the role of the community, and the individual's lifestyle. It would be nice to spend money in accordance with the priorities and values obtained in the future, for example for investment or productive activities such as business capital.

For easy, fast, and reliable business capital loans, you can apply for a loan by clicking the following link. This is information regarding the priority scale of needs in the style of BFI Finance. Hopefully, this article is useful and can increase your knowledge.

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