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Here are 11 Favorite Types of Dates for Indonesians!

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13 April 2022
Here are 11 Favorite Types of Dates for Indonesians!

Eating dates as an appetizer when breaking the fast is indeed a special characteristic when the moment of Ramadan arrives. Dates are the favorite fruit of the Prophet Muhammad SAW and there is a hadith that says that eating dates to break the fast is a sunnah. Not surprisingly, the Muslim community flocked to buy and eat dates juxtaposed with other main dishes.

But do you know BFI friends if the dates we eat have different types? These differences can come from the size, color, and taste. These differences also affect the price offered per kilogram. Now, to add information to all BFI friends, this time the BFI Finance team provides an understanding of 11 types of dates that are popular in Indonesia and their health benefits. Is there one of the lists below that is a favorite for all BFI friends? Or one day, Buddy BFI wants to be a supplier of dates, right? Come on, let's find out together!


11 Types of Popular Dates in Indonesia and Their Health Benefits

1. Ajwa Dates

The first type of date is the ajwa date which is also quite popular among the people of Indonesia. Ajwa dates have a black appearance and a soft texture when bitten. Reported from various sources, ajwa dates were the first dates planted by the Prophet Muhammad and became his favorite dates. Ajwa dates are premium dates originating from Medina, Saudi Arabia.

Ajwa dates contain high glycosides and flavonoids which are useful as antioxidants to prevent free radicals. In addition, the sugar content in ajwa dates is a monosaccharide which is safe for consumption by type 2 diabetics.

2. Medjool Dates

This type of date does not come from mainland Arabia but comes from California, United States. It is the Medjool Kurwa which is one of the most expensive dates in the world. Medjool dates have a brown color and thick flesh. The sweet taste of Medjool Dates is also safe if consumed by children.

Reporting to Healthline, Medjool dates are rich in carbohydrates, fiber, potassium, iron, protein, and antioxidants. With these nutritional content, medjool dates are good for heart health and are believed to reduce bad cholesterol (LDL). Medjool dates are also very good consumed to facilitate your digestion.

3. Degleet Noor Dates

The next type of date that is popular in Indonesia is the Degleet Noor date. This type of date has a taste that is not too sweet when compared to other types of dates. From the looks of it, degleet noor dates have a bright yellow color and have a fairly dry texture. Originating from Tunisia, the cultivation of degleet noor dates then spread to Libya, Algeria, to the United States.

The benefits of degleet noor dates include preventing constipation and good for intestinal health. Degleet noor dates contain estradiol and flavonoids which function to increase fertility for people with sexual dysfunction.

4. Sukkari Dates

Still originating from mainland Saudi Arabia, this favorite type of date for the Indonesian people is named Sukkari Dates. In Arabic, "sukkar" means sugar which means the naming of this type of date. Sukkari dates are famous for their sweet, juicy and soft flesh texture. Physically, Sukkari dates have a golden brown color. Many think that Sukkari dates are also the favorite dates of Arab Kings.

Just like other types of dates, sukkari dates contain antioxidant compounds that function to prevent free radicals. The content of glucose, sucrose, and fructose in sukkari dates is easily digested by the stomach and can quickly increase energy. Sukkari dates are also rich in Vitamin A which functions to maintain immunity from various diseases.

5. Safavid Dates

Safawi dates have a similar appearance to Medjool dates which are dark brown in color. The difference lies in the level of elasticity. Safawi dates have a thick and chewy flesh texture. The cultivation of safawi dates is quite productive so they are easier to find than other types of dates.

Safawi dates are believed to treat intestinal worms. With its high fiber content, of course, Safawi dates are very good for consumption to facilitate digestion. In addition, safawi dates are rich in Vitamins A and B which are good for eye, hair and skin health.

6. Lulu Dates

People often confuse buying Lulu dates with Ajwa dates because of their similar physical appearance. The difference between lulu dates and ajwa dates is their size. Lulu dates are smaller than ajwa dates. The price offered is also cheaper, namely Rp. 40,000 per kilogram. Lulu dates come from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and have a sweet, juicy and soft taste. Indonesian people often make lulu dates as souvenirs from Umrah and Hajj.

7. Zahadi Dates

The seventh type of date is Zahadi dates from Iran. The characteristics of zahadi dates are that they have a fairly dry texture, medium size, and oval shape. Unlike other types of dates which are brown in color, Zahadi dates have a golden yellow color. Zahadi dates have a fairly thick flesh and taste that is not too sweet. Zahadi dates are also called 'butter dates' by Middle Eastern people because of their creamy taste.

8. Khalas Dates

Khalas dates are not too big when compared to the Medjool and Sukkari dates. With its soft texture and caramel-like taste, making khalas dates a daily meal for the people of the Middle East and North Africa. Khalas dates have a texture that tends to be sticky and reddish brown in color. Khalas dates are very good for people with low sugar levels because they contain high iron and Vitamin A.

9. Barhi Dates

Just like khalas dates, bahri dates also have a caramel-like taste when ripe. However, there are also those who think that bahri dates will taste better if eaten fresh, they don't have to be dried first. The benefits of consuming barhi dates are that they can reduce the risk of diabetes and control blood sugar because they have natural sugar levels. In addition, this type of date is also rich in B vitamins, iron, potassium, flavonoids, and antioxidants.

10. Ruthob Dates

These are the types of dates which are called special dates given by Allah SWT for women. These are ruthob dates whose price per kilo can reach IDR 360,000. The taste of ruthob dates is also different from other types of dates. The taste is not too sweet and is similar to sapodilla fruit. The texture is also quite crunchy, not mushy like other dates.

11. Sayer Dates

Sayer dates have a smaller size when compared to other types of dates. Dates originating from Iran have a blackish brown physical appearance. It is oval in shape and has a high fiber content. In addition, sayer dates have the right sweet taste so they are suitable for producing date palm juice or other processed date dishes.


Those are the eleven types of dates that are popular for the people of Indonesia. Not only for breaking the fast, many Indonesian people also buy dates for souvenirs when Hajj and Umrah arrive. Not a few also took advantage of this moment by becoming a supplier of dates in Indonesia. If a BFI friend is planning to get capital to become a supplier of dates in large quantities, or to meet financial needs for additional business capital, for example, you can apply for a business capital loan through BFI Finance, yes, friend! BFI Finance serves loan applications for business capital, investment, and consumptive purposes with BPKB guarantees for cars, motorbikes, and house certificates. Immediately submit your financing through the nearest BFI Finance branch or by accessing the form below.


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