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The Most Complete List of Bank Codes Throughout Indonesia

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31 January 2023
The Most Complete List of Bank Codes Throughout Indonesia

Bank code is a series of codes that must be used when transferring between banks. The existence of this code aims to ensure that the transfer process is correct and will be received by the right recipient. In other words, bank codes help speed up the transfer process you make.

So, to make your transfer process safe and smooth, make sure you use a bank code that matches the destination bank of the recipient. The following is a list of bank transfer codes in Indonesia.


What is a Bank Transfer Code?

A bank code is a series of number combinations that are used to identify each bank. This code is generally used during financial transactions such as bank transfers or payments through ATM machines. Each bank has a different bank code and is accepted nationally or internationally.

Complete list of Bank Transfer Codes in Indonesia

Launching from several reliable sources, the following is a complete list of bank transfer codes in Indonesia. Starting from government banks, private banks, to regional banks. Make sure you use the bank code below before making a transfer between banks!

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Government Bank

Government banks are a type of bank owned by the government and are part of BUMN (State Owned Enterprises). This bank is controlled by the government with the aim of providing financial services and financial services to the wider community. In addition, the presence of state banks also plays an important role in the country's economic development. The following is a list of government bank codes.

No. Bank Name Bank Code
1. BNI (Bank Negara Indonesia) 009
2. BRI (Bank Rakyat Indonesia) 002
3. BTN (Bank Tabungan Negara) 200
4. Bank Mandiri 008
5. BSI (Bank Syariah Indonesia Eks BRI Syariah) 422
6. BSI (Bank Syariah Indonesia Eks BNI Syariah) 427
7. BSI (Bank Syariah Indonesia Eks Mandiri Syariah) 451

Private Banks

Private bank is a type of bank that is managed by private parties, either individually or in groups. As is the case with state-owned banks, this type of bank also plays an important role in the Indonesian economy through the services it offers. Such as finance and financial services, deposits, credit, loans, insurance, investment services, and so on.

No. Bank Name Bank Code
1. BCA (Bank Central Asia) 014
2. Bank CIMB Niaga 022
3. Bank CIMB Niaga Syariah 022
4. Bank Muamalat 147
5. Bank Danamon 011
6. Bank OCBC NISP 028
7. Bank Permata 013
8. Bank Sinarmas 153
9. Bank Mega 426
10. Bank BII Maybank 016
11. Bank Bukopin 441
12. Bank BCA Syariah 536
13. Bank Commonwealth 950
14. Bank Citibank 031
15. Bank BTPN 213
16. Bank Jenius BTPN 213
17. Bank Panin 019
18. Bank Ekspor Indonesia 003
19. Bank Arhta Niaga Kencana 020
20. Bank Buana IND 023
21. Bank Artha Graha 037
22. Bank Bank Multicor 036
23. Bank Sumitomo Mitsui Indonesia 045
24. Bank DBS Indonesia 046
25. Bank Resona Perdania 047
26. Bank Mizuho Indonesia 048
27. Bank Standard Chartered 050
28. Bank Capital Indonesia 054
29. Bank ABN Amro 052
30. Bank Keppel Tatlee Buana 053
31. Bank UOB Indonesia 023
32. Bank Capital Indonesia 054
33. Bank Woori Indonesia 068
34. Bank Bumi Artha 076
35. Bank Ekonomi 087
36. Bank Haga 089
37. Bank IFI 093
38. Bank Century/Bank J Trust Indonesia 095
39. Bank Mayapada 097
40. Bank Nusantara Parahyangan 145
41. Bank Swadesi 146
42. Bank Mestika 151
43. Bank Metro Express 152
44. Bank Maspion 157
45. Bank Hagakita 159
46. Bank Ganesha 161
47. Bank Windu Kentjana 162
48. Bank Harmoni Internasional 166
49. Bank QNB Kesawan (Bank QNB) 167
50. Bank Swaguna 405
51. Bank Bisnis Internasional 459
52. Bank Sri Partha 466

Local bank

Regional bank is a type of bank managed by the local government. The presence of this bank has an important role in providing services and services to the local community and contributing to the development of a region. Here are some regional bank codes in Indonesia.

No. Bank Name Kode Bank
1. Bank DKI Jakarta 111
2. Bank Jabar (Jawa Barat) 110
3. Bank Jateng (Jawa Tengah) 113
4. Bank Jatim (Jawa Timur) 114
5. BPD DIY (Yogyakarta) 112
6. BPD Jambi 115
7. BPD Aceh 116
8. BPD Aceh Syariah 116
9. Bank Sumut (Sumatera Utara) 117
10. Bank Nagari (Bank Sumbar) 118
11. Bank Riau Kepri 119
12. Bank Sumber Babel 120
13. Bank Lampung 121
14. Bank Kalsel (Kalimantan Selatan) 122
15. Bank Kalbar (Kalimantan Barat) 123
16. Bank Kaltim Tara (Kalimantan Timur dan Utara) 124
17. Bank Kalteng (Kalimantan Tengah) 125
18. Bank Sulselbar (Sulawesi Selatan dan Barat) 126
19. Bank Sulutgo (Sulawesi Utara dan Gorontalo)  127
20. Bank NTP 128
21. Bank NTB Syariah 128
22. Bank BPD Bali 129
23. Bank NTT 130
24. Bank Maluku Malut 131
25. Bank Papua 132
26. Bank Bengkulu 133
27. Bank Sulteng (Sulawesi Tengah) 134
28. Bank Sultra 135
29. BPD Banten 137

Cheap Transfer Tips Between Banks

Administrative fees for inter-bank transfers can sometimes be burdensome. So, for those of you who want to make transfers between banks at a low and affordable cost, you can follow the tips below.

1. Use internet banking or mobile banking services from the same bank as the beneficiary.

2. Use the cheapest transfer service such as BI-Fast. The transfer fee charged to the sender is only IDR 2500 with a transaction limit of up to IDR 250 million.

3. Avoid using money transfer services through ATM machines, because they are usually more expensive.

4. Consider using alternative online money transfers via e-wallets such as OVO, GoPay, or DANA. Generally, transfer fees via e-wallet are cheaper.

5. Make sure the destination account information and transfer amount are correct before sending money.

Buddy BFI, that's the complete list of bank codes throughout Indonesia. Be sure to always be careful when making money transfers and ensure that the information you enter is correct.

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