Choosing a Trusted Fast Process Loan

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5 November 2021
Choosing a Trusted Fast Process Loan

Fast processing loan activity in recent years has been very fast. Many people are tempted to do it because it is a fast and reliable guarantee. This phenomenon then triggers the presence of irresponsible loan agents who only take advantage of borrowers.

So, how to quickly identify the best fast process loan services that are definitely safe and reliable?

In order not to experience bad events when applying for a loan, we need to know the characteristics of trusted loan services. Check out the reviews about the following reliable lender criteria:

Fairly Pegged Interest

Borrowing whether online or not necessarily comes with interest. For those who like to borrow money from a bank, you must have known that the bank only charges an interest rate of around 0.7-2% for a matter of months.

So, when there are debtors who offer loans with a high-interest percentage even up to 2% per day, you should think again about applying for the loan.

Registered in OJK

The second step is always to make sure that the debtor agent you want to access services has a permit or is clearly registered with the Financial Services Authority Agency.

Bearing in mind, becoming part of the OJK family requires complicated terms and conditions. If the debtor already has a permit, then the debtor can certainly be trusted legally.

Clear Identity

A trusted loan institution is not only registered with the OJK Board but also has a clear office and website. Before you apply for a loan, it never hurts to know the profile of the debtor, including knowing the location of their office.

If you find confusing facts, including no access to the debtor's office, it is possible that the loan provider is fake.

Active and Responsive Customer Service

The conditions that must be met by every loan provider are active and responsive customer service. The existence of CS will be a bridge that connects debtors with creditors.

Creditors are free to ask questions about loan products including what facilities they get when applying for a loan.

Transparent In Lending

A trusted and safe debtor will not hesitate to explain clearly how the lending system it offers. When you enter the website, various interesting information is displayed, including interest rates, repayment limits, and installment tenors.

This information should indeed be present in the scope of the loan site, the procedure has been established for a long time by the OJK. Of course, to educate the public about transparency and the safety of applying for loans.

If by chance the loan agent is not transparent, even unable to answer all the questions you ask, it's a good idea to look for another provider.


Those are some of the criteria or characteristics that loan agents should have. So that you don't get stuck with fake loan services, be sure to apply for a fast process loan at BFI Finance whose credibility has been guaranteed.

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