The Latest, Easy and Safe Ways and Conditions for Pawning BPKB Cars!

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29 September 2022
The Latest, Easy and Safe Ways and Conditions for Pawning BPKB Cars!

Car BPKB loans are the easiest and most common way to get funds as quickly as possible, especially for urgent needs.

Besides being easy and fast, cars have a high value to be used as loan collateral. Thus, the nominal funds obtained are sufficient to meet various financial needs.

Another plus point, customers can still use the guaranteed vehicle for their daily needs. Because what is guaranteed is only the car BPKB.

Guaranteed loan services with BPKB Mobil pawn conditions are now available everywhere and easy to find. The most common is to apply for a guaranteed loan with the condition of the BPKB Mobil pawning to a non-bank financial institution or finance company.

Because the requirements are more practical than the bank. The disbursement process is also shorter. So it is suitable for those of you who need a fast loan in a short time.

Then, what are the conditions for pawning BPKB Cars and other things that you should pay attention to? Read more in the following information.


Conditions for Pawning BPKB Cars

In applying for a loan you need to complete the requirements and complete documents. Generally, the requirements for applying for a loan with a guarantee for a mobile BPKB pawn are that the prospective borrower is at least 21 years old, has a stable income, and has the original BPKB. As for the documents you need to prepare them as follows.

1. Borrower's ID card

2. Family Card

3. Marriage Certificate / Divorce / Death / Prenuptial Agreement

4. Taxpayer Identification Number (NPW) / Tax Return

5. Account Transaction History for the Last 3 Months

6. Employee Salary Slip / Income Certificate

7. Guarantee Documents (BPKB Vehicle, SHM/SHGB, IMB, AJB, Latest PBB)

Tips for Applying for a Car BPKB Guarantee Loan 

So that a loan with the condition of your car BPKB pawn can be processed quickly with maximum disbursement of funds, you can follow these useful tips.

1. Check Your Car

Make sure that the physical condition of your car is the same as the BPKB of the car that will be guaranteed. You have to understand the type of your car and check whether your car meets the criteria to be guaranteed. Such as the brand, type, type, and year of manufacture.

The full details are as follows.

1. Age and Condition of the Car

Although there are several financial institutions that accept old cars, there is still a minimum limit for the age of the car. Generally, what is accepted is a car with a minimum output of 1995.

If you want to apply for a loan with BPKB Car pawning conditions, make sure that the age of your vehicle has met the requirements to be guaranteed.

Another factor that must be considered in guaranteeing your vehicle is the physical condition of the car. Your loan application will certainly not be approved if your car has been badly damaged or has been heavily modified.

If your vehicle is not included in the new year's output but meets the minimum age requirements and is in prime condition, it will certainly increase the chances of your loan application being approved. Make sure that you check the physical condition of your car and whether it is still eligible for collateral.

2. Car Brand

The brand of the car that you decide to pawn is also one of the factors that must be considered. This is because the financial institution considers the sale value of the vehicle you pawned.

Generally, financial institutions tend to accept cars with common brands, have a lot of demand, and still have a high selling value. For example, Japanese, European and American car brands such as Toyota, Honda, Daihatsu, BMW, and so on. Make sure that the brand of the car you want to guarantee complies with the specified requirements.

2. Choose a Trusted Financing Company

Make sure that you apply for a loan on the condition that the BPKB Mobil pawn is to a trusted financing company, and has guaranteed security and reputation. You can determine whether the financing company you are aiming for is registered and supervised by the OJK, and provides low-interest rates and the best service that suits your needs and your ability to pay.

3. Choose the Smallest Flower

All finance companies will definitely charge interest fees that you must pay when you make a loan. Usually, the amount of interest charged by one company and another varies, depending on the type of service you choose.

However, don't let you be charged too much interest when you apply for a loan on the condition of pawning a BPKB Car. This is because legal finance companies have interest limits to be given to their customers which have been determined by the OJK.

4. Understand the Terms and Conditions

Even though you need money quickly, you should not be careless and sign the letter given by the loan company. See, observe, and read one by one the terms and conditions contained in the form.

If there is nothing that you think is burdensome for you as a loan, you can sign and make a loan with the company. Study the terms and conditions carefully.

Generally, the applicable requirements emphasize that prospective borrowers must be aged 21-60 years with a steady income. In fact, some finance companies set certain professional requirements and nominal salaries to apply for a loan.

Meanwhile, in general, the documents required to apply for a loan with the conditions for pawning BPKB Cars are:

  • KTP and KK

  • NPWP / Tax Return

  • Last 3 Months Account

  • Employee Salary Slip / Income Certificate

  • Guarantee Documents (STNK, Tax, BPKB, Invoice)

  • Domicile Data (Electricity PEL ID / Last Electricity Account / Last PBB / SHM / AJB / PK)

Make sure that all of these things are met so that your loan application can be easier to get approved.

5. Loan Amount

The amount of the loan or nominal that you will apply for is very important to think about properly. The reason is, this must be adjusted to your financial condition and ability to pay off the loan later, don't apply for a loan more than your ability which will risk your vehicle being detained because you can't pay the loan installments.

The creditor will also assess whether your condition is able to pay off the loan on the condition of the BPKB Car pawn. This will affect whether your loan application will be approved or not.

6. Credit History

Credit history also affects the approval process for disbursement of the BPKB Mobil mortgage loan requirements. Make sure that you have paid off other debts before applying for a loan. So, you are considered capable of being responsible for the credit that you will apply for.

7. Choose a Legal Company

Whatever financing institution you choose, the first thing you should find out is the license status of the company. This can be a safe way to find out how credible the company you are aiming for is.

A finance company with the condition of a trusted Car BPKB Pawn, of course, has a license related to the services provided by the OJK.

Loan Procedure With Conditions for Pawning BPKB Car

First, you can visit the nearest trusted finance company branch. You can also apply online if the service is available.

After that, you must prepare complete documents that have been determined by the finance company. Such as KTP, SIM, Family Card, BPKB, and the original STNK of the vehicle.

Before applying for a loan, pay close attention to what you have to prepare. So, it is easier to apply for a loan with the conditions of your car BPKB pawning.

In the next stage, the vehicle that you will guarantee will also be assessed whether it is eligible to be guaranteed. Generally, vehicles that are eligible to be used as collateral are cars with a maximum age of 10 years and in prime condition.

In addition, some finance companies also only accept certain vehicle brands, such as those made in Japan or Italy.

After seeing the condition of the car that will be guaranteed, the officer will provide an estimated value that can be given to the borrower. The nominal, of course, depends on the condition of the vehicle you guarantee.

Generally, you can get a disbursement of around 60-80% of the value of the vehicle you guarantee.

Tips for Managing Loan Funds Wisely

After getting loan funds with the conditions of pawning BPKB Cars, make sure you manage these funds as well as possible. Check out the following tips to find out how to manage BPKB guarantee loan funds wisely, especially car BPKB.

Syarat Gadai BPKB Mobil

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1. Use Funds As Needed

Generally, loans with BPKB Mobil pawn conditions are chosen because the amount of funds obtained is quite large, in accordance with the value of the vehicle that is guaranteed. Use the funds obtained wisely for urgent needs.

If there are leftovers, don't be tempted to use these funds for consumptive purposes. This is so that you can allocate the funds you have effectively for what you really need.

Do not let loan funds that should be used for productive or emergency purposes, actually go to waste.

2. Utilizing Funds for Productive Needs

As with the previous point, try to take advantage of loan funds from the BPKB Mobil pawn requirements for productive or productive purposes. For example, as business capital or investment.

This is certainly more useful than you use it for unnecessary things. You can also get income or interest from it which is beneficial for the long term.

In addition, do not be tempted by large loan funds. Because keep in mind that you still have to pay installments, so you must be responsible and use the funds obtained wisely and effectively.

3. Take advantage of it to open a new business

You can also take advantage of the loan proceeds from the BPKB Mobil mortgage terms to increase your income by opening a new business. Owning a business is one way of earning income whose profits can be used to repay the existing loan principal. If the business developed is large, the profits will also increase even more. Some business ideas that you can try are as follows.

Travel Agency

Are you a hobby or experienced traveling? Take advantage of your ability to open a travel agent service. Given that many people will take their families on trips, the services of travel agents are certainly much sought after to launch a trip. Especially if you open a car travel business.

In this business, you are responsible for meeting people's traveling needs such as selling transportation tickets, hotel bookings, consumption needs, or tourist entrance tickets.

Open at A Place of Business

Doing business in tourist attractions is an opportunity to make profits during the holiday season, especially if you live in a central area of tourist destinations. Usually, there are many vendors selling culinary products, fashion, and so on.

You can open a stall and offer local souvenirs or merchandise for visitors. Or, you can also become a photographer and sell your photos to tourists as a keepsake.

Car Rental

Doing business in tourist attractions is an opportunity to make profits during the holiday season, especially if you live in a central area of tourist destinations. Usually, there are many vendors selling culinary products, fashion, and so on.

You can open a stall and offer local souvenirs or merchandise for visitors. Or, you can also become a photographer and sell your photos to tourists as a keepsake.

4. Close Credit Card Debt

If you have the remaining funds from the disbursement of the BPKB Car pawn loan, you can cover other debts you have so that the ongoing debt is not too much. By having debt that is centered on one hole, finances will be more stable so it affects the process of paying loan installments later.

5. Don't Waste 

Who is not tempted when they get a large amount of money? Well, you need to avoid things like this so that all loan disbursements on the condition that the BPKB Car pawn can be allocated according to to need.

If there are funds left and you have no other debt claims, you should invest to increase the value of the money you have.

Reasons for Rejected BPKB Guarantee Loans

The following are various reasons why your loan application with the condition of your car BPKB pawn is rejected.

1. Criteria for Vehicles Not In Accordance With Requirements

Generally, finance companies stipulate a number of requirements regarding the type, brand, year, and condition of the vehicle that can be pledged as a condition for pawning BPKB Cars. Each financial institution has different requirements.

However, the general requirement is that the vehicle must be in good condition, both physical and mechanical, and not more than 10 to 15 years old.

Well, if your application is rejected, it could be that your vehicle does not meet one or even all of the requirements set by the financial institution. Therefore, study the criteria applied carefully. Then make sure that your vehicle meets these criteria.

2. Loan Nominal Above the Value of the Collateral Vehicle

One of the reasons why vehicles are often used as collateral for loans with the condition of BPKB Car pawning is because the funds obtained are quite large, because the collateral assets are of great value.

However, generally, the amount of disbursement of funds received is below the estimated value of the vehicle set by the financial institution.

If you apply for a loan amount above the selling value of your vehicle, then your loan is definitely rejected.

When you want to apply for a loan, make sure that you understand the terms and features that you get. That way, you can estimate the costs that you can get and whether these costs can meet your needs.

3. Unclear or False Identity

When you apply for a loan with the conditions for pawning the BPKB Car, in addition to submitting documents, you also have to submit your identity such as an ID card, telephone number, and so on.

If your identity is unclear or uses another name, your loan will definitely be rejected. This is because there is a confirmation process carried out by the financial institution.

Make sure that you fill in your identity as clearly as possible on the registration form, and submit supporting identification documents.

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