Profit Abundant Here's Tips for Successful Warteg Business

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22 November 2022
Profit Abundant Here's Tips for Successful Warteg Business

Who is not familiar with warteg business? This food stall is widely known by the wider community because of its low prices and various menu choices.

The name warteg itself is an abbreviation of Warung Tegal where the owners of these wartegs generally come from Tegal, Central Java.

Warteg can easily be found anywhere and is a place to eat that is never empty of customers every day. This condition can be a business opportunity, considering that every day people definitely need to drink and eat.

Curious about how to start this one business? Come on, see more in the following explanation!


Tips for Starting A Warteg Business for Beginners

Even though it looks simple and can be started at any time, in practice you still need a good strategy so that your warteg can compete with competitors. What are the tips that can be applied to this business? Let's see more here!

1. Define Target Consumers

The first tip that you should consider in starting a warteg business is to determine the target consumer. Indeed, basically, warteg can target many layers of society.

Even so, it would be better if you can determine who the target consumers are. Whether students, office workers, factory employees, people around the house, or construction workers.

By determining this target market, later it will be easier for you to choose the food menu to be sold, selling locations, food prices, and so on.

For example, if you choose students as target consumers. The food menu that you choose is of course inseparable from the cheap meal packages that include rice and drinks.

2. Choose a Strategic Location

The second tip is choosing a location. Location selection plays a very important role in the success of your warteg business. This is because the right and strategic location has the opportunity to bring in more potential buyers than those who don't.

As for some tips on choosing a strategic warteg location, namely as follows.

  • Location is easy to reach
  • Close to consumer target areas such as office areas, schools, campuses, or factories
  • Parking space is available
  • Be in a safe location
  • Flood or riot free
  • Clean and comfortable so that customers feel at home eat

3. Serve Various Menu Options

Apart from the strategic location, the various menu choices can be the main attraction, you know! Especially if the menu is displayed in a glass window that can be seen from various sides. This allows anyone interested to stop by and be tempted to eat at your warteg business.

4. Use the Best Quality Ingredients

The taste of food is heavily influenced by the quality of the selected raw materials. Food cooked with fresh raw materials can produce healthy and delicious food.

Avoid heating food that is already there. The reason is, food that is cooked twice will have a changed taste and is no longer fresh. If there is any leftover food in the display case, you can give it to those in need as a form of alms.

5. Choose the Right Raw Material Supplier

Opening a warteg business requires a lot of raw materials. Not to mention that every day you will cook many of the same menus.

To anticipate that the supply of raw materials is not jammed and your business can continue to run well, be sure to find the right supplier of raw materials.

Tips for choosing suppliers:

  • Make sure you visit the supplier directly to be able to see the quality of the raw materials needed.
  • Compare one supplier to another. In this case, make sure you record price comparisons, raw material quality, and so on.
  • Do black-and-white cooperation contracts to avoid unpleasant things that might happen in the future.

6. Keep Clean Always

Not only the menu choices are diverse and fresh, but ensuring your warteg business place is always clean and hygienic is a must. A clean and comfortable place will make people feel comfortable to come and eat your food.

Make sure your warteg is diligently cleaned, such as sweeping, mopping, washing cutlery, and wiping the table after the customer has finished eating. The food menu is free from hair, caterpillars from vegetables, and so on.

You can also provide an air freshener and a sink for washing hands so that buyers who come can be more comfortable eating at your warteg.

7. Sell at the right price

Even though warteg is known for its cheap and affordable prices, you still need to consider the price of the raw materials used in order to keep making a profit.

Make sure the price you set is not too expensive or too cheap. In determining the price of food, you can do a little research on competitors and compare it with the expenditure of the raw materials you need.

8. Open the Pre-Order System

To increase income from the warteg business, you can open a pre-order system such as catering or ordering food for pick-up and delivery. This will be very profitable for you as long as there are clear provisions regarding minimum orders and other matters.

Even better if you have acquaintances with people who work in offices or are event organizers. This will bring more opportunities to get more order opportunities.


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The Most Popular Types of Warteg Cuisine

There are several mainstay menus that are often served at warteg. This menu is a mainstay because it tastes good, is nutritious, healthy, and of course the price is affordable. Here are some of the best-selling types of warteg dishes.

Usaha Warteg

Image Source: Image Source: freepik/ikarahma

1. Orek Tempe

Warteg is not complete without orek tempeh. This one food menu is made from the basic ingredients of tempeh with a sweet and spicy taste. Orek tempeh is also often combined with pieces of long beans.


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2. Assorted Vegetables

Vegetables are a mandatory menu for warteg businesses. Besides being healthy, the price of processed food from vegetables in warteg is very affordable. Among other things, namely capcay, stir-fried beans, vegetable soup, lodeh vegetables, and others.

3. Egg Balado

This one menu is a mainstay for spicy lovers, especially since the nutrition contained in eggs is quite complete. Apart from balado eggs, other balado menus that are no less popular are balado eggplant, balado potatoes.

4. Chicken Processed

Who doesn't like to eat chicken? In general, our society is very fond of this one food. In every existing warteg, it is almost certain that there will always be a menu of processed chicken. For example, fried chicken, grilled chicken, rica-rica chicken, or other chicken parts such as liver gizzard, chicken skin, and many more.

5. Fish

As with chicken, fish is also a type of warteg food that is never absent from the window display. Some types of processed fish that are most often sold are tilapia, catfish, pindang fish, and others.


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Estimated Calculation of Capital and Business Profits of Warteg

After you know the tips and types of warteg food that are most in demand, it must have crossed your mind "how much is the range of capital and profit for a warteg business?"

So for those of you who are interested in getting into this business, the following estimates might be a reference for you!

No. Item Quantity Price Per Quantity Total
1. Rent Per Month Rp2.000.000 Rp2.000.000
2. Cookware, Cutlery, and Other Business Needs 1 Rp3.350.000 Rp3.350.000
3. Shopping for Staple Foods 30 Days Rp550.000 Rp16.500.000
4. LPG 12 Kg/Month Rp480.000 Rp480.000
5. Unforeseen expenses 1 Rp1.000.000 Rp1.000.000
Total Capital Required Rp23.330.000

Assuming that in one day your warteg business is able to sell 70 portions with an average per portion of Rp. 15,000, then the daily turnover that you will get is Rp. 1,050,000, then multiplied for a month, the amount is Rp. 31,500,000.

If gross income for a month is reduced by capital, the estimated net profit calculation that you can get is IDR 8,170,000. Of course, these profits can be even greater if you are able to sell more portions and have entered the second month or so where you no longer need to spend money on cooking utensils.

This calculation is an estimate or a rough calculation, for the actual amount of capital you can calculate by taking into account the increase in basic commodities and so on following the current prices.

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