OJK Online Borrowing as an Emergency Financial Solution

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30 March 2021
OJK Online Borrowing as an Emergency Financial Solution

The pandemic has lasted for approximately one year in all countries, including Indonesia. In the midst of this pandemic, various needs are increasing. Including urgent needs in the midst of unstable financial conditions. At times like this, is it okay to borrow online as an emergency solution?

The convenience of today's technology is very helpful for us during this pandemic. All things can be done online to reduce our mobility. This includes applying for a loan. Online loans themselves are not new. Before the pandemic, there were many finance companies that offered convenience to transact online. Prospective borrowers simply apply for a loan and prepare documents from home, and the loan funds are ready to be disbursed.

Actually, legal online borrowing is fine. However, there are a number of things you should pay attention to. What are they?

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Tips for applying for a loan in the midst of a pandemic

Of course, you've met a situation where you need fast funds for urgent needs in the midst of a pandemic. Confused where to get money from? OJK online loans can be your financial solution.

However, make sure to pay attention to the following things so that your loan does not cause financial problems in the future.

First, make sure that you are not applying for a loan from an illegal financial institution. Even in an urgent situation, don't be careless and still check the credibility of the financing company you are aiming for. Make sure that the company is registered and supervised by OJK.

Also, make sure that you do not apply for a loan of more than 30% of your income so that your finances remain healthy in the future. Apply for a loan according to your needs and abilities. So, you are not late in paying and are not subject to fines that further complicate your financial situation. Don't also apply for a loan to dig a hole to cover a hole. This will only make you entangled in accumulated debt.

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Come on, Borrow Online Now!

Legal online loans that have been supervised by the OJK can be a suitable alternative during a pandemic in urgent circumstances. Because the conditions are easy and the disbursement process is fast. Some finance companies even offer easy disbursement in a matter of hours.

You simply provide the necessary documents and apply for a loan via the website or application. No need to come directly to the finance company's office, which is certainly more practical and time-saving.

However, make sure that you apply for a loan only for urgent needs, and have been considered according to your abilities.

Come on, apply for an OJK online loan at BFI Finance as your financial solution!


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