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Dear Bride & Groom-to-Be, Here are 15 Ways to Save on Your Wedding Costs!

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2 May 2024
Dear Bride & Groom-to-Be, Here are 15 Ways to Save on Your Wedding Costs!

Weddings are one of the sacred moments in the lives of many couples. Coming together in marriage is truly a joyous occasion, and this is why wedding moments should be celebrated in a memorable way, especially for those who have their own dream wedding concepts.


However, often the concept of 'memorable' is associated with high costs. This is what often creates new problems for those who already have the intention of getting married. Yet, to make a memorable wedding, you don't need to spend a lot! You can create a memorable yet simple wedding at an affordable cost. A simple event can also be the first successful step towards a wedding.


Want to know how to save on your wedding costs that you and your partner can do? Check out the following article!



1. 15 Ways to Save on Wedding Costs

1.1 Limit Guest List

Limiting the guest list is the first way to save on your wedding costs. Prioritize inviting guests who are still in good relations with you or your future spouse. Avoid inviting guests you barely know. Also, discuss this with both sets of parents and your partner, especially if they want to invite guests that neither you nor your partner knows well.


Besides reducing costs, inviting close people makes the event feel more intimate and memorable. You can see people you truly know interacting and congratulating you. This also makes the wedding feel more intimate.


1.2 Rent Wedding Attire

The second way to save on your wedding costs is by renting wedding attire. Many of you may want to buy wedding attire so that your wedding moments can be immortalized. However, wedding attire is only worn once in a lifetime. So actually, you don't need to buy wedding attire if you want to save on your wedding costs.


The moments can be preserved through documentation, either by guests or from the photo and video vendors you choose. This is enough for you to look back on your wedding moments with your partner whenever you miss them.


1.3 Marriage at the Office of Religious Affairs (KUA)

Next, another way to save on your wedding costs is by getting married at the Office of Religious Affairs (KUA). Currently, the KUA only charges a wedding fee of Rp 600,000 if held on a holiday. Moreover, the KUA doesn't charge a single penny if the ceremony is held on a regular day. The requirement is simply to bring the necessary marriage documents and decide on a date with your officiator.


1.4 Reduce Outfit Costs

Another way to save on wedding costs is by reducing outfit expenses you provide. Although wedding photos will look tidier, buying fabric and sewing outfits for family members can inflate your wedding costs. You can ask family members to find their own clothes, but in a uniform theme. Ideally, you can provide a color code for the outfit you desire.


You can also skip the bridesmaid and groomsmen concept if you want to cut expenses. Bridesmaids and groomsmen also require uniforms, which differ from family outfits. However, you cannot ask them to buy their own clothes because this is your and your partner's event with your families. If you still want to include bridesmaids and groomsmen, you can specify a dress code, but make sure all bridesmaids and groomsmen have clothes matching the dress code you provide.


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1.5 Choose the Right Catering Menu

Choosing the right catering menu can be another way to save on wedding costs. Choose food that can be enjoyed by everyone from all walks of life. Make sure the food served is not wasted. Also, ensure there are servers to portion the food accurately.


Ensure that the food portions served are not excessive and are suitable for the number of guests. You can consult with the catering service to determine the right portions. Avoid ordering excessive food to avoid wastage and save costs. Also, don't hesitate to negotiate prices with the caterers. Compare prices from several caterers to get the best offer. Inquire about the packages offered and find out if there are any discounts or promotions available.


1.6 Find Affordable Vendors

Another way to save on wedding costs is by finding vendors who offer affordable prices. Compare prices from several vendors before deciding to use their services. You can also look for vendors willing to provide wedding packages at a cheaper price. You can find vendors through the internet or recommendations from friends and family. Don't forget to inquire about available promotions or discounts and negotiate prices with vendors.


1.7 Minimize Wedding Souvenir Costs

Wedding souvenirs are one of the items that can drain your wedding budget. Therefore, another way to save on wedding costs is by making your own souvenirs or choosing affordable yet memorable ones. You can choose inexpensive yet memorable souvenirs. You can also get creative and make your own wedding souvenirs. This will minimize your wedding expenses. Remember to avoid giving overly luxurious souvenirs.


1.8 Minimize Flower Decorations

save on your wedding costs

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Another significant way to save on wedding costs is by minimizing the use of flowers for decorations. Flowers are one of the most expensive wedding decoration elements. Use alternative decorations such as balloons, fabric, or lights.


However, if you still want flowers for a more enchanting look in photos and videos, you can also use artificial flowers. The price of artificial flowers is more affordable than real flowers.


1.9 Use Heirloom Rings

Another way to save on your wedding costs is by using heirloom rings. Wedding rings are one of the most important symbols of marriage. You can use heirloom rings from the family. Usually, families have rings that have been passed down through generations.


However, if your families do not have heirloom rings, you can buy affordable yet quality wedding rings. You can search for wedding rings online. Don't forget to negotiate prices with the ring sellers.


1.10 Utilize Friends' or Relatives' Skills

Another way to save on wedding costs is by utilizing the skills of friends or relatives. Involve friends and relatives who have expertise in makeup, wedding organizing, or photo and video documentation to help you save on wedding costs. Negotiate prices that fit your budget and your partner's. Also, inquire about possible payments after the wedding.


However, make sure that the negotiated price aligns with the value and quality of your friends' or relatives' skills. This is to maintain good relationships and ensure they are happy to help you wholeheartedly. You can also offer perks like food or rides to make them feel they are not losing out by giving you a lower rate than their standard rate.


1.11 Choose an Affordable Venue

The wedding venue is one of the most determining factors in wedding costs. Carefully choose an affordable venue. Usually, the cost of weddings in halls is more expensive than in other places. You can choose alternatives other than hotels, such as places of worship, community pools, outdoor parks, and others. Choose a wedding venue that is not too popular but can still be accessed by your guests. If possible, you can also hold the wedding at your or your partner's home.


1.12 Minimalist Decorations

Another way to save on wedding costs is by choosing minimalist decorations. Excessive wedding decorations can drain your wedding budget. Use simple and elegant decorations. Also, make sure the decorations you choose are pleasant to look at but still attractive. You can also decorate your wedding yourself to save costs and ensure the decorations truly match your desires.


1.13 Use Online Invitations

Another way to save on wedding costs is by using online invitations. Since the pandemic era, online invitations have become the primary alternative to reach out to distant parties. You can send wedding invitations online via email or social media.


However, ensure that the wording on your online invitations is of good quality. Don't forget a proper greeting, message, and closing remarks. Ensure all the information provided in your online invitations is clear and correct. This is to minimize questions from guests so they can arrive on time.


1.14 Hold a Virtual Reception

A virtual wedding reception is an appropriate way to save on wedding costs. You can invite guests to attend your wedding reception online. Use video conference platforms to hold a virtual wedding reception. Send the wedding reception invitation link to guests. You can also minimize catering costs by holding the reception virtually.


1.15 Change Your Wedding Mindset

The last way to save on your wedding costs is by changing your mindset. After all, weddings don't always have to be lavish and expensive. You can save on wedding costs by changing your wedding mindset. The most important aspect of a wedding is the bond of love and affection between you and your partner.


Focus on the true meaning of marriage and avoid following excessive wedding trends. Hold a simple wedding that suits your capabilities. This is what can make your wedding more memorable.


Sobat BFI, those are the tips for saving on wedding costs that you can apply. Remember that marriage is the beginning of a new life. Don't forget that after the wedding, there are other things you need to consider.


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