You Can Try, 10 Ideas for Selling Food Online with Small Capital

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26 May 2022
You Can Try, 10 Ideas for Selling Food Online with Small Capital

There are several reasons why you should try to open a food business. The first is because food is a mandatory requirement to be met every day. In addition, the food business is one of the business fields that does not waver even during the pandemic. A food business that you can try is an online food business because it can reach more customers. In addition, owning a food business is also cheaper because it does not require operational capital in the form of renting a stall.

On this occasion, BFI Finance will summarize 10 ideas for selling food online that you can try to earn side money.


10 Ideas for Selling Food Online


Ide Jualan Makanan Online - Corn Dog

The first online food selling idea was corndogs. In addition to its delicious taste, corndogs are a favorite food because they are considered filling snacks. This food became popular for the first time through the Korean drama, Start Up. Corndog itself is a food from the United States made from sausage meat covered with cornflour. However, most corndog entrepreneurs in Korea replace it with a layer of sticky flour and re-coat it with noodles or potatoes as a coating.

In Indonesia, the presentation of corndogs also follows the presentation in Korea because it is preferred and accepted by the tongue of the Indonesian people. There is also a presentation that is wrapped with sticky flour liquid and wrapped in breadcrumbs so that when fried it will form a layer like bread. Corndogs are topped with chili sauce, tomato sauce, mayonnaise, mustard, and powdered sugar to add flavor. It's really tempting and can be tried for additional income.

Fried Tofu

Fried tofu is also a snack or side dish that is suitable to be eaten at any time. There are many types of fried tofu that can be used as ideas for selling food online, ranging from crispy tofu, walik tofu, stuffed tofu, Sumedang tofu, and round tofu.

To start this business is relatively easy and does not require large capital. You can also become a partner or register a franchise with a well-known trademark. However, if you intend to open a business independently, you can start with investment capital in a frying pan or frying pan, stove, filter, and spatula to process tofu into ready-to-eat food. In addition to investment capital, you can spend capital in the form of tofu, tofu stuffing, chili, sauce, paper lunch boxes or paper wrappers, cooking oil, seasonings, and spices with Balado, spicy, cheese, and others.

Mentai Salmon

Ide Jualan Makanan Online - Salmon Mentai

Sumber Gambar : Asian Food Network

Mentai is one of the sauce toppings that is currently viral and is not temporary. Although known as a sauce topping, mentai itself comes from Japan, which means pink pollock fish eggs that stick together and are oval in shape. In Japan, mentai is usually eaten with onigiri.

Because it has been mixed with Baarat culture, mentai began to be mixed with mayonnaise. In Indonesia, mentai sauce is usually made from a mixture of mayonnaise and sauce. For a richer taste, mentai sauce is also burned using a kitchen torch. This sauce is usually served with warm rice topped with chicken, beef and fish. For fish meat, most use salmon because it is more savory and soft to eat.

Mentai Dimsum

Ide Jualan Makanan Online - Dimsum Mentai

Sumber gambar : Beautynesia

In addition to mentai salmon, you can create other types of food as a substitute for rice and side dishes such as dimsum. Dimsum is also one of the most popular snacks in Indonesia. Dimsum is a dish from China that is served by steaming. The goal is that when eaten to keep it warm and delicious. Chinese people make dimsum as a side dish for tea.

In Indonesia, dimsum mentai is not only used as a snack, but as a luxury food served at several events such as weddings, graduations, birthdays, and so on. Given the demand that comes from various needs, the idea of selling this food can be an opportunity to earn additional income.

Dessert Box 

Next is the dessert box business. According to the taste, this sweet cake business has become one of the foods that are quite in demand in the market. One of the most successful dessert box businesses is Bittersweet by Najla. Not only viral for a moment, but this business idea can also be a big opportunity.

For those of you who intend to open a business selling dessert boxes at home, here are tips and estimates of capital and profits that you can get.



Ide Jualan Makanan Online - Brownies

The next selling idea is brownies. One of the foods or desserts that can be used as an opportunity to earn additional income is brownies. Brownies itself is one type of cake that has several types as follows.

Cakey Brownies

Brownies whose texture is similar to chocolate cake. In appearance, these cakey brownies expand because in the manufacturing process they use a cake developer.

Fudgy Brownies 

This type of brownie has a soft, sticky, and dense texture. Fudgy brownies have a composition of butter and melted chocolate that is more than flour so they produce such a texture.

Chewy Brownies 

The last brownies are chewy brownies which have a chewy texture because they are given a mixture of brown sugar in their composition.

The difference between the three types of brownies lies in the difference in ingredients, ratios, and methods of mixing the ingredients. If you intend to sell food online, you can do research by giving a tester to potential consumers to find out the most preferred type of brownies. To increase sales, you can sell all three. Good luck.

Silky Pudding 

Ide Jualan Makanan Online - Silky Pudding

The next idea to sell food online that can be sold is Silky Pudding. As the name implies, silky pudding is a pudding with a very soft texture and far from chewy. Silky pudding is usually sold or provided by several snack merchants in restaurants or malls. However, you can also try some homemade silky pudding recipes for resale.

A Bottle of Milk Coffee

Apart from being a drink to relieve drowsiness, coffee, especially coffee milk, has become a lifestyle for some people. It doesn't feel good if you don't sip a glass of milk coffee to start and accompany the day. With this, you can take advantage of this opportunity as an opportunity to earn extra money or side income. Make sure you have prepared your branding needs and recipes that are delicious and can be enjoyed by everyone.

Risol Mayo 

This one fried food is often used as a contemporary fry that has many fans. Not just fried food, risol mayo is fried and topped with ham, boiled egg pieces, and mayonnaise. Due to its creamy and delicious taste, most young adults and teenagers really like this food.

Anda bisa menjadikan risol mayo menjadi salah satu ide jualan makanan online yang bisa dilakukan dari rumah. Agar lebih awet, Anda juga bisa membuat resep risoles mayo frozen food. Selain ketahanannya, risol mayo frozen juga lebih memudahkan konsumen karena dapat dinikmati dalam keadaan hangat dengan cara dimasak di rumah. 

Hot Pentol

The last idea for selling food online is a homemade firecracker. Talking about pentol, pentol itself is a kind of meatball food made from a mixture of flour and a little beef. Pentol is increasingly in demand especially if it has a spicy taste.

Reported from cash, one food business called The Legend of Pentol Mercon can pocket a turnover of up to tens of millions of rupiah when selling pentol. If you are interested in trying it, you can register a franchise. However, if you have a great recipe and have plenty of time to spare, you can make your own and sell it online.


Those are 10 ideas for selling food online a la BFI Finance that you can try from home. Make sure you have a type of business that is in line with the surrounding targets and take advantage of promotional media such as social media and register your business on online motorcycle taxis so that the potential customers you can reach will be wider.

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