Motorcycle Workshop Business Success Tips: Tips, Estimated Capital, and Profits

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25 July 2022
Motorcycle Workshop Business Success Tips: Tips, Estimated Capital, and Profits

Need extra cash? You should consider a motorcycle repair business idea!

Motorcycles are one of the most popular means of transportation in Indonesia. This is very reasonable considering that not all public transportation reaches many places, especially small towns or areas that are quite remote.

Not only that, to get this one vehicle is quite easy. Many authorized dealers offer motorbike loans with very affordable installments.

From here, of course, we can draw conclusions if the motorcycle repair business is relevant to the needs of the community. The reason is, that the more often a vehicle is used, the automatic vehicle must perform routine maintenance. Therefore, the existence of a motorcycle repair shop is needed!

On this occasion, the BFI Finance TEAM will discuss business ideas in the automotive sector, namely the motorcycle repair business. Check out the full explanation in the following article.


1. Why Motorcycle Workshop Business?

According to the Indonesian Automotive Industry Association (Gaikindo), in 2018 the number of motorcycles throughout the country was recorded at 14,830,698 units. This number can continue to increase every year.

This is also supported by data findings by the Central Statistics Agency (BPS) for the Jakarta area, there are 8,194,590 motorcycle units.

The number of existing motorcycle users can be used as a promising motorcycle workshop business opportunity!

2. Motorcycle Workshop Business Success Tips

As with any other business, in the motorcycle workshop business, there are several ways that you must take to achieve success in this business. Including the following.

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2.1. Capital

Motorcycle workshop business capital is used for various things. For example, renting a place, purchasing spare parts, paying employees such as mechanics and assistants, certain technology or tools to facilitate work, and other needs.

Make sure you prepare a sufficient amount of capital. For details of the business capital you need, see the following explanation.

2.2. Strategic location

The strategic location is one of the important factors in the smooth running of the motorcycle repair business. Choose a location that is frequented by many people to attract consumers.

In addition to attracting consumers, choosing a strategic location can make it easier for anyone to find your motorcycle repair shop. Another consideration, make sure the location allows to accommodate 5-10 motors.

2.3. Spare Parts Supplier

The motorcycle repair business not only repairs but also sells spare parts or commonly called spare parts. Choose a supplier that offers competitive prices, and good quality, so that you can get the benefits you deserve and consumers can trust your motorcycle repair business.

Don't choose a reseller. Because the prices offered by resellers tend to be expensive. If you buy in large quantities, of course, the benefits you will get later are not as profitable as buying directly from suppliers or distributors.

Some of the most sought-after motorcycle spare parts are brake pads, spark plugs, keteng chains, clutch pads, and others. You can also lubricate motors of various brands.


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2.4. Looking for a Reliable Mechanic

The mechanic is the main driver of the motorcycle repair business. Especially if you don't really understand mechanical matters, of course having a mechanic will really help your business.

In starting a motorcycle repair business, you don't need a lot of mechanics. You only need to provide 1 mechanic with criteria that are reliable in their field, experienced, honest, and friendly.

To obtain these criteria, you can perform a series of tests, including motor damage analysis tests, repairs, oil changes, and parts replacement. In addition to the mechanic, you can also recruit 2 assistants who will help the mechanic.

Having an honest and friendly mechanic can help customers feel comfortable with the services you offer. Friendliness and honesty are one of the determinants of customers coming back to use your services.

2.5. Understanding Mechanical Engineering

As a business owner, knowing the mechanics of the workshop is very important for the continuity of your motorcycle repair business. Understanding it can be done gradually. To get started you can learn directly from your mechanic or your employees. This needs to be done to anticipate the absence of a mechanic.


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2.6. Prioritizing Service

Offering friendliness and comfort are tips for the next successful motorcycle repair business. By prioritizing service, customers will feel happy using your services, especially while waiting for their motorbike to be serviced.

One of the things you can do to make your customers happy is by giving gifts in the form of souvenirs for every minimum purchase a certain amount. Examples of souvenirs that are common as gifts in workshops: are clothes in the form of t-shirts, calendars, hats, and so on.

Do not forget to always maintain the cleanliness and tidiness of the workshop. Finally, what is no less important in service is to accept all forms of criticism and suggestions.

2.7. Using the Right Promotion Strategy

A promotion strategy is a mandatory thing that should not be ruled out. Because, with the right promotion, your motorcycle repair business can be easily recognized by people.

There are two ways of promotion strategies that you can do, namely offline and online.

For offline marketing strategies, you can distribute brochures, put up banners, or do word-of-mouth promotion strategies. If there is an opportunity, you can also participate in promoting your motorcycle repair business at certain motorcycle events.

As for the online promotion strategy, you can create a social media account for your motorcycle repair business, conduct campaigns in the form of paid ads via Google and various social media, be active in the online motorcycle community, and what is not important is registering your business on Google My Business (Google My Business).

Why is it important to register our business with Google My Business? This is done to make it easier for customers to find your business. One of them is the ease of finding it on Google Maps.

For promotion through social media, there are some interesting tips that you can try to attract more customers. Among others:

  • Register a special account for your motorcycle repair business on several popular social media channels. For example Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

  • Display photos of spare parts and customer testimonials. This is very useful for convincing many people that your business is trusted.

  • Make it easy for customers through the booking system. Not everyone has a lot of time to come to the workshop so that your customers feel comfortable you can apply a booking system via WhatsApp.

2.8. Take advantage of the Community

Motorcycle communities are very numerous and scattered in various regions. You can attract new customers through these communities. One way that can be taken is to join the community.

You don't need to rush to immediately offer the services or spare parts you sell. You can start by building a good relationship with the members as well as finding out what they need.

2.9. Build Relationships

Building relationships means starting to maintain good communication. Whether it's to your employees, the motorcycle community, or the wider community. This is important for you to pay attention to if you want your motorcycle repair business to be known by many people and live a long life.

2.10. Do Bookkeeping

Do not let the workshop business money be mixed with personal money. To work around this, you can open a new account. From here you will see how much turnover per month you get.

Also, make sure that any existing income and expenses do not escape the financial journal. Because of this clear record, later you can make decisions for the next steps.

3. Estimated Calculation of Capital and Profits for Motorcycle Workshops

After we know what steps must be taken to start a motorcycle repair business, then we will discuss the estimation of business profits, capital, and other calculations needed.

Quoted from Lifespan, here are the details of the funds that need to be prepared to open a motorcycle repair business.

Motorcycle Workshop Business Capital
Land/Shop Rent and Renovation
No Description Total Price Total Price
1. Shophouse/Land Rent Per year Rp30.000.000 Rp30.000.000
2. Renovation Once Rp10.000.000 Rp10.000.000
Total Rp40.000.000
Equipment Needs (General and Special Equipment)
No Description Total Price Total Price
1. T key 1 Set Rp200.000 Rp200.000
2. Star Lock 1 Rp50.000 Rp50.000
3. Y prong lock 3 1 Set Rp200.000


4. Ring Wrench 1 Set Rp550.000 Rp550.000
5. Wrench 45mm 1 Rp150.000 Rp150.000
6. Key ring 1 Set Rp450.000 Rp450.000
7. Lock and Shock 1 Rp200.000 Rp200.000
8. L key 1 Set Rp185.000 Rp185.000
9. Duck Motorcycle Spark Plug Key 3 Types Rp100.000 Rp100.000
10. Minus and Plus screwdriver 1 Rp120.000 Rp120.000
11. Pliers, Cut, Crocodile, Open and Close Clips 1 Rp200.000 Rp200.000
12. Tang Steel 1 Rp120.000 Rp120.000
13. Iron and Rubber Hammer 1 Rp150.000 Rp150.000
14. Chisel 1 Rp25.000 Rp25.000
15. Hacksaw 1 Rp75.000 Rp75.000
16. Vise 1 Rp500.000 Rp500.000
17. Hand Grinder 1 Rp500.000 Rp500.000
18. Sitting Grinder 1 Rp200.000 Rp200.000
19. Hand Drill 1 Rp400.000 Rp400.000
20. Air Compressor 1 Rp1.500.000 Rp1.500.000
Total Rp6.085.000
Parts dan Pelumas
1. Lubricants and Miscellaneous Fluids 1 Set Rp3.500.000 Rp3.500.000
2. Spareparts 1 Set Rp3.000.000 Rp3.500.000
Total Rp6.500.000
Biaya Operasional

Employee, Mechanic, and Admin Wages

2 Rp480.000 Rp960.000
2. Electricity and Telephone Cost 1 Rp500.000 Rp500.000
3. Miscellaneous expense - Rp1.000.000 Rp1.000.000
Total Rp7.380.000
Total Startup Cost of a Motorcycle Workshop Rp59.965.000

For the profit of the motorcycle repair business, here are the estimated details.

Profit Estimated Motorcycle Workshop
No. Description Total Price Total Price
1. Light Service Bebek Motorcycle 4 Rp40.000 Rp160.000
2. Light Service Non-Bebek Motorcycle 2 Rp60.000 Rp120.000
3. Spare Parts and Lubricant Revenue Per day Rp150.000 Rp150.000
4. Gross Income Per day Rp430.000 Rp430.000
5. Turnover 24 Working Days Rp430.000 Rp10.320.000
Total Rp10.320.000
Monthly Net Profit = Turnover – Operating Expenses Rp10.320.000 - Rp3.929.333 Rp.6.390.000

If you total it as a whole, every month you have the opportunity to earn a profit of RP6,390,000. If accumulated for 1 year, then the annual profit from the motorcycle repair business is Rp6.390.000 X 12 Bulan = Rp76.680.000. That's a fantastic number, isn't it?

4. How to Get Motorcycle Workshop Business Capital

After you have read the entirety of the motorcycle repair business, at this point you may be wondering how to get business capital to open this business.

If you are interested in opening this business, you don't need to worry because BFI Finance can help you to obtain business capital safely and quickly.

Complete information can be accessed via the following web page.

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That's the discussion related to Motorcycle Workshop Business Success Tips, Here are Tips and Estimated Capital! Hopefully, this article can be an inspiration for all readers!

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