Hi Moms! Check Out the Following 14 Housewife Side Businesses Ideas!

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2 April 2022
Hi Moms! Check Out the Following 14 Housewife Side Businesses Ideas!

Being a housewife is not a barrier to running a business. Many think that time and energy are the most feared things for a housewife when they want to run a business. In fact, there are several types of businesses that can still be done and do not interfere much with the main activities of housewives, as will be explained by the BFI Finance team this time. Check out the following 14 housewife side businesses, BFI friends. Some of them do not even require high capital to run. So, while raising children, BFI friends who work as housewives still have a great opportunity to earn income.


14 Housewife Side Business Ideas a la BFI Finance

1. Reseller and Dropshipper

The first housewife side business is to become a reseller or drop shipper. This type of side business is quite in demand by housewives because it can be done anywhere and anytime. In addition, the capital required to become a reseller or drop shipper is relatively low. BFI friends also need to know the difference between a reseller and a drop shipper. Becoming a reseller of a product requires buying the product to be resold. Usually, resellers buy products in large quantities, so the chances of getting a discount will be greater. Meanwhile, being a drop shipper does not need to buy the product from the manufacturer for resale. A drop shipper only needs to market the product and forward it to the manufacturer if there are customers who want to buy it. Thus, the capital required to become a drop shipper is lower than being a reseller. Which BFI friend are you more interested in?

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2. Laundry Business

The second type of housewife side business is by opening a laundry business. The laundry business can be run at home or in a location adjacent to the house so that it is easy to organize it. The main capital needed to run this business includes a washing machine, detergent, laundry perfume, iron, and employees if you need help. If your laundry business is located in a densely populated area, of course, this business opportunity will be very promising.

3. Sewing Services

If you are a housewife who has sewing skills, then try running a sewing service side business. You can offer a service to reduce the size of clothes and pants. Even better, if you have the expertise to design clothes such as kebaya, of course, this can be a plus and attract more people.

4. Home Catering

If you have a hobby of cooking, of course, this housewife side business is suitable to run. You can run a home catering business from home, starting from cooking it to marketing its products. You can do this with a pre-order system so that the creation of a food menu will be made only if there is an incoming order. Promote your products through social media such as Instagram or Facebook, which have proven to be very effective for marketing and earning income in business. In addition to the pre-order system, you can also sell your home catering products at several stalls that you can work with.

5. Social Media Officer

Housewives who are interested in the development of all kinds of information through social media are certainly very suitable for running this type of business. Yep, becoming a social media officer is a housewife side business that you can run next. The duties of a Social Media Officer include drafting and executing daily content as well as responding to all kinds of input, questions, and criticism from customers properly and correctly. If you have colleagues or relatives who are running an online business, there is nothing wrong with offering services as a Social Media Officer.

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6. Content Creator

As the digital world develops, sources of income can come from anywhere, such as through Youtube, Instagram, and Tiktok platforms. If you are a housewife who is full of creativity, there is nothing wrong with being a content creator on a digital platform that provides information and positive influence. If you like make-up, try to create content on Youtube on how to make-up properly. Or if you love cooking, make cooking content interesting and entertaining. If it is done with full commitment and consistency, then it is possible that this housewife side business can be your main source of income.

7. Content Writer

For you, a housewife who likes to write, the following housewife side business is certainly very suitable for you. Yep, by becoming a freelance or full-time content writer! If BFI friends understand how a business competes in the digital era, becoming a content writer is a promising business opportunity. The main skills that must be possessed are creativity and understanding of how to write well and correctly, as well as being easy and understandable to readers.

8. Property Agent

The eighth housewife side business is by becoming a property agent. The job of a property agent is to offer home products for sale or rent to second parties. From the sale or lease, the property agent gets a commission depending on the type and area of ​​the house. Property agent working hours do not require to be in the office from 8 to 5 pm. A property agent can offer a house for sale or rent through various online platforms including Instagram or Facebook.

9. Pastry Business

The next housewife side business is by producing and selling various pastries. The pastry business is also a business that can depart from a hobby. Entering certain moments such as Eid and Christmas, the pastry business is certainly booming with incoming orders. However, apart from these special moments, of course, the pastry business still has many enthusiasts. Therefore, the pastry business can be said to be one of the most profitable businesses for housewives.

10. Delivery Service (Jastip)

This side business you can do while traveling or visiting a tourist destination. Considering the distance and time, people decide to leave the things they want to buy to someone else. A professional jastip will usually announce in advance what items can be “assisted”, the period of the stay, and the cost of the jastip item. There are also many social media accounts that specifically offer jastip products, both goods from within and outside the country. It seems fun, right, this housewife's side business, while traveling can you get income?

11. Makeup Artist (MUA)

Women, especially housewives, usually pay attention to how they look with make-up, especially at certain moments. If you are a housewife who has a hobby and is good at makeup, of course, this activity can be used as additional income. Side business Housewives by becoming a professional Makeup Artist (MUA) can be started by doing makeup for the closest relatives at below-market prices or even for free, calculate to add to the portfolio first. If you already have many clients who have made up, you can offer MUA services at market prices and make-up products with competitive quality. Don't forget to promote your MUA services through social media!

12. Ornamental Plants Business

One more hobby that can be used as a side business for housewives is the ornamental plant business. There are many types of ornamental plants that can be sold, such as succulent plants, mini cacti, monstera, mother-in-law's tongue, ivory betel, and others. When viewed from the amount of capital used, several types of ornamental plants are included in the 1 million capital business, you know, BFI pal. With ornamental plants in the yard or garden in your home, of course, it will add a beautiful and fresh impression.

13. Grocery Store

Establishing a grocery store can be a side business option for the next housewife. If you have vacant land at home, you can turn it into a place to sell a grocery store. Start by selling some primary raw material products first. Over time, you can add substitute items such as various snacks, stationery, or even fruit. Keeping a grocery store coupled with babysitting can certainly be a fun activity.

14. Private Tutor

The last side business of a housewife is to become a private tutor for school children from kindergarten to high school. If you choose to become a tutor for kindergarten children, you can choose to teach the Koran and reading. If your target audience is elementary school students, you can teach math, science, music, and the Koran. Meanwhile, if your target students are middle and high school students, you can open private tutoring for mathematics, English, physics, chemistry, and others.


Those are the fourteen housewife side business inspirations that you can run. If you need capital to run some of these businesses, you can apply for a business capital loan to BFI Finance. With the guarantee of BPKB Cars, Motorcycles, or House Certificates, you have the opportunity to get business capital loans with low interest and fast approval processes. Not only for business capital purposes, but through BFI Finance you can also apply for a loan for home renovation costs, wedding expenses, education to tourism purposes. Come on, submit your financing immediately through BFI Finance! BFI Finance is the solution for all your financial needs!

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