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Don't Get Dizzy on Old Dates, Follow These 6 Tips To Survive!

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21 September 2022
Don't Get Dizzy on Old Dates, Follow These 6 Tips To Survive!

Old date habit is a frightening specter for those of you who are already working. This condition illustrates when financial conditions have started to run low because many have been taken before the payday date, or identical to the end of the month because generally workers receive their salaries at the beginning of the month. In some cases, the income they receive is depleted before the end of the month because they are used to finance basic life, and pay installments, or some are also set up as emergency funds.

Actually, this condition will not happen if you can manage your financial cash flow carefully. Check out the following strategies so you can survive before the old date.


Common Causes of Old Dates Habits

Generally, these three things are the main causes of unwanted events during the old date. Work around with various things so that you can live a "normal" life when you are old.

1. To Pay Installments

The first common cause of old age is the income we receive each month is used to pay installments. Whether it's credit card installments, mortgages, online loans, and other types of installments. Actually, with debt, you are committed and ready for all the conditions that will come, including financial problems at this old date. So, arranging careful financial planning is a must to avoid unwanted events on old dates. In addition, in order to enjoy a normal life in old age, try not to have a debt or installment ratio of more than 30% of your monthly income.

2. Crazy Shopping at the Beginning of the Month or Young Dates

It is natural to want to buy new assets or things that are not owned yet. Especially at the beginning of the month or on a young date. Control your spending on things you don't really need. Once in a while, self-rewarding at the beginning of the month is highly recommended, but don't go too far!

3. The Income Received is not Proportional to the Burden Borne

The last common cause of old age is that the income it receives is not commensurate with the obligations and needs incurred. For example, if you are a single income in your family, so you have to pay for all the needs of the family by yourself. In this case, you must be able to make detailed expense details and be careful so that each expense item does not swell. In addition, it's a good idea if you are looking for additional income, for example from a side business that started from your hobby.


Tips to Live a “Normal” Life on Old Dates

Follow these six tips so you can survive in old age.

1. Set Aside Your Income from the Beginning of the Month

After receiving income at the beginning of the month, set it aside and think about the main needs so that you can survive until the end of the month. For example, for housing, transportation, savings, and emergency funds. This is done so that you have careful financial planning and help keep your expenses under control every month.

2. Save Credit and Internet

Credit and the Internet are daily necessities, and without you knowing it, this also affects your expenses. Especially if your internet quota often runs out before the end of the month. You have to be careful when using the internet. For example, by using wifi facilities in the office or public places. Don't stream videos too often, because this takes up quite a large quota. You can also turn off your data plan when not in use.

3. Adjust Lifestyle

Adjusting your lifestyle is also one of the main things that must be prioritized so that your finances are not disrupted when you are old. For example, hangouts or impulse shopping which of course will increase your expenses. You have to make a priority scale and reduce the hedonistic lifestyle so that you can survive until your payday.

4. Reduce Snacks and Bring Your Own Food

Bringing your own lunch to the office is an easy tip you can follow when your old date arrives. Cooking or preparing your own lunch can cut your lunch costs. You can save IDR 30,000 per day if you don't buy food from outside. In addition to saving money, the hygiene of your food is guaranteed. In addition to bringing your own food to the office, you can also reduce snacks such as coffee and other snacks.

5. Take Advantage of Existing Promos

The fifth tip to deal with "drought" on old dates is to take advantage of promos to buy food or transportation needs. Usually, many merchants or e-commerce provide promo discounts on old dates. By taking advantage of these discounts, you can save approximately 20% - 30% of your daily expenses. To get a promo, you have to be diligent in looking for that information!

6. Don't Rely on One Type of Income

It's good if you don't just rely on a salary as your primary income, but also have a business or side income. If you have a skill or hobby, you can use it as a side job, for example, teaching, barista, design, photography, trying out a thrift shop business, etc.

Well, those are the six tips for dealing with old dates so they don't become a scary specter. The older we get, of course, we must understand to make priorities in managing each other's financial conditions. Hopefully, the tips above can help you to survive before and after the old date, yes.


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