These are 6 types of Installments Without a Credit Card You Can Choose

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8 August 2022
These are 6 types of Installments Without a Credit Card You Can Choose

Currently, there are many financial services that provide loans for various purposes, ranging from business capital loans, additional capital loans, loans and emergencies, and so on. The loan is usually returned in the form of monthly installments with a certain period or tenor. Are loans that are paid in installments always in the form of a credit card? The answer is no. Before reading information about installments without a credit card, read this information first.


Definition of Loan

Loans are funds provided by several financial lending institutions (can be in the form of banks or finance companies) by providing interest for a certain loan period or tenor that has been agreed upon between the borrower/debtor and the lender/creditor. Not all loans or funds come from banks, you know, BFI friends! There are various loans that you can choose from as an option to meet your needs or overcome the following financial problems.

6 Types of Installments Without a Credit Card

1. Unsecured Credit

The first type of installment without a credit card is Unsecured Credit. As the name implies, unsecured loans are loans that do not require collateral or collateral during the application process. KTA itself is a product offered by banks with benefits for business capital to consumptive needs.

For its type, KTA is divided into 2, namely Regular KTA and Payroll KTA. Regular KTA is intended for the general public without having to become a customer of the bank that provides it. On the other hand, KTA payroll is a KTA that is specifically for employees of a company that uses a payroll system or payroll from the bank concerned. This type of KTA has a larger and faster disbursement amount because the creditor/bank believes that the debtor can pay it off as long as he is an employee at the company.

Although the process is quite easy, and requires no collateral, low administrative fees, and flexible application, when applying for a KTA you must have a fairly stable income and profession and need to have a credit card beforehand. In addition, the interest offered is relatively large and limited to the loan limit.

2. Online Loans

The next type of installment without a credit card is an online loan. Almost the same as KTA, online loans or loans do not require collateral or collateral during the loan application process. Online loans are provided by internet-based financial institutions. This makes it easier for consumers to make loans without having to come or queue to the financial institution.

When applying for an online loan, you must choose a legal online loan, which means that the business process is registered and supervised by the OJK. If you borrow money on illegal loans, bad effects can haunt you, ranging from high interest, non-transparent fines, billing that is not according to regulations and ethics, and misuse of personal data.

3. Paylater

Next up, paylaters. Paylater is a term that refers to the purchase transaction of an item or service. Paylaters in Indonesia is facilitated by several financial service institutions such as Peer to Peer Lending, financing institutions, or banks. The principle used in this type of installment without a credit card is to buy goods or services now, and pay for them in the next month. Currently, paylaters also have various loan terms or tenors, ranging from 1 month to 12 months. There are many examples of paylaters in Indonesia and most of them are available on e-commerce.

4. Kredit Usaha Rakyat

The next type of loan is Kredit Usaha Rakyat. This loan is provided by a state-owned bank with the aim of providing business capital to MSME actors. This loan has a fairly large limit. KUR itself uses a guarantee or not. However, not all banks offer unsecured KUR. On average, KUR offers loans with collateral that must be submitted to the bank considering that the loan limit provided by the bank is also quite large.

5. Pawn Shop

The next type of loan is a place of pawn. As the name implies, this loan requires consumers to pawn their assets or goods. The pawn shops themselves come from private places or belong to the Ministry of SOEs such as Pegadaian. Both usually receive assets or goods that have value such as jewelry, electronic equipment, vehicles, securities, and production equipment such as machines and so on.

6. Multipurpose Credit

The last type of installment without a credit card is multipurpose credit. When applying for this loan, you need to prepare assets or collateral such as vehicles in the form of BPKB and also a home ownership certificate. Even though you need collateral, you can get a loan with a fairly large limit with a long enough tenor or loan period.

Loan Payment

The six types of loans above can be a solution for those of you who are in need of emergency funds, business capital, education, to consumptive needs. The refund process can be paid in installments within a certain time according to the agreement. When you apply for a loan, you can see the estimated monthly installments according to the selected tenor. The longer the tenor, the fewer installments you will pay. However, during this period you also have to pay interest and penalties if there is a delay in paying the installments.

That's information about information on types of loans with installment payments without a credit card that you can try.

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