16 Viral Snack Ideas for Selling, Interested in Trying?

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25 November 2022
16 Viral Snack Ideas for Selling, Interested in Trying?

There are lots of contemporary snack ideas for sale that can bring in a lot of cash for you. Moreover, the culinary business is one of the most promising business prospects. Because, everyone definitely needs to eat every day, whether it's heavy food to something light like snacks.

The choice of target market or consumers are also more varied. Most importantly, you dare to try, are able to put forward innovation, have a unique selling point, and of course good service. So, you don't need to worry about competitors out there.

So, what are the current selling ideas that you can try? Come on, let's see more here.


16 Present Selling Ideas for Selling

Of the many contemporary snacks for sale that you can try, the BFI Finance Team has summarized them into 16 selling ideas as follows.

1. Crispy Tofu


The crispy tofu business is one of the home-based businesses that are now turning to snack franchises in various cities. The reason is that there are so many fans of crispy tofu. Not a few of them also make this food as comfort food because it has a savory, delicious taste, is easy to get, and of course, has an affordable price.

To start this business, you need at least Rp. 2 million in the capital with an estimated profit of up to Rp. 5 million per month. Very interesting isn't it?

2. Croffle

Next is croffle which first boomed around 2021 and was popularized by one of the famous artists from South Korea named Kang Min Kyung. This contemporary snack idea for sale is a combination of croissants and waffles, where the croissant dough is printed on a waffle iron and then added with toppings according to taste.

Generally, this one food has a sweet, soft taste, and is combined with fruits such as strawberries and blueberries. The more you are good at being creative with a wide selection of unique toppings, it will not be difficult for you to sell them. Moreover, this meal is still considered viral to this day.

3. Boba drink

The following snacks for sale are certainly familiar to all of us. Yes, that's right, boba drink!

Drinks are one of the Taiwanese drink trends that have successfully boomed in various countries. This one drink has many types such as Milk Tea, Brown Sugar, and Cheese Tea, which are equipped with various toppings such as boba, oreo, pudding, biscuits, and many more.

For those of you who are interested in getting involved in this business, you can start through franchising. Apart from the many franchises that already have big and well-known names making it easier for you to sell them, through franchising you no longer need to think about selling tools and concepts because they are usually already provided.

4. Banana Honey

Banana is one type of fruit typical of tropical countries which is much loved by people. Likewise honey bananas are contemporary snacks for sale with the basic ingredients of old plantains.

Even though from its appearance it tends to be dark brown in color and looks like it's burnt, in fact, this one banana has a distinctive sweet taste and is addictive! The burnt color of honey bananas is obtained from the soaking honey and the old plantain water used.

If you are interested in cultivating contemporary snacks for selling this one, make sure you choose quality raw materials and trusted suppliers. Also, pay attention to the cleanliness and quality of the food served.

5. Dessert Box

The fifth contemporary snack idea for sale is a dessert box. This sweet food that is placed in a clear box has a sweet, legit, and soft taste. With a combination of cake in the middle, making the dessert box is hard to resist, especially for sweet food lovers.

This snack business is perfect for you to try, especially if you have more passion for making cakes and sweets. If you are still unsure and worried that the dessert box you are making won't get a good reception, you can sell it by pre-order first.

6. Contemporary Coffee

The popularity of this one caffeinated drink seems to have never faded over time. Coffee always has a special place in the hearts of its fans. Not surprisingly, this drink is widely sold everywhere. Starting from sachet drinks, and packaging, to concoction coffee.

If you are interested in pursuing modern snacks for a business like selling coffee, make sure you have equipped yourself with sufficient knowledge about coffee. You can also start with a franchise business. This will certainly make it easier for you to mix the right coffee and get the right equipment.

7. Corndog

Similar to a skewered hot dog, this starchy food has recently gone viral everywhere. Corndog has two versions, namely sweet and salty with very various topping variants.

As is the case with croffle, the current snacks for sale on this one both originate from South Korea. In the midst of the K-pop fever that is rampant in various parts of the world, especially in Indonesia, selling corndogs can be a profitable business opportunity. Plus the capital needed does not have to be a lot. You can sell corndogs even from home!

8. Martabak

Sweet, salty, and even savory, the popularity of martabak is unquestionable. This food has been much loved from time to time, even to this day when martabak has a number of taste-inducing innovations.

Starting from the cheese martabak, sweet martabak, and egg martabak, to the mini martabak which is smaller than the usual martabak, all of them have a market share. You can sell martabak according to your creations, such as martabak with a certain brand of chocolate topping, ice cream, and many more.

9. Kue Balok

Block cakes can be the next business field related to contemporary snack ideas for selling. This cake, which has existed since ancient times, can be said to be the twin cake of pukis because of its similar shape.

This cake will be very enjoyable to eat while hot because the toppings used tend to be soft and melt in the mouth. As time goes by, many people create this sweet snack with more interesting topping variants. Not only that, but this food is also liked by young people, children, and adults.

10. Assorted Spicy Snacks

Spicy food is still the favorite of many people. Starting from the fried business which of course is served with the spiciness of cayenne pepper, aci meatballs, basreng, glass chips, spicy macaroni, and so on.

You can try various types of contemporary snacks for sale with spicy flavors. The reason is, spicy food will always be the target of many people. Especially for women or school children.

11. Seblak

Spicy and gravy, is the hallmark of this Sundanese plain food. Seblak fans are no longer in doubt. Almost all people like seblak because of its spicy taste with kencur as the secret ingredient. And don't forget, the price is cheap.

Seblak can be found anywhere and now there are various types. The seblak toppings are also very interesting, from various crackers, bones, claws, and vegetables, to processed seafood.

12. Potato/Mini Donuts

As the name implies, potato donuts are donuts whose basic ingredients are potatoes. Having the same appearance as donuts in general, you can start a potato donut business on a small scale or a home business.

This one food can also be used as a snack to souvenir for birthdays or other special events. If you have good creativity, decorating the potato donuts that you sell can be an additional selling point.

13. Dimsum

Dimsum is a contemporary snack for sale that has quite high popularity. This one snack has a delicious taste when served while warm.

If you feel confused and want to be more practical, you can join a franchise. In general, existing franchises have provided a complete package, starting from operational equipment to the materials needed to make dimsum.

Besides that, you can also do frozen dimsum business to facilitate sales both offline and online.

14. Fruit Salad

Many people are now aware of the importance of a healthy lifestyle. Starting from exercising regularly to eating foods rich in vitamins and fiber such as fruit salad. Not only healthy, but fruit salad is also relatively easy to make.

This contemporary snack idea for selling doesn't require a lot of capital to get you started. With a capital of 50 thousand, you can already start.

15. Egg Rolls

When we were still in elementary school, egg roll snacks were very easy to find in the cafeteria or school area. Even though it's simple, food made from eggs with a mixture of seasonings is always the prima donna for many people. This is no exception in this day and age where egg rolls are increasingly in demand by many people and are easier to find everywhere.

16. Toast

Jualan Kekinian Untuk Jualan

The last contemporary snack idea is toast. Toast is a modern bread that has recently been on the rise and has become a hot topic of conversation everywhere, especially for young people. With so many toast enthusiasts, you can take advantage of this opportunity to open a toast business, either independently or by joining a franchise.

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How? Is there one of the current snack ideas for selling above that you want to try? Also, check other articles for info about business ideas on the BFI Finance Blog!

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