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Autodebit, Pay Your Installments Without Hassle!

Admin BFI
15 November 2023
Autodebit, Pay Your Installments Without Hassle!

Paying installments is now easier with BCA Autodebit feature. Register your contract at The installments will be automatically debited from your account on the due date every month.

1. Here's the registration process:

  1. Visit the website and enter the mobile number registered with BFI Finance. Ensure the mobile number is active and capable of receiving SMS.

  2. Enter the OTP code received via SMS.

  3. Verify your account; if not done, please verify by entering your NIK.

  4. Select the contract you want to register with Autodebet BCA, then click Activate Autodebet

  5. Enter your email address in the provided column, then click Next.

  6. Information related to your contract will appear; if the data is correct, check the disclaimer and select Register Autodebit. You will be directed to the BCA web page.

  7. Enter the BCA account number connected to m-Banking, then select the mobile number linked to the m-Banking BCA, and click Continue.

  8. A notification from the BCA Mobile consumer app will appear; please activate the autodebit within 60 minutes after the notification appears.

  9. Click on the notification and enter the access code in the BCA Mobile app; you will be directed to the debit authorization page.

  10. The Agree button is inactive until you read the autodebit terms in full.

  11. After reading the autodebit terms, click Agree. The checkbox will be automatically checked, then click Activate.

  12. Enter your password and click OK. Your autodebit activation is successful.

You can check the Autodebit registration procedure guide at the following link:


2. Other Terms:

  1. Autodebit service currently only applies to BCA Bank.

  2. This service can only be used for individual consumers.

  3. You can register 2 BCA Bank accounts for the same contract.

  4. 1 BCA accounts can be registered for autodebit on all active contracts belonging to consumers

  5. For more information, please contact BFI via WhatsApp at 088211500018 or Instagram @bfifinance.

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