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Get to Know More Closely What Time Management is and Other Things

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9 March 2023
Get to Know More Closely What Time Management is and Other Things

Time is something that is very valuable, and limited, and therefore time cannot be renewed. Therefore time management is very important to increase productivity, achieve goals, improve quality of life, to reduce stress due to bad time management.

BFI friends, do you know how to manage a good time? Let's discuss more in the following description.


1. Definition of Time Management

Time management is a skill in managing and planning the use of time effectively and efficiently.

We certainly know that everyone on this earth has the same amount of time. However, not everyone can make good use of it due to one or two other reasons.

In general, time management is very useful to make it easier for you to determine priorities in the midst of various activities and goals that you want to achieve.

1.1 Understanding Time Management According to Experts

1. James T. McCay

"Time management is an attempt to organize and use the available time effectively, so as to achieve the desired goals with little or no excessive activity."

2. Peter F. Drucker

"Time management is the art and skill of managing time that can be learned and improved. Time management involves managing activities, priorities, and goals in an effective and efficient manner."

3. Stephen Covey

"Time management is not about how we manipulate time, but about how we manipulate ourselves in dealing with tasks and priorities."

4. Brian Tracy

"Time management is the ability to determine the most important tasks and then organize time and resources effectively to complete those tasks."

5. M. K. Saleem

"Time management is the ability to use available time effectively and efficiently in managing activities and tasks that are important for achieving goals."

From the understanding of the experts above, it can be concluded that time management is the art of managing time effectively to achieve balance in life which will help us to achieve various goals to be achieved.

2. Time Characteristics

According to, the time has several unique characteristics, as follows.

2.1. Absolute

Absolute time is one of the ideas that confirm that time throughout the universe is constant for all observers. This is in accordance with the physical system put forward by a scientist named Sir Isaac Newton, who became known as Newton's laws.

2.2. Irreversible

Irreversible or irreversible is a characteristic of the next time when time moves forward and cannot return to the past. In other words, we cannot repeat the past.

2.3. Required

Time is something that is needed or can be interpreted as one of the important requirements for something to happen. Without time, it's impossible for something to happen in an instant, everything takes time and doesn't just happen.

2.4. Measurable

Time has measurable properties, which means it can be calculated in seconds, as time is often used as a reference in many daily activities.

2.5. Involuntary

Time runs unintentionally and will continue to roll even though we want the time to stop or return.

2. The Advantages of Good Time Management

One's expertise in effective and efficient time management can bring many benefits, both personally and professionally. The benefits of good time management are as follows.

2.1. Makes Someone More Tidy and Organized

By using the time you have as best as possible, all the activities you do can be tidier and more organized.

2.2. Increase Productivity

With good time management, you can maximize the time available to complete important and urgent tasks. This will certainly affect productivity at work and completing daily activities.

2.3. Increasing Discipline

Time management teaches you to prioritize tasks that you must complete according to their level of urgency. That way, you will be more disciplined in respecting time.

2.4. Reducing Stress and Anxiety

Good time management can help you avoid time wastage and complete tasks in a more organized and structured way, reducing stress.

2.5. Building a Positive Image

Good time management can also improve one's reputation at work and in everyday life. By completing tasks in a timely and effective manner, one can earn a good reputation as someone who is reliable and of high quality.

3. Impact of Bad Time Management

Bad time management can have a negative impact on our lives. The following are the most common impacts encountered when someone cannot manage their time properly.

3.1. Activity Delay

People who are not good at managing time tend to like to procrastinate on various activities that need to be completed. As a result, many tasks or activities are not completed properly.

3.2. Lack of Sleep

Poor time management can have an impact on the lack of hours of sleep you have. The reason is, when there are activities or tasks that are not completed at a predetermined time, this will have an effect on reducing the hours of sleep you have.

3.3. Not On Time

Often pushing back time and postponing important things makes you not on time to do things. As a result, work that should have been completed in 30 minutes turned into 50 minutes to an hour.

3.4. Haste

Do you often feel rushed due to running out of time or tight deadlines? It could be that the existing time management is not managed properly.

3.5. Less Organized

Failure to manage time can work against you, especially in matters of order. Things that you live for become less organized and seem untidy. This can happen because there is a lot of time delayed to do other activities that are less useful.

3.6. Mood

Did you know that one of the causes of a bad mood can occur due to poor time management? That is why those who are able to manage their time in such a way tend to have a more stable mood and are ready to face the day with more enthusiasm.

4. Tips for Good Time Management

Good and effective time management can be achieved by getting used to discipline in preparing and doing things. Here are time management tips that you can practice yourself.

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Image Source: Pexels/Andrea Piacquadio

4.1. Make a Plan

The first time management tip is to make a plan. This existing arrangement will greatly assist you in setting a timeline of activities that need to be prioritized as well as a list of goals that need to be achieved in the short, medium, and long term.

4.2. Create a Priority Scale

After you write down what is your reference, then make a priority scale for each existing plan. Group the plan according to the completion target and then set when it is best to complete it.

4.3. Self-Motivation

There are times when we don't feel confident with the various plans that have been arranged in such a way or maybe in the middle of the road we become less enthusiastic.

What you feel is not wrong and is something that everyone normally experiences. However, you can minimize this by motivating yourself so that the priority scale that you make can be achieved according to the allotted time.

Some ways you can do to motivate yourself are by exercising regularly, doing meditation, eating healthy and nutrient-rich foods, and taking time to do hobbies or whatever you like.

You can also talk to the people closest to you and ask them for support. Surround yourself with people who bring positive energy and support you to become a better person.

4.4. Take advantage of Time Management Tools

Currently, there are many time management tools that you can download for free and help you organize various daily activities. Make the most of these tools so that you stay on the right track.

4.5. Master Stress Management

Apart from motivation from within yourself and the support of people you care about, stress is one of the triggering factors for disrupting the various plans you make. Therefore, to make it easier for you to achieve your main goals, make sure you master good stress management.

If you still find it difficult to manage existing stress, don't hesitate to consult an expert to improve your quality of life.

6. Perform Periodic Evaluation

The next important time management tip is to routinely evaluate from time to time. By evaluating the way you do various tasks and dividing up the available time, you can take a closer look at which areas are important for you to improve while strategizing going forward for time efficiency.

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