How Much is the Business Capital to Open an Indomie Warung ?

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3 February 2022
How Much is the Business Capital to Open an Indomie Warung ?

Have instant noodles become one of the favorite foods for all BFI friends here? Instant noodles, especially certain brands like Indomie, are indeed a savior for many people who don't have much time to cook. In a matter of minutes, they can help your hunger! Besides that, surely BFI friends agree that almost most instant noodles have a delicious taste, right? Well, in this article, the BFI Finance team wants to provide information about BFI friends who want to open an Indomie Warung business. Seeing the business prospects, of course, the Indomie stall business is a business opportunity that should not be missed. How much business capital is needed and why does the Indomie shop have so many customers? Let's find out together!


Why is the Indomie Warung Business Promising?

1. Indomie is Our Daily Food

Most of Indomie's content is carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are an important ingredient needed as a source of energy to carry out daily activities. In addition, Indomie or other instant noodle brands can be used as a substitute for rice. However, keep in mind that you should consume instant noodles within reasonable limits.

In addition to the benefits of the content it has, Indomie is very easy to cook. No need for special cooking skills, everyone can cook it! The manufacturing process also doesn't take much time, so it really cuts time for some people who have busy schedules.

2. Cheap and Delicious

The price of 1 portion of a simple Indomie recipe sold at Indomie stalls ranges from Rp. 10,000 to Rp. 15,000. With this price, it can still be reached by groups of students and office workers. Even though the price is pocket-friendly, the taste is still a champion in the public's tongue! In fact, many feel that 1 serving of Indomie or instant noodles is not enough, right?

3. Everyone likes it

Starting from school-age children to adult groups of office workers love this Indomie dish. So, don't be afraid to lose the target market for Indomie stalls. In addition, usually, the Indomie stall is often used as a gathering place so it has a high probability of being crowded with visitors.

4. Can be made in various flavors

Currently, Indomie and other instant noodle brands can be created with different flavors. Starting from Indomie with adjustable spiciness level, Indomie with milk sauce, and other variants. With a variety of flavors that can be created, of course, it can be an interesting additional menu alternative besides serving the original taste.


Indomie Warung Business Capital

To make it easier for you to calculate how much business capital is needed to open an Indomie Warung business, here we provide a detailed range of equipment and operational costs needed:

Indomie Warung Equipment Cost:

No. Item Kuantitas Harga per Item Total
1. Bowl 3 Dozen Rp 50.000 Rp 150.000
2. Stove 1 Rp 400.000 Rp 400.000
3. Pot 2 Rp 60.000 Rp 120.000
4. Table and Chairs 5 set Rp 650.000 Rp 3.250.000
5. Spoon 3 Dozen Rp 11.000 Rp 33.000
6. Fork 3 Dozen Rp 11.000 Rp 33.000
  Total     Rp 3.986.000

Operational Cost per Month:

  • Raw Material Cost

No. Item Quantity Price per Item Total
1. Instant Noodles 3 Boxes Rp 100.000 Rp 300.000
2. Egg 3 kg Rp 25.000 Rp 75.000
3. Corned Beef 5 Cans Rp 18.000 Rp 90.000
4. Cheese 5 pax Rp 21.000 Rp 105.000
5. Soy Sauce 2 bottles Rp 25.000 Rp 50.000
6. Chili 2 kg Rp 50.000 Rp 100.000
7. Vegetables 2 kg Rp 40.000 Rp 80.000
8. Coffee 5 pax Rp 12.000 Rp 60.000
9. Tea 2 pax Rp 14.000 Rp 28.000
10. Oranges 2 kg Rp 21.000 Rp 42.000
  Total     RP 890.000
  • Miscellaneous Expense:

No. Item Quantity Price per Item Total
1. Place to rent 1 month Rp 1.500.000 Rp 1.500.000
2. Electricity 1 month Rp 300.000 Rp 300.000
3. LPG 3kg 3 Rp 21.000 Rp 63.000
  Total     Rp 1.863.000

Total cost per month= Rp 890.000 + Rp 1.863.000 = Rp 2.753.000

Total initial month expenses = Rp 6.739.000


Income per Day Indomie Warung:

No. Item Item Sold/Day Income per Day Total
1. Indomie 30 Rp 15.000 Rp 450.000
2. Coffee 20 Rp 5.000 Rp 100.000
3. Tea 20 Rp 5.000 Rp 100.000
  Total     Rp 650.000

Per month= 650,000 x 25 working days = 16,250,000

Assume, for one month you get a gross income of Rp. 16,250,000. With an expenditure of IDR 2,753,000 per month (if renting a place), then you will get a net income of IDR 13,560,000 per month. Profitable isn't it?


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