Success and Blessings, Here Are 8 Recommended Ways to Trade in Islam

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4 April 2023
Success and Blessings, Here Are 8 Recommended Ways to Trade in Islam

In Islam, trading is a noble occupation. Trading is highly recommended to obtain blessings, lawful profits, and avoid poverty.

Even so, we need to know that trading in Islam must be done in a good and right way, in accordance with the applicable Islamic law.

BFI friends, do you know how to trade in Islam that is good and right? If not, come on, let's see more in the following description.


1. 8 Ways to Trade in Islam

There are 8 ways to trade in Islam that we should know so that the business we are engaged in is always blessed by Allah SWT.

1.1. Intend Because of Allah

Apart from the intention to seek sustenance, make sure that the intention to trade in Islam that you have is solely because of Allah SWT.

By intending for Allah, we will always avoid greed and other bad things. In addition, trading with the intention because Allah can make all existing forms of transactions become acts of worship and earn His pleasure.

1.2. Instill Honest Nature

Always try to be honest and transparent when trading. Trading in Islam must be done honestly and avoid practices that are not supposed to be done.

Honest is one of the characteristics of the Prophet Muhammad namely 'Siddiq'. One of the honest behaviors in trading is not exaggerating the results of the existing scales and not lying about the condition of the goods being sold.

1.3. Selling Halal Goods with Good Quality

In accordance with the principles of Islamic law, avoid all forms of transactions that are forbidden such as usury, gambling, and so on. Be sure not to sell defective or damaged items. Instead, sell quality goods so that buyers feel happy and you also benefit from every transaction.

1.4. Take Reasonable Profits

It's no secret that one of the goals of selling is to make a profit. Even so, take reasonable profits so that your sales results can be a blessing.

The wise way to take advantage is to take into account costs in terms of production, raw materials, marketing, and so on. With you taking reasonable profits, buyers will also be satisfied to shop at you.

1.5. Be Friendly and Polite To Buyers

The next way to trade in Islam is by prioritizing good service such as being friendly and polite to buyers. One example is by not discriminating between buyers based on gender, social status, or the number of items purchased. Try to keep providing good and the same service.

On the other hand, friendly and courteous service can make buyers feel comfortable and satisfied to buy at your place. A friendly and polite attitude also makes customers feel valued.

1.6. Compete in a Healthy Manner

In trading, competition is something that is very reasonable. Meanwhile, make sure to compete in a healthy manner. Some of the ways you can compete in a healthy manner are to provide good quality service, sell quality goods at competitive prices, and apply the right marketing strategy. In short, put service and quality first.

1.7. Use a Marketing Strategy

Trading should be accompanied by the use of marketing strategies to target more customers according to the predetermined target market.

In addition, think creatively and innovatively to adapt existing marketing to today's developments. If you have this, it is not impossible that the business you have is able to run well.

1.8. Keep Trying, Never Give Up

Allah SWT always commands us not to give up easily and always strive in every step. As stated in the Qur'an, "And do not despair of Allah's mercy. Indeed, those who despair of Allah's mercy are only those who disbelieve." (QS. Yusuf: 87).

Therefore, keep trying and don't easily give up on the various obstacles that are in front of us, because indeed Allah will not test His servant beyond his limits.

2. 5 Benefits of Trading in Islam

In addition to obtaining profits in the form of assets that can be used to live a life and share with others, trading in Islam also has a number of other benefits, including the following.

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2.1. Improving Economic Welfare

By trading, you can improve economic welfare, such as meeting primary needs and other needs that are important for the survival of you and your family.

2.2. Practicing Independence

Trading is able to train one's independence. The reason is, you are required to be a versatile person and able to lead the business that you are currently living. This includes implementing various strategies and innovating so that the business is able to compete with competitors in its field.

2.3. Expanding Connections and Establishing Hospitality

Trading allows us to meet many people from all walks of life with different backgrounds. This of course can be a great opportunity to expand your business reach and learn many things from others. The more people you know, the more knowledge you will get.

2.4. Sharpen Entrepreneurial Ability

By trading you can explore your potential, one of which is entrepreneurial ability. You will learn how to manage a business so that it can run well. 

2.5. Obtaining Blessings

Trading in Islam is a noble and positive action to take, especially if it is well-intentioned. As is the case with selling goods at reasonable prices, competing in a healthy manner, to opening jobs for other people.

Islam teaches us to always do good to others and all living things on earth. Without a doubt, in Islam giving work opportunities to others is a good practice.

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