Asset Requirements Eligible to be Car BPKB Guarantee

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7 July 2021
Asset Requirements Eligible to be Car BPKB Guarantee

Applying for a loan with a car BPKB guarantee is the right solution for those of you who need fast liquid funds in a short time. What are the conditions for assets that are eligible to be used as collateral for loans with BPKB guarantees?

Loan services with car BPKB guarantees can now be done easily. Many financial institutions have provided this service. Both banking and non-bank financial institutions such as finance companies. Generally, the requirements and time for disbursement of applications at finance companies are faster and shorter. Therefore, many finance companies are chosen for those who need fast funds in a short time.

The requirements for a car BPKB guarantee loan are actually not too complicated, especially in finance companies. However, there are still many people who do not understand the existing requirements and do not prepare enough. As a result, many loan applications are unsuccessful due to unqualified assets.

Therefore, it is better if the prospective borrower must fully understands the terms of the assets that are eligible to be guaranteed by the car BPKB guarantee. What are those? Come on, see the full review below!

Official and Complete Letters

First, make sure that the car documents guaranteed are complete and official. And, the status on your own name. This is so that the lender knows that the collateralized assets really belong to you legally. Make sure that the supporting documents for this loan application are completely complete. Such as SIM, BPKB, and other documents.

Car Tax In Living Condition

Second, make sure that your car tax is still alive. This is a basic requirement that most financial institutions will also ask for. With your taxes still alive, you'll avoid fines, and you won't have to waste time dealing with taxes. You can immediately guarantee the vehicle and loan applications can run faster and smoother.

Car Year and Car Condition

Finally, make sure that the year and condition of the car are in accordance with the requirements determined by the finance company. Because this is what determines the selling value of the asset.

Generally, cars that can be used as collateral are a maximum of 10 years old and are in excellent condition. Some finance companies even only accept cars with brands from certain countries, such as Japan or Italy. Make sure that your vehicle meets all of these requirements so that your loan is easier to get approved.

Those are some of the asset requirements that are eligible to be collateral for a loan with a car BPKB. If you are interested in guaranteeing your car, don't be confused. As long as you fulfill the things above, your loan application will definitely be approved.

You can apply for a loan at BFI Finance to get a safe and reliable loan. If you are judged to meet all the requirements, you have the opportunity to get a loan in less than a day, you know!

Come on, guarantee your car BPKB at BFI Finance as your financial solution!

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