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16 Ways to Become a Successful Person From Scratch, Anyone Can Try It!

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28 February 2023
16 Ways to Become a Successful Person From Scratch, Anyone Can Try It!

Who doesn't want to be a successful person? Most of us would certainly answer 'yes'. Not surprisingly, various ways to become successful people are willing to be done in order to achieve the success that has been wanted to achieve. Starting from reading books, attending seminars, watching videos, inspiring stories, and so on.

Success itself is a complex matter and is influenced by various factors, such as family background, talent, opportunity, hard work, and luck.

Even so, there are a number of ways you can do to become a successful person, one of which is by applying the following 16 ways.


16 Ways to Become a Successful Person

The following are 16 ways to become a successful person that can help you achieve success and dig deeper into the potential that lies within you.

1. Discipline

The first way to become a successful person is to be disciplined in everything you do. One example is by committing to do everything in a timely and organized manner.

Some examples of the disciplined attitude possessed by successful people:

  • Get up earlier every day
  • Exercise regularly
  • Manage existing finances as effectively as possible
  • Eat healthy and nutritious food, and reduce your intake of junk food and other preservative foods

2. Be consistent

Some of us may be familiar with the saying "consistency is the key". This adage means that consistency is the key to success. By being consistent in what we do, no matter how small the progress we make, in the end, we will be able to achieve our goals rather than making big progress all at once but inconsistently.

3. Want to Continue Learning

The fast and rapid development of the times forces us to continue to learn and adapt to circumstances. Those who are successful are those who have a strong desire to continue learning over time without getting tired or feeling limited by age.

Strive to continuously improve your knowledge and skills. such as attending free or paid training and taking advantage of learning opportunities from others. The point is, it's never too late to learn.

4. Be Responsible

Like a discipline, you have to instill an attitude of responsibility into your mindset. Try to finish everything you start as best you can and if there are problems along the way, try to think for a moment and deal with them as coolly as possible.

Running from a problem will not make you a successful person. The truth is, problems that come and go are a test for you to be a more mature, tough, and wise person.

5. Have Plans and Goals


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Success is achieved because of plans and goals for the future. Prepare a plan of what you need to do to achieve the goals that exist. Don't forget to routinely evaluate every step you make.

6. Appreciate Time

The way to become the next successful person is to appreciate the time you have. By making the most of the available time, you have the opportunity to be one step ahead of others.

Apart from that, respecting your time means that you also respect yourself by not wasting your time on things that are useless and are detrimental to you.

7. Adding Relationships

The social environment can affect your mindset and behavior. Therefore, try to make friends with positive people, have goals in life, and always support you in achieving your dreams. Avoid those who bring bad influences and have a lifestyle of hedonism.

8. Consider Suggestions / Feedback from Others

Every human being is born with different traits and characters. There's nothing wrong with listening to any suggestions or input from other people with different backgrounds than yours.

Make sure to filter back all the feedback you receive. Don't take it for granted. Sort out which ones you can apply in real life and which you can't.

9. Healthy Lifestyle

Successful people really appreciate the health of their bodies. They will carry out a series of activities that are able to maintain their body fitness, for example by leading a healthy lifestyle such as exercising, meditating, and eating food.

10. Positive Thinking

Positive thinking is a way to become the next successful person that you shouldn't miss. By thinking positively you can better manage the negative emotions that arise in you, reduce feelings of stress and anxiety, and are able to control your life even better.

11. Spirit of a Good Leader

The way to become the next successful person is to have a good leadership spirit or often referred to as a leadership spirit. Being a good leader doesn't necessarily have to have a team or subordinates to lead, you can hone your leadership skills by leading yourself first to become a person who is always directed and responsible.

12. Quickly Adapt

A person's adaptability is a measure of success. The reason is, those who are good at adapting can easily get through various obstacles that come their way and are not afraid to take the opportunities that exist.

13. Learn from Mistakes

Apart from listening to advice or input from other people, another thing that is no less important and that you need to consider is learning from mistakes. The mistakes referred to here can mean something broad, for example learning from mistakes you have made or mistakes that have happened to other people.

14. Always be Grateful

Having ambition and purpose in life is great. However, don't forget to always be grateful for every process and result in you have got. With gratitude, you will not only get worldly success but also spiritual success.

15. Optimistic

Optimism and never giving up are one ways to become a successful person who is mutually sustainable. Without the optimistic nature that exists in you, you will have a tendency to give up easily, be afraid to try, and feel hesitant to make changes that have the potential to be good for yourself.

16. Do Not be Easily Satisfied

Achieving success of course takes sacrifice and strong determination. Obstacle after obstacle you must be able to face properly to be able to reach the peak of success.

Don't be easily satisfied with what you get right now. This feeling of satisfaction will only make you enjoy the momentary success which turns out to have a negative side. Among others, namely:

  • Feeling easily satisfied will only keep you stuck in the same situation, making you not want to develop to be even better.

  • Bringing out pride in oneself as a result of having succeeded in reaching a certain point.

Sobat BFI, that's how to become a successful person that you can apply in your daily life. Hopefully, you can achieve the success you've always wanted and become a better person.

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