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How to Prepare Early Childhood Education Fund

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14 July 2022
How to Prepare Early Childhood Education Fund

Talking about children's education funds, of course, we understand enough that education is one of the pillars of development. This is because education can make a person more independent so that later they can support economic and health factors. Someone who gets a good education has the potential to have a life with a better economy and health.

With education, children can get a more stable life even better. In addition, through education, children are able to make money and are able to achieve their dreams. However, because the cost of education is always increasing every year, you need to prepare education funds from an early age. Check out how to prepare the following education funds.


Plan Every Level

As a parent, you can discuss with your partner about planning your child's education at every level. For example, you and your partner are a new husband and wife who are planning to have children. You and your partner need to plan your child's school level starting from elementary to college. Including tuition fees, transportation, a distance of residence, educational institutions, and so on. This plan needs to be considered from the start before entering into the estimation of the cost of education.

Looking for School Information

Similar to the plan for a child's education level that was discussed earlier, finding out about school information is no less important. The reason is, that by finding out as much information as possible about the school you are going to, you can also consider the curriculum, the education system, and the school environment. Of course, we as parents always want the best for our children, right?

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Calculating Children's Education Fund 

After planning your child's education level, you can start calculating the estimated cost of education needed while the child is in school, including the calculation of inflation each year. With the estimation, the need and amount of education costs will be more clearly defined.

Planning Children's Education Fund Savings 

When all plans for education levels and estimated costs have been drawn up, you need to plan for saving your child's education fund. Education savings can be in the form of deposits or self-saving. You can choose the type of education savings that suits you and your partner's principles. However, by choosing a deposit education savings, you will benefit more because there is interest every year compared to saving yourself which is at risk of being lost, stolen, or used for other purposes.

Become an Education Insurance Customer 

In addition to having deposits, another thing you can do to get children's education funds is to take an education insurance policy. The system of education insurance is that you are required to pay a premium every month like saving in a bank, but over time, you can get funds that are greater than the premium paid.


Investment itself is one way to invest capital or funds in the hope of getting a profit (return) in the future. The instruments used are the stock market, mutual funds, gold investment, or property investment. To be more secure and stable, you can choose to invest in gold and property as a way to raise funds for children's education.

Joint Financial Evaluation

Children's education funds are not only used once but along with the existing education levels. Evaluating finances, even though it seems trivial, can be one of the keys to adequate education funds. Be sure to take the time and discuss the children's education funds that have been used or will be used.

Active on Social Media

A study at Research Gate explains that social media is the right platform to find business opportunities. In this regard, you can increase your income through social media. One of them is by opening an online business, offering services or expertise in a field (freelance), and others.

Not only that, by being active on social media, it will be easy for us to get updated information about the world of education. This can be additional useful information for you to consider with your partner or Education Advisor.

Prepare an Emergency Fund

The last thing is to set up an emergency fund. Emergency funds can be used for various purposes including education costs. Emergency funds are usually obtained from personal savings. Apart from being sourced from personal savings, you can get emergency funds by applying for a loan at BFI Finance.

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