Tips for Paying Certificate Guaranteed Loans on Time

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24 September 2021
Tips for Paying Certificate Guaranteed Loans on Time

There are many ways that can be done to get large nominal funds. Applying for a certificate guarantee loan is one way that can be done to get fast funds in a large nominal and relatively short time.

After you get loan funds, of course, there are installments that need to be paid every maturity date. Unfortunately, there are still many people who do not pay their loans on time.

If you are late paying, there is usually an additional fine that you have to pay. Your credit score will also decrease. Moreover, if you apply for a loan with a certificate guarantee, your house is in danger of being confiscated if you do not pay the loan for a long time.

Well, for those of you who are forgetful, let's look at the following tips so that you are on time in your obligation to pay your loan bill!

Pay Immediately When The Bill Comes

As much as possible, when your loan bill comes, don't delay in paying it off. Don't procrastinate paying before you forget. You can set the same date each month to pay bills before they are due. By doing this, you will get used to paying without forgetting. It will also improve your credit score. If in the future you want to apply for another loan, your loan application will be easier to get approved.

Take advantage of the Bill Reminder App

In this digital era, you can take advantage of various applications to help you remember your loan bill. Some smartphones are also equipped with built-in applications such as reminders or reminders. You can arrange to be reminded every month before the due date.

You can also install other reminder applications on your smartphone. For example, Google Assistant, Any.Do, or Just Reminder. So you don't forget when it's time to pay your bills.

Commit and Put Bills in Priority List

Most importantly, you must commit to always paying the bills. Make sure that you are able to manage your finances well so that loan funds can be allocated for needs that are really needed. By being committed and having a good financial plan, you will also have no problems paying. Always add loan bills to your priority list, so you don't forget your paying responsibilities.

Well, hopefully, the tips above can be useful for you so that you are always on time in paying the loan. You can apply for a safe and reliable certificate guarantee loan at BFI Finance. Get disbursement of up to 60% for your various financial needs. Come on, apply now!


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