Kebab Business Analysis, Could Be A Profitable Business!

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6 April 2022
Kebab Business Analysis, Could Be A Profitable Business!

In this blessed month, apart from competing for rewards, some people are also competing to get the blessings of Ramadan by selling. Starting from selling takjil, heavy food, snacks, or clothes, and worship equipment.

One of the typical Turkish snacks that many appear in the month of Ramadan is kebab. Kebab itself is a typical food originating from Turkey in the form of a tortilla skin filled with meat, vegetables, various sauces, and grilled afterward. The meat used in kebabs can be beef, goat, or camel. Generally, kebabs in Indonesia sell beef as a filling. Kebab is not only booming in Middle Eastern countries, but throughout the world such as China, Japan, America, Europe, and also countries in Southeast Asia such as Malaysia and Indonesia.


1. Reasons for Profitable Kebab Business

If you are interested in opening a kebab business, you can start with capital that is not too large and has the potential to get big profits. The reason is that the kebab has a delicious taste and is quite luxurious because it has meat stuffing in it. Although kebabs consist of meat as the main ingredient, the selling price of kebabs also varies, ranging from Rp. 7-18 thousand, which makes various groups of people able to buy it without any objections.

Another reason why the kebab business is relatively profitable is that this Middle Eastern food is quite a in demand and liked by most people. Not infrequently even small children like it. Kebab is also a food with a fairly complete and dense nutritional content so that it makes those who eat it feel full.

2. Kebab Business Analysis

Then, how to start a kebab business? To open a kebab business, there are two ways you can do it, the first is by joining a franchise shop partner or franchise. The second way is to build its own brand and sell independently. Each option has its own advantages and disadvantages.

usaha kebab

If you join a franchise, you don't need to do branding because some people are already familiar with the kebab brand. You also don't need to provide raw materials and equipment to sell kebabs because when you join and pay some money as an agreement, you get the equipment. Usually, if you join a franchise, the franchisee has determined a location that is considered quite strategic. The disadvantages of joining a franchise are that the seller does not have the space to innovate, has to buy raw materials from the franchise every time he makes a purchase, and the length of time the business lasts depends on the reputation of the franchise.

On the other hand, if you open a business independently, you can be creative and innovate on your merchandise and can shop for raw materials that are tailored to your liking. However, you have to be smart about introducing the brand to potential consumers so that sales continue to sell well.

2.1. Kebab Capital Calculation

The following is an estimated calculation of the capital needed to start a kebab business.

List of Things


Total Price 

Beef Burner

1 pcs

Rp 1.700.000

Beef Knife

1 pcs

Rp 15.000


1 pcs

Rp 100.000

Food Tongs 

1 pcs

Rp 15.000

Gas Regulator

1 pcs

Rp 100.000


1 pcs

Rp 150.000

The Packaging

200 lembar

Rp 128.000


2 pack

Rp 25.000

Cutting Board

1 pcs

Rp 25.000



Rp 2.258.000


List of Material


Total Harga 

Tortilla Kebab

200 lembar

Rp 260.000

Beef Kebab

5 kg

Rp 545.000


1 kg

Rp 20.000


2 kg

Rp 30.000


2 kg

Rp 60.000


2 kg

Rp 50.000


2 kg

Rp 45.000

Tomato Sauce

1 kg

Rp 17.000

Cheese Slice

200 slice

Rp 240.000


1 kg

Rp 15.000



Rp 1.282.000


With an estimated capital of around IDR 3 million, you can get investment in equipment that can be used while selling kebabs.

2.2. Income and profit

If you are able to sell about 20 kebabs a day with large sizes of complete stuffing plus cheese at a price of Rp. 15,000, then the income you can get is

= portion x selling price

= 20 x IDR 15,000 = 300,000 / day or

= portion x selling price x 1 month (30 days)

= 20 x IDR 15,000 x 30 = IDR 9,000,000 / month

If the raw material capital is enough to make 200 kebabs, then in a month you need at least 3x shopping for raw materials, which means that your monthly income is

=Gross Income - Raw Material Expenditure

=Rp 9,000,000 - (Rp 1,282,000 x 3)

=Rp 5,154,000

So, the gain is

=Net Income (Excluding Raw Material Expenditure) - Initial Capital (Equipment Investment)

= IDR 5,154,000 - IDR 2,258,000

=Rp 2.896.000

In the first month of selling, you can get a return on investment plus get a profit of almost IDR 3 million. In the second month, you can get a profit of around IDR 5 million because you don't have to buy equipment again. Pretty tempting isn't it? If in a day you are able to sell more than 20 pcs, then the profit earned is also greater.

2.3. How to Increase Sales

usaha kebab

As for how to increase sales of kebabs so that they are more in demand and have more fans, here are the steps.

  • Keeping the place of sale clean
  • Use fresh raw vegetables and meat
  • Add more spices and sauces for a more delicious taste
  • Create attractive and strong packaging
  • Selling through the online motorcycle taxi application
  • Promote on social media
  • Give discount
  • Be a friendly seller
  • Grow your business by participating in food events or bazaars

That's the explanation and analysis of the kebab business that can be used as an option to make money. If you intend to open a kebab business and need business capital, you can apply for a loan with a vehicle BPKB guarantee or a house certificate (if you need large capital) at BFI Finance.

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