What is a Testimonial: Definition, Function, and How to Get It

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30 March 2023
What is a Testimonial: Definition, Function, and How to Get It

Have you ever heard of the word 'testimony'? The word is presumably familiar to most of us. We often encounter this word every day in various places, from product packaging, and advertisements in the mass media, to posts on social media.

However, what is a real testimonial and why does it have such an important role in the continuity of a business? In order not to misunderstand this word, let's discuss it in full in this one article.


1. Definition of Testimony

What is a testimonial? A testimonial is a review or statement given by a person or group regarding their views on a product, service, and so on.

The statement given can be in the form of a positive or negative response, depending on the impression received by the person giving the testimony. Basically, the presence of testimonials can benefit many parties.

Through testimonials, sellers will be helped to market their products for free from positive testimonials given by customers. Positive testimonials can make other people interested in buying the products being sold and can be used as evaluation material to improve product quality, service, and reputation.

On the other hand, testimonials also help potential buyers to make choices about a product. That way they can avoid products or services that don't suit their needs.

Testimonials can be given in writing or verbally and given in person or requested. Broadly speaking, a testimonial is an objective information from a person or group who directly shares their experience with a product or service.

2. Types of Testimonials

After you know what a testimonial is, then let's discuss what types of testimonials there are.

2.1. Testimonials in the Form of Writing

The first type of testimonial is a testimonial in the form of writing. This testimony is quite popular and is considered effective in attracting public attention.

The reason is, this one testimonial was written directly by those who have experience with a product or service. Business people also often cite testimonials like this as a marketing strategy.

We can easily find these testimonials on websites, product packaging, brochures, social media, online store pages, and others.

2.2. Testimonials in the Form of Videos

Kedua yakni testimoni berupa video. Sesuai dengan namanya, testimoni yang satu ini dibuat dalam bentuk video dimana seseorang menceritakan pengalamannya terhadap suatu produk atau jasa.

Testimoni dalam bentuk video lazim ditemui di situs website brand, sosial media, maupun laman toko online di e commerce.

2.3. Testimoni Influencer

If previously we discussed 2 types of customer testimonials in writing and video formats, then let's discuss influencer testimonials.

What is an influencer testimonial? This one testimonial is made directly by influencers or those who have a big influence on an audience on the basis of an agreement made at the beginning or other terms Endorse.

This type of testimonial is often chosen by sellers or brands to increase brand awareness, gain public sympathy, and boost sales.

2.4. Customer Testimonials

This type of testimonial is given directly by customers who have used a particular product or service. We can find customer testimonials in online product reviews and from customer satisfaction surveys.

2.5. Expert Testimonials

Expert testimonials are reviews given by experts in related fields regarding a particular product or service. The presence of these testimonials is able to provide additional credibility to the product or service so that potential buyers are more confident in choosing the product.

2.6. Media Testimonials

Finally, media testimonials are provided directly by media such as magazines, newspapers or websites that have reviewed a product or service. The existence of media testimonials can have a major influence on society because the media has a wide audience reach.

3. Testimonial Function

Testimonials are customer reviews that can have a significant impact on sellers or brands. Here are some functions of having testimonials that you need to know.

Apa Itu Testimoni

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3.1. Increase the Trust of Prospective Buyers

Testimonials can help increase the trust of prospective buyers in the products or services offered by sellers or brands. Positive testimonials received from previous customers can help convince potential buyers that the product or service is trusted and of good quality.

3.2. Increase Sales

When it comes to the question of what testimonials really are, testimonials themselves are a very effective marketing tool. The reason is, positive testimonials can attract the attention of potential buyers and encourage them to buy existing products or services.

3.3. Improve Reputation

It is common knowledge that positive testimonials can raise the image of a product or brand in the wider community. When a brand has many positive testimonials from previous buyers, this can certainly help build public trust as well as become a free promotional medium.

3.4. Help Prospective Buyers Understand Better About Products or Services

Through testimonials, prospective buyers can be helped to understand a product or service even better, so they are able to make the right decision. Testimonials can also help brands or sellers to improve the quality of the products and services provided.

3.5. Helping Sellers To Evaluate Existing Products

Testimonials contain personal reviews or comments from buyers regarding the products and services you provide.

You can use every review that comes in as evaluation material to understand what defenders like or don't like. That way, you can improve the quality of the products and services offered, so you can boost existing sales.

3.6. Increase Customer Satisfaction

Positive testimonials can help increase customer satisfaction. When customers are satisfied with the product or service they purchased, they are more likely to provide positive testimonials, which can help a company retain existing customers and attract new customers.

3.7. Reducing Marketing Costs

Testimonials from customers can help reduce marketing costs. These testimonials can serve as a free promotion because they can be shared through social media or websites, which can reach a wider audience without having to pay extra.

4. How to Collect Testimonials

So far, you may have imagined what a testimonial is and its benefits. Furthermore, what is no less important is knowing how to collect the right testimonials. Here's how.

4.1. Through Online Reviews

The first way you can get testimonials is by asking your customers to voluntarily write them down on social media or on search engines like Google or your website.

4.2. Review Column on Marketplace

The review column in the marketplace is very useful for getting various testimonials from customers. You can sort every testimonial collected and then use it for promotional needs so that more customers are interested in buying your product.

4.3. Online Forms

The third way is to provide online forms to those who have purchased your products and services. By providing a form, you can hear direct customer testimonials about your product.

4.4. Direct Request

It is very possible for you to get testimonials when you ask them directly from your buyers or service users. For example, by asking directly via email, telephone, or social media. Apart from testimonials, you can also ask for feedback regarding products or services so that in the future improvements can be made that can satisfy many customers.

It is important to remember that when soliciting testimonials from customers, be sure to provide clear directions on the type of testimonials desired and ensure that they are given truthfully and accurately.

Friends of BFI, that's a discussion related to what is a testimonial. The existence of a testimonial in an all-digital era like today is very important for business people because with a testimonial you can improve your reputation, increase customer loyalty, and become one of the strategies to increase sales. The more positive testimonials you receive, the greater the success you will receive.

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