BFI Finance's Month of Financial Inclusion

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22 October 2021
BFI Finance's Month of Financial Inclusion

October is the month that we commemorate Financial Inclusion Month. Come on, come on, understand what Financial Inclusion Month (BIK) is and get attractive prizes from BFI Finance! Did you know, understanding and carrying out the financial inclusion movement can help you avoid fund fraud, you know!

Digital technology that is increasingly sophisticated now provides many changes and conveniences in several aspects of life. Including financial matters. However, this is also unfortunately followed by increasingly sophisticated crimes. One of the most prevalent crimes after technology disruption is banking crimes.

For this reason, the government is quite aggressive in campaigning for financial inclusion. But really, what is financial inclusion? What does financial inclusion mean for society?

What is Financial Inclusion?

Financial inclusion is a condition where all people have the ability to understand the financial world as a whole. Starting from official financial institutions, deposit guarantees, to offline and online credit service providers. In addition to recognizing the institution, financial inclusion is also a condition where the entire community understands the rules in financial transactions. So, they can avoid crimes in the financial world such as fraud.

In addition, according to CGAP-GPFI, the meaning of financial inclusion is a condition when people of productive age have effective access to financial services. Such as credit, savings, loans, and insurance from formal financial institutions. It is hoped that with financial inclusion, the community can avoid informal or unsafe financial transactions (such as loan sharks) that can cause harm to themselves.

What Can You Do?

Well, it turns out, there are several things you can do to participate in realizing financial inclusion, you know! And interestingly again, this simple way you can do everyday.

In addition to helping to achieve financial inclusion, you can also increase financial literacy and help you achieve many financial benefits.

The simplest example is saving, both for the short and long term. You can choose a variety of savings products that suit your needs. Such as deposits, to retirement savings. Of course, you've already done this, haven't you?

Investment savings are also a form of contribution in realizing financial inclusion. One form of investment is saving stocks or gold.

Besides being able to benefit in the future, this investment savings product is also resistant to inflation and can help you realize your long-term dreams with the return you get.

In addition, choosing trusted financial services is also a form of participation in realizing the financial inclusion movement. Choose a financial institution that has been registered and supervised by the OJK, such as BFI Finance.


To bring the community closer to financial products and services at BIK. Special for this 2021 Financial Inclusion Month, BFI Finance wants to give away attractive prizes! Get prizes of up to 100 MILLION for those of you who apply for financing from 6 October – 4 November 2021. In addition to giving out prizes for financing applications, BFI Finance will also hold a #BFIQuiz with prizes.

Come on, apply for trusted financing at BFI Finance and keep an eye on Instagram @BFIFinance, OK!

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