7 Best Selling Non-Food Franchise Business Ideas in 2023

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19 June 2023
7 Best Selling Non-Food Franchise Business Ideas in 2023

Interested in running a business but have never had previous experience? The following non-food franchise business ideas can inspire you. There anything? Come on, see more in the following description.


1. Best Selling Non-Food Franchise List

BFI friends, if you are looking for non-food franchise business opportunities, here are some franchises that have proven successful and offer attractive benefits.

1.1. Delivery Service Franchise (Expedition)

As times progress and the shift in consumption patterns from conventional to digital, many people prefer to shop online. This not only provides a great opportunity for business people to expand their business but also for delivery services to benefit from this situation.

With the increasing need for goods and parcel delivery, you can take advantage of this high demand to generate stable income by starting a freight forwarding business.

Choose a courier service that is trusted and able to provide support in carrying out daily operations. You can compare one expedition with another before settling on choosing an expeditionary service franchise.

1.2. Franchise Minimarket

Have a large capital and are interested in owning a mini market? A non-food franchise business in the form of a minimarket business can be the right choice for you! The reason is, there is no need to doubt the benefits you get, especially if you choose the right and appropriate location.

The movement of the minimarket business continues to grow rapidly from time to time, and this is an attractive opportunity for entrepreneurs. The advantage of a minimarket franchise lies in the trust of the public for a well-known brand and an established reputation.

In addition, minimarkets also provide a variety of everyday products needed by consumers, enabling you to reach a wide market and get consistent profits.

1.3. Franchise Gas Station

Almost all Indonesian citizens own a vehicle. Both private and group vehicles. Opening a gas station franchise can be one of the right breakthroughs in obtaining promising profits.

This is because the demand for fuel, especially for vehicles, will continue to increase and you can be sure that this business will never be empty of enthusiasts as long as the price and quality of the fuel you offer is in accordance with what is circulating in the community.

In addition, as with franchise businesses in general, you will receive full support from the franchisor regarding marketing, inventory, and operational management.

1.4. Franchise Pet Shop


The pet shop business is now increasingly popular and attracts a lot of attention from business people. For those of you who are interested in opening a pet shop business but are confused about where to start and take care of existing management, you can join a pet shop franchise business.

Joining a franchise allows you to keep your business running smoothly, from selling pet food, tools, toys, and grooming services.

1.5. Franchise Laundry

A laundry franchise is a business that is always needed in everyday life. With a busy lifestyle, many people are looking for a trusted and reliable laundry service.

By opening a laundry business in strategic locations such as office areas and student areas, you can get a good profit and even have the potential to be used as regular income.

You don't need to worry about running a laundry business because a laundry franchise offers convenience in starting a business, including providing tools and goods, training, to marketing. Another advantage is that it allows you to work with hotels, restaurants, and so on that can increase your income. Interesting right?

1.6. Clothing / Fashion Store Franchise

Clothing is one of the primary needs that every human being needs to fulfill. Opening a clothing store business can be a very promising business opportunity for you. This is because the existing target consumers are quite broad or from various circles.

In addition, fashion trends continue to develop from time to time, which means that they will never be lonely as long as the clothes you sell are trendy.

For those of you who are interested in opening a clothing store but don't want to bother starting everything from scratch, you can choose a franchise that already has a name and is well-known to the wider community. That way it will be easier for you to attract consumer interest and achieve high sales.

Another advantage of a clothing store franchise is that it has support in terms of product design, stock management, and marketing strategies that have proven successful.

1.7. Franchise Skincare

The next non-food franchise business idea that you shouldn't miss is the skincare business! This one business has been very popular lately and has been able to bring fantastic profits.

Not surprisingly, many old and new business players are competing to enter this industry. If you're interested in getting into it, you don't have to worry or sweat a lot.

Simply by choosing a quality brand and already having a well-known name, you can easily start a franchise business. Most importantly, make sure to do research regarding the brand in advance, starting with product safety, market demand, and popularity.

2. Tips for Success Starting a Franchise Business

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For beginners who want to start a non-food franchise business, there are several tips that need to be followed and considered. Among them are:

2.1. Choose a franchise that fits your interests and passion

Businesses that you run with passion will provide extra motivation and enthusiasm to achieve success. You will be more active in working on it and the challenges that exist can be faced more easily.

2.2. Do comprehensive market research before choosing a franchise

Make sure there is sufficient demand for the product or service offered at your business location. Don't be easily tempted by the various benefits offered by each franchise provider. This is because each region has different needs.

2.3. Pay close attention to franchise agreements and contracts

Make sure you understand all the terms, including start-up fees, royalties, support provided, and your rights and obligations as a business owner. If there are points that you don't understand, immediately ask the franchisor.

2.4. Use the training and support provided by the franchise company

Leverage existing resources to learn about operational systems that have been tested and worked. Make sure you really understand how this non-food franchise business is able to run in such a way.

2.5. Make a clear and realistic business plan

Determine financial targets, marketing strategies, and steps that need to be taken to achieve success in the short and long term. Make sure the capital you have is in accordance with the type of franchise that you will run.

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2.6. Maintain good relationships with customers

Provide friendly service, good product quality, and be responsive to customer input or complaints. By maintaining good relationships, you will increase your chances of getting regular customers and introducing your product widely.

BFI friends, those are the tips for success in starting a non-food franchise business. Running at the beginning is not easy. It takes persistence, never giving up, and patience. Even so, all the hard work will not be in vain and will bear sweet results someday.

3. How to Get Business Capital for Non-Food Franchises

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