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Motor Plate Replacement Costs and Requirements That Must Be Completed

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2 November 2022
Motor Plate Replacement Costs and Requirements That Must Be Completed

In general, the replacement of motorcycle plates is carried out simultaneously with the payment of a five-year tax. This regulation must be obeyed so that you can drive safely and comfortably, and avoid fines due to negligence in complying with the rules.

Then, what requirements do you have to fulfill and how much does it cost to replace a motorcycle plate? BFI friends, let's look at the following information, starting from the requirements, costs, the procedures.


1. Motor Plate Replacement Terms

Requirements to replace the motor plate is quite easy. You only need to pay the plate replacement fee and complete the following important documents.

1. Original e-KTP and its photocopy

2. Original STNK and its photocopy

3. Original BPKB and its photocopy

4. Vehicle Physical Check Results

5. Power of attorney (if represented by a third party)

For additional information, try to prepare two photocopies of each of these documents.

This is just in case additional photocopies are needed. You can also bring a personal pen to speed up the form-filling process.

2. Motor Plate Replacement Fee

You can change your motorcycle license plate at Samsat according to the domicile of the vehicle. This change must be done every 5 years so that your motorcycle license plate number is not deleted by the authorities, in this case, the police.

Biaya Ganti Plat Motor

Image Source: Mitsubishi Indonesia

The cost of replacing the motorcycle plate that you have to pay refers to Government Regulation no. 60 of 2016 concerning Types and Tariffs of Non-Tax State Revenue. The details are as follows.

1. New STNK (Vehicle Number) Issuance Fee Rp. 100,000

2. New TNKB (Motorized Vehicle Number) Issuance Fee Rp60,000

3. Paying SWDKLLJ IDR 35,000

4. New BPKB Issuance Fee Rp225,000

5. Vehicle Physical Check Fees IDR 10,000 - IDR 20,000 for two-wheeled vehicles and IDR 50,000 for 4-wheeled vehicles or more

6. 5 Years Tax Payment Fee (Depending on Vehicle Type and Domicile Area)

The nominal listed above is the cost of replacing the motorcycle plate that you need to pay if you take care of it independently. This price is relatively cheap compared to using the services of brokers who can charge more and not necessarily a new motorcycle license plate and STNK that can be obtained in a day.

Plus the risk of misuse of personal data because you need to entrust a number of important documents including the original e-KTP, original STNK, and original BPKB to the broker.

3. Motorcycle Plate Replacement Procedure

Replacement of motorcycle plates is carried out simultaneously with 5-year taxpayers for motorized vehicles. Therefore, before you can replace the old license plate with a new one, make sure you have paid the 5-year tax

After preparing the cost of replacing the motorcycle plate, you can then follow the procedure below.

1. Go to the Samsat office according to the vehicle's domicile, don't forget to bring the files that have been prepared as a mandatory condition for changing motorcycle plates

2. Visit the counter and fill in the registration form

3. Do a physical check of the vehicle

4. When finished, legalize the results of the physical vehicle check by attaching the original STNK to the physical check counter

5. Wait a moment until the process is complete

6. Next, fill in the STNK renewal form. Make sure it is filled in completely and make it one with other requirements

7. Register for vehicle tax payments

8. Fill in the registration form that you can get at the counter

9. Re-check the data that has been filled in, if it is deemed correct and nothing has been missed, you can immediately submit the form and required documents to the officer. The documents required for the 5-year tax payment are:

  • The original e-KTP of the vehicle owner and a photocopy of it
  • Original STNK and photocopy
  • Original BPKB and photocopies
  • The results of the physical check of vehicles that have been legalized

10. Ask for the queue number then wait a while until the officer calls your name

11. Make tax payments according to the nominal stated

12. If the tax has been paid, the Samsat officer will give you two proofs of payment consisting of a blue slip for taking STNK and a white slip for taking the latest motorcycle number plate

13. Immediately take STNK and motorbike plates to each counter

14. Before rushing off, be sure to double-check the new STNK and license plate you got. Don't make mistakes in writing. If something is not right, you can immediately inform the officer

Taking care of paying the 5-year tax and changing the play motor is not complicated, you just need to spend enough time and try to arrive early so you don't queue too long. The Samsat office normally operates every working day from 08.00 WIB to 14.00 WIB.

4. How to Check Motorcycle Tax Online

After you know the procedure and the cost of replacing a motorcycle plate, there may be a few questions that cross your mind about how to check tax online.

So, for those of you who have forgotten the last time you paid motorbike tax or are just curious to know the amount of motorbike tax that will be paid? Whatever the purpose, you can check motorbike taxes online in the following way.

1. Visit the official e-samsat site

2. Fill in the form on the first page such as Plate, Number, Series, Frame Number, and Province

3. Then click “Check Now”

4. After that, the vehicle information and the nominal tax to be paid will appear. The information displayed regarding your vehicle includes the brand, year, color, model, engine number, and frame number

4.1. How to Pay Motorcycle Tax Online

Besides being able to check the amount of tax that must be paid online, now you can also pay motorcycle taxes online.

The method is very easy and practical, no need to bother coming to Samsat, just use the SIGNAL application!

SIGNAL is the official Samsat Digital application that can make it easier for anyone to pay taxes and other matters related to Samsat.

The existence of this application will certainly make us safer and faster to pay taxes without the need to ask for help from brokers or long waiting in line.

So, for those of you who want to pay taxes before the cost of replacing a motorcycle plate, you can easily pay your taxes through this one application.

Terms of Paying Motorcycle Tax Online

1. Already downloaded the SIGNAL application on the Play Store or App Store

2. Scan results or e-KTP photo

3. Selfie for biometric verification

4. Email address and active user number


If you have prepared the conditions for paying motorbike taxes online, then you can follow the following procedure.

1. Open the SIGNAL application, if you don't have it you can download it from the Play Store or App Store

2. Register an account and register your vehicle if you have not registered, if you have you can directly login

3. Then click on 'Continue Payment Process Notification'

4. Generate the pay code then click 'Continue'

5. Select one of the available banks to make tax payments then click 'Continue'

6. After that, immediately make a payment at the bank you previously selected by transferring directly or coming directly to the bank teller

Keep in mind, the pay code issued by the SIGNAL application is only valid for 2 hours. If you are late in making a payment then you need to repeat the above method.

For those of you who do not have a SIGNAL account, you can register directly with the following procedure.

How to Register an Account on the SIGNAL Application

Some of us may not be quite familiar with the SIGNAL application. For those of you who don't have a SIGNAL account, you can register an account first by following the steps below so that later the procedure for replacing the motorcycle plate will be easier.

1. Download the SIGNAL app on Playstore and App Store

2. Open the application and select Register

3. Fill in all the required requirements. Such as NIK, name according to ID card, email address, cellphone number, password, and reconfirm password

4. Click Next

5. Enter your photo ID, make sure it is clearly visible with sufficient lighting

6. Face verification with biometrics. Point the camera at your face, make sure your face is in the photo area provided

7. If it is appropriate, click Use This Photo

8. After that you will receive an OTP code

9. Enter the OTP code in the application until it says Registration Successful

10. Re-registration via previously registered email

11. Registration has been successful, you can use the application according to your needs

After that, register the vehicle in the following way.

Vehicle Registration in the SIGNAL App

1. Open the SIGNAL app

2. Select the Add Motor Vehicle icon on the homepage

3. Enter your motor vehicle registration number

4. Enter the last 5 digits of the chassis number

5. Click Next

6. Your vehicle has been successfully registered in the SIGNAL app


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Sobat BFI, that's the information about the Motor Plate Replacement Fee and the Requirements That Must Be Completed. Hopefully, it can help all readers during the process of changing the motorcycle plate.

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