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Get to Know What An LCGC Car Is, An Economical and Quality Car

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8 November 2022
Get to Know What An LCGC Car Is, An Economical and Quality Car

There are many cars that Indonesian people love. This is one of the strong reasons why there are so many different cars on the market.

One of them is the LCGC car. For Sobat BFI who are lovers of the automotive world, you may already be familiar with this type of car.

However, for those of you who still feel new and are looking for the right car, this article will really help you in choosing your dream car. What is an LCGC car? let's peel it in full in the following review.


LCGC Car Definition

The word LCGC stands for Low-Cost Green Car. The point is, this type of car carries the theme of a cheap car that is environmentally friendly. This is also a supporting factor why LCGC cars are in high demand by our society.

Because the car at an economical price is able to reach various layers. One of them is for the lower middle class who want to own a private vehicle.

Then, what is the difference between an LCGC car and a regular car?

There are at least 4 most striking differences between LCGC cars and other cars.

First, this type of car has a simple and minimalist design with a slimmer body. Second, according to government regulations, this car has a low-capacity engine which makes it environmentally friendly.

Third, this car is intended for the lower middle class, which makes the market price of this car affordable starting from Rp. 100 million. Fourth, the features of this car are simpler when compared to ordinary or conventional cars in general.

As mentioned earlier, it is related to the government's decision on LCGC cars, especially by the Ministry of Industry. The following are the specifications of the car that is included in the criteria for this car.

  • The car engine capacity of 980-1200 cc
  • For cars with gasoline fuel, the gasoline used must be RON 92 (Research Octane Number)
  • Fuel consumption is at 20 km/liter for gasoline engines
  • A car with a diesel engine has a maximum engine capacity of 1500 cc and a fuel consumption of about 20 km/liter
  • For cars with diesel fuel, the gasoline used must be CN 51
  • Has a turning radius of a maximum of 4.6 meters
  • There are additional Indonesian brands and logos
  • The marketed price is not more than Rp. 95 million, with a note, that a 15% price adjustment may be made for the automatic type, 10% for the security, and the existing price can be adjusted to the current inflation

Advantages of LCGC Cars

In addition to the affordable price with an environmentally friendly concept, the LCGC car also has several other advantages.

What are the advantages of this type of car?

1. Efficient Fuel

The first advantage of this type of car is that it is fuel efficient. This not only brings a positive effect on the environment but also brings the same positive effect on the owners. Expenses also become more controlled and still comfortable driving.

As quoted from, the most efficient LCGC car is able to spend 1 liter of fuel for a distance of at least 20KM. This is arguably a very good breakthrough when compared to other conventional cars that require more fuel for the same mileage.

2. Durable

LCGC cars are durable cars. The durability of this car is well-tested. So, even though this car is cheap, the quality cannot be underestimated.

For example, the cheapest type of car is the Toyota Agya. The car is powered by a 1200 cc engine with inline 4 cylinders, Dual VVT-I, and 16 valves, DOHC. Very supportive for comfort when you drive.

3. Suitable For Beginner Driver

Because the price is affordable, which starts from Rp. 100 million, the LCGC car is very suitable for novice drivers.

You can choose the transmission according to your wishes. Be it manual or automatic.

4. More Compact Car Body

Having a car with a compact body brings its own advantages. Especially, if you drive more often in congested areas and are familiar with traffic jams.

You can minimize the appearance of scratches on the car (tag link) and be able to move more nimbly.

Weaknesses of LCGC Cars

Although this car is very compact and has a number of advantages. However, it turns out that there are also weaknesses of this car.

What are the disadvantages of LCGC cars?

1. Small Capacity Car Power

LCGC cars are generally powered by a 1000 cc or 1200 cc engine. The engine capacity is relatively small when we compare it to other types of conventional cars. This of course has an impact on the car's power which is produced relatively little.

2. Less suitable for use at high speeds

Due to the small engine capacity, the power generated will be the same. This makes this car less suitable when used at high speeds. If forced, the car will easily sway which results in stability while driving being at stake.

Even so, now many LCGC cars are said to be designed to be more stable when traveling at high speeds.

3. Minimal Car Features

A low price with promising claims does not necessarily make this compact car complete with supporting features.

Because this type of car is generally not equipped with airbag features and ABS brakes.

Best LCGC Car Recommendation For You

Interested in buying an LCGC car?

The following 2022 LCGC car recommendations can be your choice!

Mobil LCGC

Image Source: Carmudi

1. Daihatsu Ayla

Daihatsu cars have long been known as popular cars. Because the selling price of this car is relatively cheap with the comfort of a good car.

In addition to the affordable price, this car is also touted as the most efficient LCGC car in its class.

1 liter of fuel for Daihatsu Ayla can cover a distance of 14-15 KM to drive in the city. As for toll roads, this car can travel up to 20 KM.

This car is available in 2 transmissions namely automatic and manual. The price starts from Rp. 103 million for the cheapest car type and Rp. 161 million for the most expensive Daihatsu Ayla car with the Daihatsu New Ayla 1.2 R Deluxe AT type.

2. Toyota Agya

Next is the Toyota Agya. This LCGC car is widely chosen by young people because its cool body tends to be sporty, and easy to maneuver.

Toyota Agya is supported by an engine with a capacity of 1200 cc and economical materials that can cover a distance of 15 KM/liter for travel in the city and 20 KM/liter for toll roads.

If you are interested in buying this car, you can prepare a budget starting from Rp. 144 million for the cheapest Toyota Agya up to Rp. 170 million for the most expensive type of Toyota Agya 1.2 GA A/T TRD.

3. Honda Brio Satya

Talking about fuel economy, the Honda Brio Satya LCGC car deserves thumbs up.

The reason is, this car can go 16.6 km/liter for travel in the city and 22.6 km/liter for highways. Pretty fantastic isn't it?

Besides being known as the best-selling LCGC car, this car is also called the best city car in its class.

Not only that, but this car also has a luxurious interior and exterior. And equipped with car features ranging from dual front SRS airbags, and ABS + EBD brakes.

Powered by a 1.2 L i-VTEC engine, this car is capable of producing up to 90 PS of power at 6,000 rpm and a maximum torque of 110 Nm at 4,800 rpm.

No wonder this car has been named the best LCGC car.

Talking about the price, this car is sold for Rp. 151 million to Rp. 175 million with the type of Honda Brio E CVT.

4. Nissan Datsun Go Panca

LCGC cars are known for their low prices and fuel economy.

One of the car brands that pioneered cheap cars in Indonesia is Datsun Go.

Datsun is a trademark owned by Nissan. This fact makes the car has a similar engine technology to Nissan cars.

No doubt, if this car can go up to 20 km/liter. Economical enough to support your daily productivity.

On the other hand, the price of this car is also marketed starting from Rp. 100 million to Rp. 104 million only. Very affordable for those of you who crave an economical, good car at a relatively cheap price.

5. New Daihatsu Sigra

This LCGC car has the same design as Calya. This is quite reasonable considering that they are both from the same company.

Daihatsu Sigra offers many advantages. Starting from a variety of car choices to qualified security features. Such as parking sensors, Dual SRS Airbags, and Side Impact Beam.

Daihatsu Sigra cars are priced starting from Rp. 120 million for the lowest price up to Rp. 163 million for the highest price with the type Daihatsu Sigra 1.2 R AT DLX.

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