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Cesarean Costs and Tips for Obtaining Funds

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29 June 2022
Cesarean Costs and Tips for Obtaining Funds

Having a baby is certainly a dream for most couples. No doubt, many people are willing to do anything to have children. Without exception meet balanced nutrition and other needs needed by pregnant women.

One of the most crucial needs for pregnant women is the cost of childbirth. Childbirth itself is divided into 2: normal delivery and cesarean section.

Sobat BFI, do you know what a cesarean section is?

In this article, we will discuss a complete cesarean section with various aspects that we need to know, including the estimated cost of the operation required.


What is A Caesarean Section?

Cesarean section is a medical procedure performed to remove the baby by dissecting the abdomen and uterus through an incision. The incision made is generally transverse parallel to the line below the waist.

Conditions Requiring Caesarean

The majority of pregnant women must have the same expectations; have a normal delivery. Even so, there is nothing wrong if we prepare a backup plan. One of them is preparing for a cesarean section.

The reason is, that this one medical action is very possible in the middle of a normal delivery process.

To find out what conditions require a cesarean section, see the description below.

Undeveloped opening

One indication of the need for medical action in the form of a cesarean section is the presence of contractions that occur for more than 18 hours. This needs to be acted on because the prolonged contraction period can endanger the safety of the baby to be born and the mother.

The condition of the fetus is worrying

Incorrect fetal position

The position of the fetus is breech or transverse, where the position of the feet is located down. Of course, this is very dangerous for the baby's life if forced to give birth normally.

Pregnant with twins

Not all twins are required to have a cesarean section. Unless one of the fetuses is experiencing certain things, for example, they are in an inappropriate position.

The birth canal is closed

The placenta is at the bottom, there are myomas or hip fractures. This condition requires medical action in the form of a cesarean section because otherwise, you will experience heavy bleeding.

Umbilical cord complications

The existence of complications in the umbilical cord can inhibit oxygen from flowing to the fetus, if not treated immediately, then most likely the fetus can not be saved.

Maternal health condition is not ideal

The health of pregnant women is very influential on the smooth delivery process. If the pregnant woman has certain diseases and the doctor recommends feeding, a cesarean section will likely be selected.

Have you ever had a Caesarean?

Pregnant women who have previously had a cesarean section are more likely to undergo a cesarean section again. Even so, there is a possibility that the mother can give birth normally. Depends on the decision given by the doctor.

Risks of Caesarean Delivery


Cesarean section is performed by making an incision in the uterus and abdomen. If we don't take good care of it, it is very likely that the existing incision will be exposed to bacteria that are at risk of infection.

Infections that commonly occur are pain at the surgical site, redness, swelling, pus, fever, and even heavy bleeding. If this happens immediately consult an expert.


Existing surgical scars can be at risk of bleeding. This is quite worrying because the existing bleeding can have an impact on blood deficiency so it requires blood transfusions that are not small.

Blood clotting

Characteristics that there is redness on the skin of the feet, feet feel pain, and warm. This happens because blood clots eventually block the veins.

Side Effects of Anesthesia

Anesthesia given before surgery gives various effects such as numbness and dizziness. The effects will wear off within a few days after giving birth.


What are the costs of a Caesarean section that need to be prepared?

Pregnancy control costs

Pregnancy under 7 months must be diligent control every month. The costs required range from Rp. 150,000 to Rp. 350,000 depending on the doctor and the place of control. This price includes a doctor's consultation and a prescription.

Pregnancy ultrasound cost

At first glance, the cost of control and ultrasound is almost the same. In fact, ultrasound examination is more advanced and uses technology that is divided into several types; Usual ultrasound (Performed in binding), 2D ultrasound, 3D ultrasound, and 4D ultrasound. Ultrasound is performed 3-5 times before delivery to ensure the baby's condition is healthy and the position is not dangerous. The price range required for ultrasound fees depends on the type of ultrasound and the hospital concerned.

Caesarean Cost

The cost of a cesarean section depends on the type of room and the type of hospital. Make sure to choose a hospital that includes delivery costs, medicines, food, and other supporting facilities. More details about the cost of the cesarean section will be discussed in the next column.

Recovery costs after cesarean section

In contrast to normal delivery, the cesarean section requires special handling, including recovery after surgery. Includes suture control, internal wound healing drugs, and doctor's control.

The price range depends on the selected hospital. For a general hospital, the cost range required is approximately Rp. 500,000 and includes the necessary medicines and vitamins. If you want better treatment or treatment, you can choose a private hospital. Of course, the costs required are more expensive than in public hospitals.

Operasi Sesar

Image Source: Unsplash/Omar Lopez

Cesarean Cost

The costs required for a cesarean section are divided into 2 types, BPJS and Non-BPJS.


BPJS Health bears the cost of a cesarean section with the following conditions:

1. Pregnancy is a high risk

This means that pregnant women have certain health problems that can threaten the life of both the mother and the fetus if the delivery process is carried out normally.

2. Bring a referral from a level I health facility doctor

After knowing certain causes that can endanger the safety of the mother and fetus, the next step is to bring a doctor's referral obtained from Health Facilities I to be forwarded to the hospital. Do not forget to attach supporting documents such as original and photocopies of ID cards, family cards (KK), books on maternal and child health.

3. No individual claims

The cesarean section covered by BPJS Kesehatan is only valid for patients who already have a recommendation or referral from Health Facilities I. Cannot be claimed suddenly or on the basis of a personal request.

4. BPJS Health Card is still active

So that the operating costs can be borne by BPJS, the patient must be an active member of BPJS Health.

The cost of a cesarean section borne by BPJS Health is as follows.

Major Caesarean

Class 3: Rp7.915.300,00

Class 2: Rp9.498.300,00

Class 1: Rp11.081.400,00

Moderate Cesarean

Class 3: Rp5.780.000,00

Class 2: Rp6.936.000,00

Class 1: Rp8.092.000,00

Minor Cesarean

Class 3: Rp5.257.900,00

Class 2: Rp6.285.500,00

Class 1: Rp7.733.000,00

Those are the details of the costs borne by BPJS Kesehatan, of course, depending on the class, hospital, and the facilities offered.


Based on the Type of Hospital

Private Hospital

The costs required for cesarean section in private hospitals are generally quite expensive. For the Jakarta area, it ranges between Rp. 30 million - Rp. 50 million. Depends on the facilities offered.

Type A Hospital

General hospitals with type A have cesarean section prices ranging from Rp. 4 million to Rp. 15 million. Of course, it depends on the facilities and other needs offered.

Type B Hospital

Type B hospitals have cesarean section prices ranging from Rp. 5 million to Rp. 16 million. This nominal does not include emergency actions needed by the baby or mother during the delivery process.

Type C-D Hospital

Types C and D hospitals for the Jakarta area range between Rp. 4 million – Rp. 7 million. This includes actions, doctor visits, and this type of hospital receiving BPJS referrals.

Based on the Type of Room

In this type, the costs offered are relatively expensive, but that is of course not with complete facilities.

Suite room type

One of the most expensive room types. The cost that needs to be spent is around Rp. 67 million. It includes luxurious and complete facilities, a separate guest room, kitchen set, sofa, television, and also a bathroom for guests.


The cost for this room is around Rp. 55 million. Includes the cost of cesarean section and hospitalization. In the room, there is a kitchen set that can be used to store food supplies.


For VVIP B rooms, the price is set at around Rp. 53 million with facilities similar to VIP, only the rooms tend to be wider.

VIP Room

As for VIP rooms, the costs that need to be spent are around IDR 47 million.

Tips for Saving

Saving As Early As Possible

Considering the cost of the need for a cesarean section, which is quite expensive. It's a good idea to save as early as possible. One way is to create a special account and a monthly savings target.

Have Health Insurance

Health insurance is very important because insurance, at least it can reduce the costs that need to be incurred. Choose insurance that includes the cost of childbirth or surgery.


As previously mentioned, BPJS Kesehatan is able to cover the cost of childbirth under certain conditions. If the cost of your cesarean section is covered by BPJS Kesehatan, be sure to follow the applicable regulations.

Apply a Regular Savings System

Nothing is instant, including saving. Make a good saving habit starting with a regular saving system. You can apply monthly or daily. Slow but sure.

Applying for a Fund Loan

Not everyone is lucky enough to be able to set aside a portion of their income. There are times when the money is used for urgent needs. If you experience this incident, there is no need to worry because many finance companies offer easy loans. One of them is BFI Finance. We are ready to assist you in obtaining funds for various needs.

Determining the Preferred Hospital

There are many hospitals that offer qualified facilities with good services. Choose a hospital that fits your budget.

Thus our review of the Caesarean section. The funds that need to be prepared are indeed quite draining, therefore it is important for us to prepare funds in advance, BFI Finance is ready to assist you in obtaining funds for a cesarean section with a variety of insurance options that can be adjusted. You can get more information on the page website.

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