All things BPKB Guaranteed Loans at BFI Finance

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8 April 2021
All things BPKB Guaranteed Loans at BFI Finance

When you meet a need that requires large amounts of funds, there are several things you can do. For example, for additional business capital, education costs, health costs, and so on. Applying for a BPKB guarantee loan is one solution to get large funds in a short amount of time.

There are various ways to obtain large amounts of funds for various needs. For example, borrowing from someone close to you, applying for a loan from a bank, or selling a valuable asset. However, if you need large funds in a short time, a BPKB guarantee loan can be the solution.

The process of applying for a BPKB guarantee loan is now quite easy. You can apply by coming directly to a finance company, or online. In addition, what is guaranteed is only the BPKB for the motorbike or car. So, the vehicle that you guarantee can still be used for your daily needs. The process also takes a short time if you are judged to have met the applicable requirements. At BFI Finance, you can guarantee the BPKB of your vehicle to meet your various financial needs.

What is needed to apply for a loan with a BPKB guarantee? And the advantages that you can get? Come on, see the following review!

What is Needed for BPKB Guarantee Loans

There are several documents you need to apply for a car or motorcycle BPKB guarantee loan. The documents you need are:

  • KTP and KK
  • NPWP / Tax Return
  • Last 3 Months Account
  • Employee Salary Slip / Income Certificate
  • Guarantee Documents (STNK, Tax, BPKB, Invoice)
  • Domicile Data (Electricity PEL ID / Last Electricity Account / Last PBB / SHM / AJB / PK)

In addition, it will check whether your vehicle is eligible to be guaranteed. Generally, the condition for guaranteeing BPKB for a car or motorcycle is that the vehicle must be a maximum of 10 years old in excellent condition. In addition, finance companies also only accept motorcycles or cars with general brands, such as brands from Japan, Italy, or Europe.

In addition to completing the documents, make sure that your vehicle is eligible for collateral, yes!

Benefits of BPKB BFI Finance Guarantee Loans

There are various benefits that you can get by applying for a loan at BFI Finance. If you are judged to have met the requirements, your loan can be disbursed in just a day, you know!

In addition, the funds you get are 60-80% of the value of the vehicle you guarantee, with a variety of tenors that can be chosen according to your needs. So, a BPKB guarantee loan can be a solution for your various financial needs.

So come on, apply for a trusted BPKB guarantee loan at BFI Finance!

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